Monday 8 March 2021


Appearing on the BBC's Politics Live on International Women's Day, Labour's Rosie Duffield was inevitably asked about her 'transphobic' views.  Duffield's initial response was to launch into an attack on social media, which she described as a 'cess pit'.  She also lambasted cancel culture, a phenomenon fostered by the left, but which has now turned on feminists like Duffield.

Click below for clip.

Duffield went on to criticise the all-out assault on biological sex, in particular use of the term 'womxn' which she described as 'deeply frightening'.  This view was countered by her co-panellist Zing Tsjeng (a BBC Sounds presenter) who defended the use of the term.

Click below for that clip.

For years smug MPs like Duffield, Stella Creasy, Harriet Harman and Jess Phillips have congratulated themselves for their self-perceived feminist values, while simultaneously ignoring the plight of thousands of young girls and women at the hands of grooming gangs.  To see them being chewed up and cancelled by the left is perhaps no more than they deserve.