Friday 19 March 2021


Thursday's BBC Breakfast interview with Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick was a prime example of the sneering left-wing culture prevalent at the Beeb.  As presenter Charlie Stayt closed the interview he made a bizarre remark about the Union flag positioned behind Jenrick.  Jenrick looked on somewhat bemused as his flag was mocked, but Stayt's co-presenter Naga Munchetty found it hilarious.  When she regained her composure she joined in the attack, poking fun at a portrait of the Queen that was on the wall next to Jenrick.

If you haven't yet seen it, click below and then please consider cancelling your TV licence (if you haven't already).

After the interview Munchetty went on to like several tweets that applauded Stayt's mocking of the Union flag.  After the clip went viral on social media and newspapers began to take an interest in the story, Munchetty issued an 'apology' on her Twitter account last night.  

Note that there was no apology for the actual incident itself.  It appears that pouring scorn on the Union flag, the Royal Family and anyone who shows an ounce of national pride is just par for the course at the Beeb these days.

One former BBC presenter took issue with the presenters, reminding them what the first 'B' in BBC stood for.

No wonder Mr Neil was surplus to requirements at this rancid organisation.  His GB News enterprise just can't come soon enough.

Jenrick's colleague James Cleverly also had a cutting riposte for Stayt, comparing him to the daft Father Dougal Maguire from Father Ted.

As the day wore on the furore had clearly filtered back to Jenrick himself and he issued his own comeback, saying that his ministry is always proud to fly the flag.

As we saw with last year's Proms, as well as its persistent indoctrination of children with woke left-wing propaganda, the BBC want to cancel national pride.  It's time to cancel that licence and bin the BBC.