Wednesday 3 March 2021


A supporter of Islamist Shamima Begum has written to the Lancashire Telegraph calling on the Labour Party to get behind her case.  Malcolm Pittock appears to question whether the Starmer leadership would be prepared to do such a thing.  Given Sir Squeaky's overtures to the patriotic instincts of the working class, he's probably right.

His letter can be seen below.
"It is to be hoped that the Labour Party will take up the case of Shamima Begum, a former British citizen who was deprived of her citizenship after she went at 15 to join Isis.

Realistically, she can only apply for it to be restored if she can come to Britain to plead her case in a British court.

But the Supreme Court has now overturned the decision of the Appeal Court that she could on the grounds that in matters of national security the courts have no jurisdiction.

The Home Secretary’s decision cannot be overruled by the courts as she alone is in a position to assess whether Shamima is a threat to national security.

But Priti Patel cannot tell us what the evidence is that Shamima is a continuing threat to national security as her evidence is secret.

So this young woman, who has lost her three children faces indefinite imprisonment in a Kurdish run camp where conditions are appalling and she is under armed guard.

She has been completely denied any access to justice and is clearly the victim of tyranny.

The only organisation which could possibly save her is the Parliamentary Labour Party if is prepared to take up her case.  Under Corbyn it certainly would have done.  But under Starmer?

Well we shall see".

Malcolm Pittock
He's quite right about the previous Labour leadership too.  In fact Corbyn and his frontbench comrades Abbott and Thornberry repeatedly called for Begum to be able to return to the UK.  They knew, as we all do, that once back on British soil she would never leave.

Watch below.

Incidentally, why is Begum singled out anyway?  Note that these lefties never raise the case of Jack Letts aka 'Jihadi Jack', a white middle class Daesh recruit who is also languishing in a Kurdish prison camp.  For the record, BTLP believe that Begum and Letts should be treated equally - they should both be left to rot in the Syrian desert.