Wednesday 24 March 2021


Sir Christopher Evans, Lord Drayson and Tony Blair

On Tuesday the multi-millionaire businessman Sir Christopher Evans wrote two articles in national newspapers promoting what he refers to as a 'freedom pass' aka vaccine passport.  This dystopian notion is currently being considered by the UK government, despite Boris Johnson and various ministers having previously ruled it out.  However, Evans and some of the people involved in the push for domestic passports are not Tory backers - they're steeped in the globalist Blairite tradition of total state control over the individual.

Evans was knighted in 2001 thanks to Blair and four years later loaned £1million to the Labour Party.  One of the most recent retweets on his Twitter page came from none other than the Tony Blair Institute.  The company he runs - Excalibur Health Services - developed its so-called 'freedom pass' system in conjunction with Sensyne Health, which specialises in artificial intelligence technology.  Sensyne Health is run by Lord Drayson, a Labour peer appointed by Blair in 2004.

Tony Blair has repeatedly called for the introduction of a vaccine passport, for both domestic use and international travel.  Also enthusiastic about vaccine passports is the World Economic Forum - host of the annual gathering of globalists in Davos and architects of the 'Great Reset'.  Blair is listed as an 'agenda contributor' on the WEF website and he even name-checked them in an article he wrote for the Daily Mail last month.

It's clear that these individuals and groups follow the same path and it has nothing to do with health or freedom, but everything to do with control and surveillance.

The 'freedom pass' being touted by Evans requires a mobile phone app and is intended to give recipients access to pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, sports stadiums and other leisure venues.  It would also mean that the government (and Evans's company) would have a record of your movements and habits - incidentally something that Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos are also very keen on.

Having taken out thousands of small retailers, now Bezos is taking on the supermarkets.  The first Amazon Fresh store opened in London earlier this month.  Everything is automated and customers are billed for their groceries automatically via an app, so there are no tills and no checkout staff.  However, what has alarmed libertarians is the way in which a customer's every move is tracked around the store by hundreds of cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence software.  That information could then be used by Amazon to create a digital profile of each customer in order to bombard them with selective advertising.

There is no guarantee that the freedom pass being proposed by Blair and his cronies won't morph into something equally sinister.  If Boris Johnson buys into this, as expected, we will surely begin to move into the surveillance society of total control that Blair has always envisaged - including the tax by mile black boxes he proposed in 2007 - an idea now being considered by Rishi Sunak.

The pandemic has given governments around the world a prime opportunity to dispense with our liberties.  Once they have been surrendered - especially so meekly - they will be very difficult to restore and provide a slippery slope to ever greater erosion of freedom.  A vaccine passport today is the bodily barcode of tomorrow.