Friday 12 March 2021


The suspected murder of Sarah Everard has clearly caught the media's attention.  As Covid continues to fade and fear is becoming harder and harder to maintain, alternative stories are being sought and pushed to the fore.  Issues of race and feminism are hot topics at the moment, but that's no great surprise.  If they can't subdue everyone with fear of a virus, they'll use whatever else is available to continue browbeating certain demographics with lurid leftist fantasies of institutional racism and rampant misogyny.

As the week began the media's attention was firmly on the return of school pupils in England and whether or not the sudden addition of half a million lateral flow tests would result in a flood of positive tests.  Unfortunately for the media monopoly and their SAGE comrades, the surge in testing has only returned a negligible rise in positive tests since the start of the week and the seven day average remains on a downward trend.  Whitty and Vallance will have been gutted, but that won't stop their endless messages of unjustified doom.

Failure to drive up the Covid figures coincided with another major news opportunity, that of the human leech and her spineless ginger puppet ie. Meghan and Harry.  This story dominated for 48 hours, during which the British people were fed a media narrative that what these traitors had said was the gospel truth, despite the fact there was no evidence on offer except for their highly dubious word.  It was pretty obvious that the woke media smelled blood, but thankfully even the metropolitan bias of the pollsters could not provide a tide of anti-Royal sentiment.  If anything, the 'bombshell' interview had entrenched support for the monarchy instead of undermine it.

And so the media quickly moved on.

The suspected murder of Sarah Everard has been exploited with almost lightning speed.  It has been highlighted despite the fact that at least a hundred other British women have been murdered during the pandemic.  That was one of the many ironies in the speech of Labour's Jess Phillips.  The failed 2020 leadership candidate stood up in the Commons on Thursday and rattled off a list of the female murder victims, without any hint or suggestion as to why the current victim was in some way more noteworthy than all the others she had laboriously read out.  Coming on the back of a media scrum over accusations of racism against a privileged elite, the sudden inexplicable focus on the suspected murder of a white middle class woman stank of hypocrisy.

What's more, the media may well be about to declare the lockdown over in very similar opportunistic fashion to the BLM protests that signalled the end of lockdown last year.  In yet another desperate bid to whip up division the media and predominantly left-wing politicians are backing feminist protests this weekend, planned 'across the UK' - despite the lockdown.

Amazing isn't it?  The mainstream media spend months telling us day in day out that we must stay at home and observe the restrictions, but as soon as an opportunity comes along in which a protest movement can attack a demographic they don't like, the lockdown is over.  Last year it was the police and white people who were the enemy.  This weekend it will be men.

While we at BTLP continue to try and persuade lockdown enthusiasts that what they are supporting amounts to communism, another prime example of left-wing totalitarianism reared its head in relation to both lockdown and the Sarah Everard bandwagon.  In an extraordinary speech in the House of Lords, Green Party peer Baroness Jenny Jones suggested a curfew for men after 6pm - in order to make women feel 'a lot safer'.  In pre-pandemic times the men in white coats may well be called upon, but in the lockdown era the BBC would probably debate it.

Click below for the clip.

We are through the looking glass once more.  This weekend will be interesting, and bear in mind that anti-lockdown protests have been consistently suppressed - often violently - by police.  How will these feminist protests be handled?  Even lockdown enthusiasts must wonder how it is that protests are handled so differently when we are all supposed to STAY AT HOME.