Wednesday 29 August 2018


Julia Hartley-Brewer laid into Jeremy Corbyn live on Talk Radio yesterday as she spoke to Labour MP Neil Coyle.  Skip forward to 10:08 for the juicy bit!

Tuesday 28 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 28/08/18

Funny, but the left are usually quite vocal about "refugees".  They've gone very quiet about all the refugees fleeing socialism!

York is not known for its large migrant population, but that didn't stop one of its MPs making this ludicrous statement.  If this current crop of Labour morons ever found their way into government the young men of Africa would be queuing from Calais to Spain awaiting their one way trip to Blighty.


On Friday the Campaign Against Antisemitism launched a Change petition addressed to the Parliamentary Labour Party.  It lists various incidents that Corbyn has been involved in over the years with the obvious conclusion that the Labour Party is now led by an anti-Semite and he needs to go.

We shared the petition earlier today on Facebook with the aim of helping it reach 25,000 signatures.  It's not far off now.  However, not everyone was enamoured with it, several of our followers pointing out that they are perfectly happy with Corbyn where he is!

It's a valid point, agreed.  The longer he is in charge the further the party lurches to the left and the more unpalatable it will be to the average British voter.  Arguably it also increases the likelihood of a split, but that point is addressed at the end of the petition:

"The hour is now.  Jeremy Corbyn must go.  To achieve this, only 52 Labour MPs need to propose a challenger, or Labour MPs could propose a vote of no confidence, or set up their own political party".

"Set up their own political party".  This is actually being mooted in some press circles and Chuka Umunna is being proposed as a potential leader of the breakaway group (even though Chuka couldn't handle his last leadership campaign and famously quit the race after just three days).  Any split though would leave Corbyn in charge of old Labour, but perhaps mortally wounded.

In any case a Change petition won't affect him.  Change petitions, despite the name, don't change much at all.  It's probably the first time such a petition has been shared on our page, but if it attracts maybe a hundred thousand signatures what it will do is achieve some publicity and keep the media's attention on Jez.  As we are fast approaching a no deal Brexit all the publicity will drain from Labour's anti-Semitism and, if the UK economy takes a short term hit, the focus will turn towards the government.  Therein does lie a potential catastrophe as the door may swing open for a Corbyn government if people are beginning to feel the pinch.  It's unlikely, but however small the prospect is terrifying.  This is literally the nightmare scenario, but that's another story for another day.

Even if Corbyn was forced out, there is still disaster ahead for Labour.  His troops are slowly but surely turning the party into a communist outfit and dissidents are being forced out, either of their own volition (John Woodcock) or by deselection.  A centrist successor to Corbyn would have a horrid time trying to wrest back control from the red reds!

So it doesn't really matter, either way Labour is in trouble.

Monday 27 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 27/08/18

As up to a million people flee socialist Venezuela it's never a more apt time to point out the abject failure of the ideology.

On the day two Syrians were supposedly stabbed to death by a fellow refugee in Solihull, let us remind people that the Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn would abolish the borders and open our country up to even more chaos.

Sunday 26 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 26/08/18

A late entry in the Dawn Butler vs Jamie Oliver "cultural appropriation" nonsense.

Labour MPs last week were keen to tweet their virtue signals to the faithful, particularly those in towns and cities now dominated by the faithful.  If you live in those areas and are involved in electioneering you will almost certainly have come across the saying: "Even dead Muslims vote Labour".  It's absolutely spot on, postal fraud is at its strongest in these areas and they can swing elections at interface areas ie. wards or constituencies that cross into non-Muslim areas.  No wonder Labour is pandering to the every whim of this community, including turning a blind eye both to Muslim grooming gangs and the anti-Semitism within their own ranks.

It was widely reported today that Jewish Labour MPs are being offered bodyguards at next month's Labour Party conference.  Regardless of whether the likes of Berger and Smeeth go through with this, that it is being discussed is a clear sign that Labour is almost beyond repair on this issue.  Corbyn doesn't care, for him and his ilk the opinions of a few hundred thousand Jewish voters are easily eclipsed and outweighed by millions of Muslim voters who adore his anti-Semitism.


In honour of one of the hardest of hardcore Remainers - Sir Keir Starmer.  He decreed last week that a second referendum was still "on the table" as far as Labour are concerned.

Whoever he is, the chap in this photo is a legend.  Our Facebook followers agreed as it was the week's most shared meme at 1,957 times (and counting).

Saturday 25 August 2018

Friday 24 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 24/08/18

More of that "cultural appropriation" nonsense, this time from Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield.


One of Labour's most frequent accusations against the Tories is that they are so utterly divided on Europe.  They're not wrong, for once, but it is rather a case of pot calling the kettle black.  This week was a point in mind.

On Tuesday we had whispering Barry Gardiner (Shadow International Trade Secretary) telling BBC Radio 4 that a second referendum would be "undemocratic" and any attempt to block Brexit could lead to "social unrest".

"If you then say to people: 'We did give you a vote here and we, the Remainers, lost the vote, but because you were stupid enough to do what you wanted rather than what we wanted, we'll give you another chance to get it right'.  That undermines the whole principle of democracy in this country".

Barry Gardiner (Shadow International Trade Secretary)

Bravo said Brexiteers.  Gardiner, for the record, is a Remainer, but at least he could rise above the stubborn "heads in the sand" attitude that afflict so many of his colleagues (think Chuka, Mandelson, Ben Bradshaw, Dave Lammy).  Few Remainers appear able to respect the referendum result and immediately after this interview they were spitting feathers.

Two days after Gardiner's comments there was a different tune being spun from his fellow front bencher Sir Keir Starmer.  The Shadow Brexit Secretary contradicted Gardiner by refusing to rule out a second referendum and said it should remain "on the table".

"We are not calling for it, but in the event that Article 50 is voted down, we think all options should be on the table.  That is the Labour Party position".

Sir Keir Starmer (Shadow Brexit Secretary)

Of course Starmer, an ardent Remainer, will do his utmost to persuade his fellow MPs to vote down any Brexit deal because he ultimately wants to stop Brexit.  Just goes to show that Labour are just as divided as the Tories, if not more so.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 22/08/18

Brent South MP Dawn Butler launched a bizarre rant on Twitter this week about chef Jamie Oliver using the word "jerk".  It turned out that the only jerk in this story was Dawn.

Tuesday 21 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 21/08/18

Simpler times, but apparently you have to be simple to see any virtue in it.  This is the arrogant and short-sighted opinion of a Remain element that has been driven mad by Brexit.  What they don't appear to realise (despite their self declared superior intellect and higher education) is that if they keep dismissing the 52% as "racists", "uneducated", "thick", "neanderthals" and "gammon" the next voting opportunity will go against them by an even bigger margin.

So John Mann is no Corbynista it's true.  But does he really deserve such abuse at a difficult time?  Does anyone?  The Corbyn posse really are the most hateful and spiteful bunch in British politics.


One of the main reasons for getting this site up and running is so we have a solid base to fall back on should we lose our social media accounts.  Unfortunately, this is a worrying trend that appears to only affect those on the right.  The recent co-ordinated removal of Facebook, YouTube and Spotify accounts held by InfoWars' Alex Jones is a case to note.  Whether or not you agree with the conspiracy-obsessed hothead is irrelevant, why should his online liberty be crushed while other equally fanciful accounts be allowed to flourish?

It's bias, plain and simple.  And we are not immune to it.  The more likes and shares our Facebook account receives the more likely we are to run into left wing trolls.  In the early days we could ignore them, not one person was banned from our page for the first three years.  Then Facebook came for us.

All of the bans BTLP has received have been for memes we've posted.  Occasionally Facebook would not even indicate which memes had "violated their community standards" and not once have they stated which specific "community standard" has been "violated".  Two of the offending memes are reproduced below.

No one can argue that Facebook is not biased in favour of the left.  Who can forget the words of Mark Zuckerberg himself when confronted by Sen Ted Cruz at the Congressional hearing earlier this year.

"Facebook is located in the Silicon Valley which is an extremely left-leaning place"

Mark Zuckerberg

Therefore, it's no great surprise that you so easily locate Facebook pages glorifying hatred and violence, but as long as the victim is not some perceived "minority" this is acceptable.  There is actually a Facebook page that features John McDonnell and a rifle as its profile picture, but we are singled out for what?  Pointing out this hypocrisy?  Speaking about Muslim rape gangs?

Given such bias in how it deals with complaints, this is why we are now forced to remove trolls from our page.  In addition to this we have had to censor ourselves somewhat in what we post.  These tactics led to a lengthy period (most of this year) in which the page was left alone by Facebook.  However, this changed on July 28th when a rather innocuous meme was posted (one which had gone viral previously from other sources) and another ban was in place within hours.

This was the message we received from Facebook, again no indication as to which of their much vaunted "community standards" this was supposed to have violated.

We can only assume that some left leaning snowflake in their Dublin (European) HQ was triggered immediately by the sight of the swastika without much thought for the concept of the meme.  Or perhaps it played on some deep seated shame for the cowardice of the Irish Republic during World War II - referred to as the "emergency" in Ireland.  Who knows, but this is arguably the tamest meme for which we've been censored.

We'll fight on, of course, regardless of the bias.  Our reach is more extensive than ever before, with a YouTube channel in its infancy and now this blog.

Monday 20 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 20/08/18

One for the horror buffs...

And as Venezuela continues to spiral into despair we bring you this 2013 tweet from Corbyn.  Funnily enough, him and his comrades are deafeningly silent about Venezuela these days.

Sunday 19 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 19/08/18

Tony Blair's glowing tribute to his deceased former opponent was a little sickening.  We took Blair's words and imagined that Kofi Annan might have spoken what so many of us think.  

Rest In Peace Kofi Annan (1938-2018).

Any time is a good time to bring up this BBC tweet (long deleted, but screen-capped in perpetuity), and of course the hash #boycottthelicence

The infamous bonfire in Londonderry last week, only right to remind people of the links these two men continue to have with Irish Republicans.

The tragedy of socialist Venezuela is in the news again as hundreds of thousands flee the country.  Corbyn, Abbott and the wee lad Owen will be very quiet about it, obviously.


This was a BTLP original, shared a whopping 8,959 times on Facebook.  One photographer (and Corbyn fan) claimed that the Corbyn picture was "Photoshopped" and posted several screencaps to support his theory.  He says that Corbyn's thumb was manipulated to complete the salute, but several of our followers were quick to point out that the corresponding pattern on his opposite shoulder is also blurry (due to a combination of poor light, poor focus and the fact that Corbyn is wearing some kind of shellsuit top that is crumpled all over the place, unlike his smartly dressed companion).

If the original image was Photoshopped, it went on to fool the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, Express and Metro, to name a few, but in any case there was no denial from Corbyn or Labour.

The man has a track record in such things.  Photoshop is not required.

Saturday 18 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 18/08/18

The New European is a pro EU anti Brexit newspaper that launched following the 2016 referendum.  Contributors include fervent Remainers such as Stevie Ki££ock, Dave Lammy, Owen Smith, Nickolarse Clegg and, of course, the Bliar himself.  However, their latest front page has upset, or should I say triggered, everybody's favourite Corbyn-loving hypocrite - Little Owen Jones.  Owen tweeted his upset at being depicted as a crybaby, suggesting this was "homophobic".  Well, detest as much we do the New European, their response was epic!

Diane has been quiet lately, despite the this week's terror attack, or should we say "incident".  Her tweets that followed various terror attacks of 2017 show, once again, how Labour is skewed in favour of Muslims.  When Muslims massacre people it's dismissed as an "incident", but when the reverse happens (one old bloke was killed, but he had collapsed earlier and was dying anyway) we are immediately told by the likes of Abbott and Corbyn that it's TERROR!!!!

Friday 17 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 17/08/18

Jeremy's terrorist links are high profile at the moment (much to his dismay), so we chose this one to keep the ball rolling with the hashtag #TwoFaceCorbyn

A very similar one was sent in and we added to it.  The face on him, he's got Prime Minister written all over him.  As for Corbyn the daft twat...

Thursday 16 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 16/08/18

The infamous wreath lie hasn't run its course yet.

Sir Pat departs Labour without a mention of anti-Semitism or terror groups.  He is still spitting feathers about Brexit.


Parliament's leading Corbyn fanatic Chris Williamson was let loose on Newsnight last night and did not disappoint.  His best bit was undoubtedly his claim that any suggestion that Corbyn is a "friend of terrorism is outrageous".  Skip to 4:20 for the humdinger, complete with straight face, as he boldly states that the IRA/PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah supporter is a "man of peace"...

Wednesday 15 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 15/08/18

Blower's cartoon mimics Boris Johnson's recent foray outdoors to deliver tea to waiting reporters.  However, whereas Boris kept his mouth firmly shut, Corbyn has contradicted himself in two interviews in the space of 24 hours.

Ultra Corbyn loyalist Chris Williamson claimed on Newsnight that Corbyn is a "man of peace" and any suggestion that he is a "friend of terrorism is outrageous".  Not a word about Omagh, today of all days.  He is truly filth.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 14/08/18

Two more #WeAreCorbyn memes, this time in honour of Corbyn's bizarre lie that he was present at the Tunisian wreath-laying, but not "actually involved in it".  Hope Sir Geoff and Ben Stokes see the funny side!

A Twitter post in response to the latest Westminster terror attack.

And in a similar vein...

By a bizarre coincidence this article was brought to our attention only a week ago.  Another liberal view destroyed by harsh reality (once again).  She would do well in Sweden, best place for her.

Sunday 12 August 2018


It's unlikely that we'll ever let nasty Naz Shah forget this moment of Twitter glory, or Little Owen for that matter.  The idea for this meme came from one of our own Twitter followers who suggested that it was now she who should "shut her mouth for the good of diversity".

One of the put downs of the year and shared 3,166 times on our Facebook page.