Tuesday 9 March 2021


Emma Hardy has resigned from Labour's frontbench, citing an 'increase in constituency work'.  The MP for Hull West & Hessle was a shadow education minister and has been replaced by Matt Western.  This is Labour's second frontbench resignation in the space of a fortnight after Karin Smyth stood down as a shadow Northern Ireland minister.  Smyth had also cited constituency work as a reason for her departure.  At this rate Sir Squeaky will soon run out of moderates to put in his team, long before the next election.

There's a degree of irony in Hardy's resignation.  Her resignation letter states: "The last year has seen government indecisiveness and delay lead to repeated lockdowns which have taken a heavy toll on the place I love.  In the past year the number of residents contacting me needing help and support has risen dramatically".  At least she now admits that lockdowns take a toll on society, that's more than most members of this lockdown enthusiast party will admit.  But let's never forget that just like all her colleagues, she voted for lockdowns every time and failed to even bother examining the case for an alternative less damaging path.  Now she complains that her constituents are on their arses.  

Unforgivable arrogance.