Friday 19 March 2021


Last night's Sisters Uncut meeting was broadcast live on Facebook, so there weren't many tactical insights into their plans.  Instead, what occurred was 90 minutes of various speakers bemoaning the diabolical implications of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

The meeting was chaired by a woman called Anjali who spoke with a North American accent.  She was keen to remind viewers of her pronouns - she/they.  One of the main speakers was a girl called Lolo, who claimed to be a representative of the Roma community, albeit she was as pale as a ghost.  She rattled on endlessly about how gypsies were already the most persecuted minority in the country and how the bill would exacerbate their 'plight'.  No mention was made of the persecution that travellers inflict on the communities they blight with their presence.

The only vaguely interesting speaker was the lawyer Paul Heron, who wanted to tell his comrades how the bill could be stopped from a legal perspective.  Turns out that there is little that can be done legally, so he summed up by saying that there would have to be 8-10 weeks of 'mass civil disobedience' as the bill passed through the legislative process.

As if we didn't know already, all these Marxists have to offer is civil unrest.  They cannot win at the ballot box, so they resort to their default strategy of violent revolution.  Sisters Uncut say that little more than 3,000 people tuned into their meeting.  Sisters Uncut and BLM UK have a combined Facebook following that is half that of Bin The Labour Party.  Let that sink in.

They are small, but they are very dangerous and they are backed by a mainstream media intent on whipping up hate and division in order to boost their number.