Monday 7 February 2022


"We should be in the post-mortem phase of the pandemic" muses Neil Oliver in his latest searing GB News monologue.  That's not the case, while governments around the world cling to the phantom menace in order to enact the plans of the global powers that pull their strings.  Meanwhile, the media refuse to accept or question whether the whole pantomime was even necessary.

Our hero proceeds to demolish Nicola Sturgeon's latest madcap idea to perpetuate Covid restrictions in Scotland, primarily in schools where pupils are still being prepared to accept state totalitarianism as the norm.  He then draws in the entire Western world and asks why politicians are not being held to account for the disaster of lockdowns.

It's a grim piece, but it must be said - and repeatedly so - until the powerful criminals who perpetuated this nightmare are driven from their public roles.  Watch below...