Wednesday 3 March 2021


Figures on the left such as Owen Jones claim that 'cancel culture' is a myth, but it seems that barely a week goes by now without some public figure being 'cancelled'.  Of course they're never cancelled for holding hard left Marxist views, racially taunting white people or voicing anti-feminist pro-trans opinions.  No, you're only cancelled if you hold what seems like the mildest conservative views, including a refusal to bow down to the Marxist cult of BLM.

Ex-SBS hero Ant Middleton is the latest celeb to fall.  The chief instructor on Channel 4 show SAS: Who Dares Wins has been told that he will never work for the channel again: "It has become clear that our views and values are not aligned and we will not be working with him again" a Channel 4 statement read.  Whatever could they mean?

Well, last year Ant was involved in two huge rows on social media in relation to coronavirus and Black Lives Matter.  At the beginning of the pandemic he released a video in which he declared he would ignore Covid restrictions and urged his followers to do the same.  A few months later, when rival groups clashed in London, he referred to BLM and EDL protesters as 'absolute scum'.  Now Channel 4 are not too fussed about anyone slating the likes of the English Defence League, but throw BLM in there and clearly there's going to be a problem.

Although his BLM tweet was eight months ago and he has since filmed two more series of Who Dares Wins, the increasingly toxic climate of the entertainment industry has spurred Channel 4 to cancel him, although Middleton himself claims he quit.  The Mirror claims that his removal from the show was actually down to 'inappropriate comments' to females on set.  Fortunately he was able to provide his side of the story on Good Morning Britain, where he was lauded by a typically disingenuous Piers Morgan - the man who changes his opinion about things depending on which way the wind is blowing.  One minute he is a lockdown fanatic, then he endorses BLM protests in spite of lockdown and now he is creeping up the arse of a man who not only described those protesters as 'scum', but is also one of the 'covidiots' that Morgan likes to lecture viewers about.

Watch Ant's GMB appearance in full below (if you can stomach the hypocritical parasite that is Piers Morgan).