Saturday 18 August 2018

TODAY'S MEMES 18/08/18

The New European is a pro EU anti Brexit newspaper that launched following the 2016 referendum.  Contributors include fervent Remainers such as Stevie Ki££ock, Dave Lammy, Owen Smith, Nickolarse Clegg and, of course, the Bliar himself.  However, their latest front page has upset, or should I say triggered, everybody's favourite Corbyn-loving hypocrite - Little Owen Jones.  Owen tweeted his upset at being depicted as a crybaby, suggesting this was "homophobic".  Well, detest as much we do the New European, their response was epic!

Diane has been quiet lately, despite the this week's terror attack, or should we say "incident".  Her tweets that followed various terror attacks of 2017 show, once again, how Labour is skewed in favour of Muslims.  When Muslims massacre people it's dismissed as an "incident", but when the reverse happens (one old bloke was killed, but he had collapsed earlier and was dying anyway) we are immediately told by the likes of Abbott and Corbyn that it's TERROR!!!!