Tuesday 30 March 2021


A video featuring Dave Lammy and his sudden inexplicable desperation to be English went viral on Monday.  Lammy was hosting a phone-in show on LBC during which a caller questioned his claim to be both English and Afro-Caribbean.  After years of denigrating the country of his birth and blaming white people for all the ills in this world, Lammy recently hit out over the census question relating to ethnicity - asking why he couldn't be both English and Afro-Caribbean.  Either he doesn't realise that the English are an ethnic group in their own right or he wants to deny them that identity, the latter making him the racist that we always knew he was.

The caller made several valid points as to why Lammy couldn't genuinely claim to be English, but he remained steadfast in his quest to be recognised as such, despite the fact he is not descended from any of the close-knit Germanic tribes from which the English originated.  However, LBC chose to present the clip - viewed almost 4 million times at the time of writing - as Lammy having 'schooled' the caller.  Note that despite the caption, at no point did the caller actually say that Dave's lack of English ethnicity was purely because 'he's not white'.

Click below for the clip and decide who 'schooled' who for yourself.

One wonders if Lammy and his woke media chums are embarking on a crusade to deny English people their own identity, while allowing everyone else to maintain their own identities.  This is not just a form of racism, it's a form of genocide.  Would it be possible for an English person to deny Lammy's own previously declared identities of black British and Afro-Caribbean without an indignant response from the MP?  Of course not, he'd be incensed.  Why should the English not feel similarly aggrieved?