Thursday 4 March 2021


The UK government has been planning for domestic freedom passes since at least November, when it signed two contracts for exploratory work to begin.  In recent weeks the media has ramped up its propaganda on the issue, laying the groundwork for them to be accepted with minimal fuss.  Make no mistake, this is one of the single most sinister proposals of the pandemic and will have far-reaching consequences that will ensure that our society never returns to 'normal'.

These passes are ID cards by the back door, something that New Labour had legislated for in 2006.  It's little wonder then that the notion of a vaccine passport has received such enthusiastic support from Tony Blair.

If Labour had not fallen in 2010, we would have had ID cards by now and that's not all.  Labour were also keen to implement biometric passports and black box recorders in all vehicles under the auspices of tax-per-mile.  All these plans provoked a huge backlash from liberals, libertarians and conservatives.  At the time they were opposed by both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, yet barely a decade later it's a Conservative government that has become even more draconian than anything Tony Blair could have hoped for New Labour.  In fact Rishi Sunak is even floating Blair's tax-per-mile scheme.

No right-thinking conservative can endorse the ongoing elimination of civil liberties and still legitimately call themselves a conservative.  This is not only the nanny state of socialism calling, worse still it is putting us firmly on the road towards the Great Reset.  Conspiracy theory?  When Tony Blair presented his case for freedom passes in the Daily Mail recently, he stated: "There is already a host of initiatives starting around the world with this aim in mind.  My Institute for Global Change is involved in many of them, including the CommonPass initiative from the World Economic Forum".  The World Economic Forum is the main driving force behind the Great Reset and the 'fourth industrial revolution' and as we know, Blair has always been a big mover for globalism.  He is even listed as an 'agenda contributor' on the WEF website, alongside such names as Jeremy Farrar, who just happens to be a SAGE advisor to none other than our current Prime Minister - a PM who, incidentally, is becoming increasingly fond of the WEF slogan 'build back better'.  Join the dots.

The abolition of cash, introduction of ID cards and tracking devices has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with control.  Our privacy will be obliterated and yet much of it is already taking shape all around us.  The introduction of Amazon Fresh to the UK is the latest example of just how sinister this new world will be.

So when the government introduces a vaccine passport, if they include the word 'freedom' in order to sell it - they mean anything but.  You'll be trapped forever.

Cartoon by Bob Moran, Sunday Telegraph