Wednesday 31 March 2021


The saddest thing about the looming mayoral election in our capital city is that the incumbent will win.  He won't just scrape it, he'll walk it.  His increasingly cocky and dictatorial attitude shows that he is all too aware of that fact.  Given his woeful track record his forthcoming re-election makes little sense, but then London has come a long way from the old town.  The city is no place for the working class and Cockneys are dying out - along with their lingo and culture.  They have been replaced by a mixture of foreigners and a burgeoning middle class who care nothing for those in whose footsteps they tread.  Make no mistake, the working class Cockneys of yesteryear would not be voting Khan in May.

In many ways London is already dead.  Sure, many of the old landmarks are there - for now - but its status as an English or a British city is very much in doubt.  Khan repeatedly tells us that London is an international city where diversity is more important than history and his re-election will give him a mandate to change the face of the city in ways that just twelve months ago would have been unthinkable.

The rise of BLM has given Khan a grand new woke bandwagon on which to ride.  The hip white middle classes love BLM as it is apparently something of great virtue, simply because it is endorsed by celebrities, mass media, tech giants and big brands.  They don't necessarily associate it with communism because they're morons.  They will happily go along with Khan's shame and rename strategy until they live in a city that no longer celebrates those who built it, those who died defending it and upon whose graves it sits.  At that point tourists will stop coming and London will die.

London thrives on tourism.  Why?  Because of its rich history and architecture.  If all that is removed and replaced with statues of celebrities and faceless concrete monstrosities, it's game over.  New 'Londoners' may prefer statues of Greta Thunberg and Marcus Rashford to Cromwell and Churchill, but visitors will not.  And if the flag of our nation is smeared and sneered at to such an extent that it no longer flies over the capital city then what is the point of having a capital city?