Wednesday 31 March 2021


The saddest thing about the looming mayoral election in our capital city is that the incumbent will win.  He won't just scrape it, he'll walk it.  His increasingly cocky and dictatorial attitude shows that he is all too aware of that fact.  Given his woeful track record his forthcoming re-election makes little sense, but then London has come a long way from the old town.  The city is no place for the working class and Cockneys are dying out - along with their lingo and culture.  They have been replaced by a mixture of foreigners and a burgeoning middle class who care nothing for those in whose footsteps they tread.  Make no mistake, the working class Cockneys of yesteryear would not be voting Khan in May.

In many ways London is already dead.  Sure, many of the old landmarks are there - for now - but its status as an English or a British city is very much in doubt.  Khan repeatedly tells us that London is an international city where diversity is more important than history and his re-election will give him a mandate to change the face of the city in ways that just twelve months ago would have been unthinkable.

The rise of BLM has given Khan a grand new woke bandwagon on which to ride.  The hip white middle classes love BLM as it is apparently something of great virtue, simply because it is endorsed by celebrities, mass media, tech giants and big brands.  They don't necessarily associate it with communism because they're morons.  They will happily go along with Khan's shame and rename strategy until they live in a city that no longer celebrates those who built it, those who died defending it and upon whose graves it sits.  At that point tourists will stop coming and London will die.

London thrives on tourism.  Why?  Because of its rich history and architecture.  If all that is removed and replaced with statues of celebrities and faceless concrete monstrosities, it's game over.  New 'Londoners' may prefer statues of Greta Thunberg and Marcus Rashford to Cromwell and Churchill, but visitors will not.  And if the flag of our nation is smeared and sneered at to such an extent that it no longer flies over the capital city then what is the point of having a capital city?


Walking freakshow Eddie Izzard has gone so far down the trans rabbit hole that he serves as a parody of the woke society the left is striving for.  When Eddie announced last year that he would like to be referred to as 'she' and 'her', the media met his request with total compliance.  His Wikipedia page was also altered to reflect his new pronouns.

However, earlier this week Izzard appeared at a film launch in East Sussex looking decidedly un-feminine.  There was not a dress, high heels or even his trademark lipstick in sight as he appeared on the red carpet to promote period drama Six Minutes to Midnight.  It appears that Eddie can chop and change at the drop of a hat, only there is one thing he clearly doesn't want to chop and that's what makes him a geezer no matter what.

Blokes that dress up as women have been a mainstay of pantomimes for decades.  Here's to hoping that Eddie gets the nod for a safe Labour seat in 2024 and adds to the existing pantomime that is the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Tuesday 30 March 2021


As Boris Johnson rowed back on his promise not to introduce domestic vaccine passports, Tory rag the Daily Telegraph got behind his dystopian plan by declaring that voters 'are siding' with him.  The Telegraph article pointed to a recent Redfield and Wilton poll that showed only 17 per cent of those asked were against the idea, while 56 per cent were in favour.

Unfortunately for the Telegraph, just a few paragraphs down the page was an interactive poll of their own that was clearly not going to plan.  Unlike the Redfield poll, which was based on just 1,500 respondents, the Telegraph's poll had clocked up more than 6,000 votes.  49 per cent were against domestic vaccine passports, while 46 per cent were in favour (see screenshot below).

When the embarrassing contradiction was noticed, some bright spark decided to delete the poll and replace it with a binary choice that would supposedly skew the result in their favour.  However, the new choice of question actually had the opposite effect and 4,000 votes later a whopping 65 per cent were now opposed to domestic passports!  That's a long way from the 17 per cent quoted in the article.

If our PM goes ahead with this totalitarian proposition, he will face potentially the biggest backlash of his premiership to date.  People are sick of restrictions on their daily lives and crave freedom.  A domestic passport does not offer freedom, it just presents another unwarranted restriction and intrusion that will crush our liberty at the point at which the virus is in retreat.  People have bent over and been shafted enough already and one by one they will come to realise that their government is taking liberties for the sake of taking liberties.

The Coronavirus Act has just been extended until September, with very little opposition from the so-called opposition.  Make no mistake, the PM and his SAGE puppet masters have no intention of ending 'all restrictions' in June.  The sooner we all realise that and prepare to fight to reclaim our freedom the better.


A video featuring Dave Lammy and his sudden inexplicable desperation to be English went viral on Monday.  Lammy was hosting a phone-in show on LBC during which a caller questioned his claim to be both English and Afro-Caribbean.  After years of denigrating the country of his birth and blaming white people for all the ills in this world, Lammy recently hit out over the census question relating to ethnicity - asking why he couldn't be both English and Afro-Caribbean.  Either he doesn't realise that the English are an ethnic group in their own right or he wants to deny them that identity, the latter making him the racist that we always knew he was.

The caller made several valid points as to why Lammy couldn't genuinely claim to be English, but he remained steadfast in his quest to be recognised as such, despite the fact he is not descended from any of the close-knit Germanic tribes from which the English originated.  However, LBC chose to present the clip - viewed almost 4 million times at the time of writing - as Lammy having 'schooled' the caller.  Note that despite the caption, at no point did the caller actually say that Dave's lack of English ethnicity was purely because 'he's not white'.

Click below for the clip and decide who 'schooled' who for yourself.

One wonders if Lammy and his woke media chums are embarking on a crusade to deny English people their own identity, while allowing everyone else to maintain their own identities.  This is not just a form of racism, it's a form of genocide.  Would it be possible for an English person to deny Lammy's own previously declared identities of black British and Afro-Caribbean without an indignant response from the MP?  Of course not, he'd be incensed.  Why should the English not feel similarly aggrieved?

Monday 29 March 2021


Lord Adonis, Ian Murray and Richard Corbett

Thousands of Remainers attended an online conference on Saturday to discuss their movement's next course of action.  The event was laid on by European Movement UK, a globalist pressure group that has been pushing for European integration since 1949.  The current chair of EMUK is crazed Labour peer Lord Adonis, who made Saturday's joint closing address alongside ex-Tory peer Lord Heseltine, the organisation's president.

Other participants in the event included former Labour MEPs Richard Corbett and Jackie Jones, plus Momentum's Laura Parker.  Corbett chaired a discussion entitled "What's next for our movement?" which included a contribution from former Tory MP Dominic Grieve.  Current Labour frontbencher Ian Murray was also scheduled to speak, but pulled out at the last minute, possibly after an intervention from his party leader.  Starmer has repeatedly tried to distance Labour from the 'rejoin' cause and the presence of one of his frontbenchers at this conference would have been acutely embarrassing.

The nine hour event also heard from Green MP Caroline Lucas, Lib Dem MP Daisy Cooper, former Tory MP David Lidington and Deborah Meaden of Dragon's Den fame.  According to an event listing, 3,266 attended the virtual conference.

EMUK was one of the recipients of half a million pounds donated by George Soros to various anti-Brexit groups in 2018.  It will come as no great surprise to anyone that Soros is listed as an agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum, architects of the Great Reset.  Arch Remainer Tony Blair is also a WEF agent.


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Saturday 27 March 2021


As expected, the overwhelming majority of MPs backed the extension of the Coronavirus Act for a further six months - despite Boris Johnson's assertion that all restrictions would end in June.  As Tory backbencher Charles Walker asserted during Thursday's debate, the Act would undoubtedly be extended again in September:  "As sure as eggs are eggs, we will be back here in six months at the end of September being asked to renew this legislation again.  It is inevitable and anyone who thinks it’s not inevitable is deluding themselves".


Even if the virus has dwindled to almost nothing by then, Johnson will undoubtedly still be able to rely on his pro-lockdown partner-in-crime to back him up and thwart any major backbench rebellion.  On Thursday Starmer and his MPs were provided with yet another opportunity to provide opposition to this unwarranted and dystopian legislation and yet again they overwhelmingly rubber-stamped it.

However, unlike previous votes Labour support was not universal.  21 Labour MPs voted against the extension, a mix of moderate and hard left members.  There was a significant split among Labour's Socialist Campaign Group, with the likes of Diane Abbott, Richard Burgon and John McDonnell opposing the renewal, while others such as Rachael Maskell, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Nadia Whittome voted in favour.

After twelve months of supporting lockdowns, the increasingly absurdly named Liberal Democrats finally found a conscience and voted en masse against the renewal - yes, all eleven of them.  The solitary hard left Green balloon head Caroline Lucas also inexplicably decided to row back on twelve months of supporting lockdowns.  Seven of the eight DUP members also opposed the renewal, despite it not applying to Northern Ireland.

As always it was Tory backbenchers who provided the bulk of the 76 noes.  It wasn't a huge rebellion, but 36 rebels and more than twenty abstentions served as a vital reminder to this dystopian government that conservative opposition is tangible and could pose a real threat in future - especially when pressure begins to grow on MPs as the excuses for maintaining restrictions wear ever thinner.

Thursday 25 March 2021


Avon and Somerset Police have released photographs of ten suspects they are seeking in relation to last Sunday's violence.  Despite the prevalence of face masks in society, there appear to have been plenty of rioters not that keen to hide their faces.  Of the ten images released only one suspect is seen wearing a face covering (Suspect A).

The Bristol rogues' gallery can be seen in all its ugliness below (click photos to enlarge).

Suspect A wears a face covering, but has distinctive
long brown hair
Suspect C provides one the clearest snaps, should have worn
that mask properly!
Suspect B - a face of indeterminate gender that only a mother
could love
Suspect D looks a little like the guitarist from Red Hot
Chili Peppers
Suspect G - deer caught in he headlights
Suspect H - another with very distinctive hair
Suspect J - a woman of Asian descent or a man in drag?
Suspect K - the only one who owns a pair of clippers?
Suspect N has also had a haircut in the past year
Suspect Q appears to be making a video, how ironic

If you have information relating to any of these degenerates, Avon and Somerset Police have set up a special website where you can provide details.  Remember that among the many crimes committed by the Bristol rioters was the burning of a police vehicle while officers were still inside.  Another officer was stamped on so hard that he suffered a punctured lung, while another had his arm broken.

Let's hope that the force has learned a valuable lesson from last year's hands-off approach to the toppling of the Colston statue.  Time to get tough!

Wednesday 24 March 2021


Sir Christopher Evans, Lord Drayson and Tony Blair

On Tuesday the multi-millionaire businessman Sir Christopher Evans wrote two articles in national newspapers promoting what he refers to as a 'freedom pass' aka vaccine passport.  This dystopian notion is currently being considered by the UK government, despite Boris Johnson and various ministers having previously ruled it out.  However, Evans and some of the people involved in the push for domestic passports are not Tory backers - they're steeped in the globalist Blairite tradition of total state control over the individual.

Evans was knighted in 2001 thanks to Blair and four years later loaned £1million to the Labour Party.  One of the most recent retweets on his Twitter page came from none other than the Tony Blair Institute.  The company he runs - Excalibur Health Services - developed its so-called 'freedom pass' system in conjunction with Sensyne Health, which specialises in artificial intelligence technology.  Sensyne Health is run by Lord Drayson, a Labour peer appointed by Blair in 2004.

Tony Blair has repeatedly called for the introduction of a vaccine passport, for both domestic use and international travel.  Also enthusiastic about vaccine passports is the World Economic Forum - host of the annual gathering of globalists in Davos and architects of the 'Great Reset'.  Blair is listed as an 'agenda contributor' on the WEF website and he even name-checked them in an article he wrote for the Daily Mail last month.

It's clear that these individuals and groups follow the same path and it has nothing to do with health or freedom, but everything to do with control and surveillance.

The 'freedom pass' being touted by Evans requires a mobile phone app and is intended to give recipients access to pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, sports stadiums and other leisure venues.  It would also mean that the government (and Evans's company) would have a record of your movements and habits - incidentally something that Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos are also very keen on.

Having taken out thousands of small retailers, now Bezos is taking on the supermarkets.  The first Amazon Fresh store opened in London earlier this month.  Everything is automated and customers are billed for their groceries automatically via an app, so there are no tills and no checkout staff.  However, what has alarmed libertarians is the way in which a customer's every move is tracked around the store by hundreds of cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence software.  That information could then be used by Amazon to create a digital profile of each customer in order to bombard them with selective advertising.

There is no guarantee that the freedom pass being proposed by Blair and his cronies won't morph into something equally sinister.  If Boris Johnson buys into this, as expected, we will surely begin to move into the surveillance society of total control that Blair has always envisaged - including the tax by mile black boxes he proposed in 2007 - an idea now being considered by Rishi Sunak.

The pandemic has given governments around the world a prime opportunity to dispense with our liberties.  Once they have been surrendered - especially so meekly - they will be very difficult to restore and provide a slippery slope to ever greater erosion of freedom.  A vaccine passport today is the bodily barcode of tomorrow.


Watch here from noon.

Tuesday 23 March 2021


The Tories' vaccine poll surge appears to have extended to Wales with the latest YouGov poll suggesting they have closed the gap on Labour to just two points.  If repeated in May's Senedd election, Labour would suffer its worst performance since power was devolved in 1999.  It would also have to seek a significant coalition partner in order to govern effectively, rather than the handful of Lib Dems it relied on in the 2016 election.  As fellow manky socialists, Plaid Cymru would be the obvious go to choice for comrade Drakeford.

Senedd voting intention (YouGov, 16-19 March)

Lab 32% (-1)
Con 30% (+2)
Plaid 23% (+1)
LDem 5% (+1)
AWAP 3% (+3)
Reform 3% (-1)
Green 2% (-2)
Other 2% (-3)

AWAP = Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party

With regional polling thrown in, the results of the YouGov poll would give Labour just 22 seats, down eight from 2016.  The Tories would win 19 seats, up eight from 2016.  Plaid would win 14, up two, meaning Drakeford's first call after the election would be to Adam Price their leader.

A socialist coalition with a separatist agenda from the junior partner?  Disastrous for Wales.


There were plenty of disgusting acts carried out on Sunday night in Bristol - from smashing up NHS workers' cars to stamping on police officers so hard that one was left with a punctured lung.  It emerged yesterday that another sickening act carried out during the rioting involved two females.  Video footage showed two women approach the police line, drop their trousers and appear to urinate on the feet of the officers.  While they are engaged in this act of depravity they took selfies.  Their parents must be so proud.

Some media sources say one of the women defecated, although photos show only a puddle of urine after they got to their feet.  Either way, the depth of the depravity is hard to fathom.  We can but hope that this single act follows them around for the rest of their sorry lives.

On a more positive note it is being reported that rioters who set fire to a police van with officers inside could be charged with attempted murder.  Whether they would be though is highly doubtful.  Remember that this is the police force that empowered this mob in the first place.  They refused to intervene in the toppling of the Colston statue and then took six months to charge anyone - despite the fact the crime was filmed and photographed from multiple angles.  One of their own senior officers justified the crime in two interviews at the time.

Some have argued that those in charge of Avon and Somerset Police brought Sunday's events upon themselves.  If they can't see that now is the time to get tough on BLM they never will.  Stop the kneeling nonsense and start punishing criminals.

Monday 22 March 2021


On the day that Boris Johnson warned that a supposed 'third wave' in Europe would inevitably affect the UK, reported Covid deaths dropped to their lowest daily total here since September.  Seventeen deaths represent 0.00002 per cent of our population.  Only a SAGE agent could still refer to this as a deadly pandemic.

Hospital admissions also continue to plummet, while new cases have flattened - despite a huge ramping up of testing following the reopening of schools.  The latest dashboard can be seen below or click here for more information.

With all at risk groups now vaccinated in the UK, how can our PM speak of a third wave?  Do the vaccines work or don't they?  If they work then a third wave is not possible - if they don't work then we've all been lied to, again.

End the lockdown.  Now.


Despite covering up for BLM last year, the media appears to be unable or unwilling to do the same this time.  A dozen burning police vehicles is probably a bit too much to pass off as a 'peaceful protest' even for the BBC.  Therefore, Politics Live host Jo Coburn was visibly exasperated by the response of Labour's Nadia Whittome to the violence.  Whittome point blank refused to condemn the rioters after multiple opportunities to do so.  There's no surprise there, the Corbyn loyalist has form when it comes to backing violent insurrection.  In response to the toppling of the Colston statue (also in Bristol) last year the Nottingham MP tweeted: "I celebrate these acts of resistance".

Appearing on the Politics Live panel alongside Whittome was Tory MP Damian Green who called her response 'disgraceful'.  Click below for the clips.

Whittome refuses to condemn rioters

Green calls her response 'disgraceful'

Amid the backlash against Whittome, Mail on Sunday columnist Dan Hodges suggested that Starmer should withdraw the whip.  Hodges is the son of ex-Labour MP Glenda Jackson, but quit the party after Corbyn was elected leader.

5pm has since come and gone.  She's still a Labour MP, sorry Dan.


The contrast between Saturday's huge anti-lockdown demonstration in London and events in Bristol the following day couldn't be more stark.  Saturday's march passed off peacefully with a good-natured crowd carrying inoffensive messages and no sign of the aggressive and course chants that are often whipped up at leftist protests.  24 hours later far left rioters smashed up Bridewell police station in Bristol, attacked police with fireworks, set several police vehicles on fire and smashed up private cars, including several parked in bays belonging to NHS workers.

The disparity between the anti-lockdown protest and the BLM/Antifa riot was also evident in the number of arrests.  33 people were arrested in London on Saturday, but only seven arrests were made in Bristol on Sunday.

A BLM slogan was daubed on the front of this car in Bristol

Things turned ugly in Bristol around 17:30 and the red and black flag of Antifa could be seen as the crowd pushed against the police line.  Anti-police graffiti was daubed on the police station walls and vehicles, including the BLM slogan 'defund the police'.  Around 20 officers were injured during the riot.

Last year Avon and Somerset Police stood by and watched as a BLM mob tore down the statue of Edward Colston and again did nothing as it was rolled down to the harbour and dumped.  A police chief at the time praised the actions of the mob in two interviews during the protests.  See here and here.

Before the toppling of Colston statue, the Labour mayor and Bristol's four Labour MPs all 'took the knee'.  Those politicians did not condemn that act and although they condemn the latest BLM violence, they did their part in facilitating it by legitimising a violent anti-police movement in the first place.

As we reported a few days ago, the far left are promising months of 'civil disobedience' as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill progresses through Parliament.  This is just beginning.

Sunday 21 March 2021


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