Friday 18 February 2022


Hapless Labour MP Charlotte Nichols has been trolled on Twitter after a self-indulgent and somewhat bizarre tweet.  On Wednesday she bemoaned the fact that she could not renew her 26-30 railcard as she turns 31 in April.  She accompanied her narcissistic musing with a photograph of her fellow Labour MP Tony Lloyd, pictured with an arms seizure during his time as Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner...

It didn't take long before detractors began to mock the neurotic MP and quite rightly so - how could she tweet something so flippant when there are millions of British people currently forced to choose between eating and heating?

One fellow Labourite was clearly not amused by Charlotte's 'humour' and fired off a series of mocking tweets...

Despite being part of Corbyn's 2019 intake and a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, Nichols is not popular on the far left and is routinely accused of being a 'centrist'.  That's certainly the vibe from the above tweets.

And people say the Tories are divided!

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