Monday 15 March 2021


Angela Rayner faced awkward questions when she appeared on Good Morning Britain last week.  Having assumed the moral high ground over NHS pay, she probably thought she would get an easy ride on the increasingly woke show.  As Rayner prattled on about the government wasting money, presenter Kate Garraway interjected and raised the issue of expenses, which pre-pandemic were costing the taxpayer over a hundred million pounds each year.  Specifically, Garraway wanted to talk airpods.

Click below for the clip.

Neither Garraway or Rayner made any mention of the fact that the £249 airpod headphones were personalised, but co-presenter Ben Shepherd wasn't going to let it slip.  In responding to his point about her obvious excesses Rayner declared: "Anyone who's got Apple devices will know that if you don't buy the Apple accessories then it won't support it on the devices".  Unfortunately this didn't wash with Shepherd and Garraway, who knew that cheaper headphones do work on Apple devices and can be picked up for less than a tenner.

Rayner also argued that Health Secretary Matt Hancock had 'done exactly the same' (as if this made it OK), but Shepherd pointed out that Hancock's headphones cost £159.  His were also top of the range, but they were not personalised like Rayner's.

Instead of billing the taxpayer for hundreds of pounds for excessive personalised goods, why couldn't Ange have just bought a cheaper version using her £80,000 basic salary?  She argues that she's done nothing wrong as she hasn't broken any rules - which is true - but morally her expenses claims are reprehensible.  

Click below for Rayner's humiliation.

Like her front bench colleague Anneliese Dodds, note for this interview Rayner had received a big makeover, with permed locks and a ton of slap on her face.  How are these pro-lockdown MPs getting such dramatic makeovers when hair salons are closed?  It's a valid question, but then as we saw over the weekend these MPs are becoming more and more selective when it comes to lockdown.  Anti-lockdown protesters and football fans are 'Covidiot' scum and nothing is said about police brutality in those circumstances, but feminists and BLM have a right to protest!

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