Monday 22 March 2021


Despite covering up for BLM last year, the media appears to be unable or unwilling to do the same this time.  A dozen burning police vehicles is probably a bit too much to pass off as a 'peaceful protest' even for the BBC.  Therefore, Politics Live host Jo Coburn was visibly exasperated by the response of Labour's Nadia Whittome to the violence.  Whittome point blank refused to condemn the rioters after multiple opportunities to do so.  There's no surprise there, the Corbyn loyalist has form when it comes to backing violent insurrection.  In response to the toppling of the Colston statue (also in Bristol) last year the Nottingham MP tweeted: "I celebrate these acts of resistance".

Appearing on the Politics Live panel alongside Whittome was Tory MP Damian Green who called her response 'disgraceful'.  Click below for the clips.

Whittome refuses to condemn rioters

Green calls her response 'disgraceful'

Amid the backlash against Whittome, Mail on Sunday columnist Dan Hodges suggested that Starmer should withdraw the whip.  Hodges is the son of ex-Labour MP Glenda Jackson, but quit the party after Corbyn was elected leader.

5pm has since come and gone.  She's still a Labour MP, sorry Dan.