Tuesday 9 March 2021


After a COBRA conference call in December, Mark Drakeford referred to Boris Johnson as 'really, really awful'.  The comment featured in an S4C documentary broadcast over the weekend.  The call was held in response to the closing of the UK border with France, the full content of which cannot be revealed as COBRA meetings are secret.  However, S4C did film Drakeford's reaction to proceedings and Boris Johnson can be heard in a short clip in which Drakeford laughs after the PM appears to forget the names of participants.  He is then heard making the comment and seen laughing with a colleague.

Click below for the video.

It's a bit rich for Drakeford to have made such an observation in December, coming as shortly as it did after his own hapless record in fighting the virus.  His useless two-week Wales 'fire-break' did nothing to break the chain of infection and caused huge embarrassment to his leader Keir Starmer, who had been calling for such a two-week lockdown in England.  During the fire-break, Drakeford's ban on the sale of everything from chidren's clothes to birthday cards united Wales against him, compounded by his actions a few weeks later when he told pubs they couldn't serve alcohol.

Just after the fire-break began, Labour were enjoying an 11 per cent lead in polling for the next Senedd elections.  In the most recent poll they are down to 5 per cent.  In the same period Boris Johnson's Tories have gone from being tied with Labour to a double digit lead in UK-wide polling.

Yes, Boris may be awful, but he's faring much better than you comrade.