Saturday 20 March 2021


The defending champions finished the Six Nations as they started - on their knees and losing.  England were the only team to observe the Marxist gesture throughout the tournament, albeit their players were never united in dropping to one knee.  Their final game against Ireland on Saturday was no different - some knelt and some stood, while Ireland remained resolute in standing united.  Ireland won the game 32-18.

The defeat left England second from bottom, with only the whipping boys of Italy propping them up.  What a turnaround from last year, when England not only won the championship, but won the Triple Crown - defeating Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  This year they lost against Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

We'll never know how detrimental the knee gesture was in England's dreadful campaign, but the division it caused couldn't have helped.

Well done to all the teams who were united and dignified in remaining on their feet!