Monday 29 October 2018


Another week, another familiar collection of paedophiles.  The six Rotherham men pictured were convicted today along with a seventh, who mysteriously 'cannot be named for legal reasons'.  An eighth defendant was acquitted.

The story is depressingly familiar.  The men, all of Pakistani origin, preyed on young vulnerable white girls.  One of the victims reported her abduction and rape in 2002, but South Yorkshire Police did nothing.  Another fell pregnant and her parents understandably sought an abortion.  Another told the trial that she had slept with 'at least' 100 Asian men before the age of 16.  The numbers are staggering and the crimes date back to the 1990s, yet presently there have been only 39 convictions related to child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

In years to come we will be asking why no-one from South Yorkshire Police or Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council was convicted.  Without their cover-up these gangs would not have been able to operate as freely as they did for three decades.


Caroline Flint recently indicated she was prepared to back a Brexit deal in Parliament.  Of course it wasn't long before the trolls piled in.

The offensive tweet (now deleted) is reported to have read;

"By this time next year, she will be swinging from a rope, like her Brexiteer mates"

In addition to the actual tweeter, Flint also attributed the vile message to key remoaners in her own party - namely Alastair Campbell and Lord Adonis - as well as the so-called 'People's Vote'.  She is quite right in bringing them to account.  Campbell recently urged Boris Johnson to "f*** off under a bus".  It's no wonder such bile is filtering down to the trolls when they hear language like this emanating from such high profile Remainers.

The coward responsible for the Flint tweet has now locked down his account (see below).

Nice cover photo Nick and quite fitting for a pussy such as yourself.


Hot on the heels of their disgraceful (now deleted) video, the so-called 'People's Vote' appear to have indulged in another rather inappropriate message.  The poster above appeared on one of their buses bound for their latest cryfest earlier this month.  Does Patrick Stewart approve this message?

Sunday 28 October 2018


Shared 1,723 times via the Facebook page, it's no great surprise that last week's 'Twit of the Week' also features in 'Most Shared'.  Whiter than white Emily is from an American family that lives in a four-bed million-dollar house in leafy Virginia.  She reportedly earns £20k in her role as president of the students' union.

Champagne anyone?

Saturday 27 October 2018


Poor downtrodden feminist student snowflake leftie hypocrite Emily Dawes.  She was triggered by a mural in Southampton University dedicated to students who had gone off to fight in the First World War, but who never returned to complete their degrees.  What troubled Emily wasn't the poignancy of the message or the tragedy of their loss, but the fact that - shock, horror - they were all white men!

It doesn't take a genius to work out that one hundred years ago Southampton was overwhelmingly populated by white people.  This is not a fact lost on Emily, quite the opposite.  Like many of her left-wing fraternity they are well aware of historical fact, but it doesn't fit their insidious agenda.  The left want to rewrite history, so that all wrongs were committed by white men.  Jeremy Corbyn espoused this agenda when he said our children should be taught the wrongs of British history (all done by white men obviously), but reminded of the 'immense contribution' by black people.  It's ironic that the left are quick to dish out the 'racist' tag, but they themselves have a clearly racist agenda of their own.

The left hate this time of year.  Remembrance Sunday is two weeks away and anything that unites the 'gammon' stinks of 'patriotism' to them.  The fact that 'gammon' is now an accepted term for older white men only goes to show how entrenched the hatred has got within left-wing circles.  The term is used regularly on our Facebook review section by Corbynistas and Owen Jones uses it unashamedly on Twitter.  He even used his Guardian column to deny it was a racial slur, despite the bleeding obvious.

What Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn, Emily Dawes and co hate the most is that without the contribution, suffering and sacrifice of millions of Englishmen, Scots, Welsh and Irish, they would probably not be here and certainly wouldn't be free to indulge in their casual racism.  It's a grand hypocrisy, but fortunately not lost on the decent folk that still remain.  Emily was lambasted on a national scale for her Twitter outburst.  A petition garnered thousands of names, Southampton University denounced the tweet and poor Emily was placed on gardening leave - 'until further notice'.

Still, she could rely on her leftie comrades to stick up for her - Labour councillor and Guardian columnist Maurice McLeod attempted to do so, but he was up against Julia Hartley-Brewer...

Friday 26 October 2018


Remainer MP Stephen Kinnock made a big tit of himself this week in the Commons.  During a Brexit-loaded question to the PM, Stevie showed a complete naivety about the concept of insurance policies.  A member of the millionaire Ki££ock dynasty, perhaps wee Stevie has never personally taken out an insurance policy.  Such menial tasks must surely be for the servants to carry out!

Monday 22 October 2018


A Labour councillor in the Forest of Dean is facing calls to quit after an alleged assault outside a village pub.  Cllr Bruce Hogan (pictured) is reported to have punched a man and then fled the scene.  He has since been accused of trying to change the rules so that such matters are not investigated by the council.  His attempts to cover his back have not gone down well with some colleagues reports the local rag.

"There’s an old saying that if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging"

Cllr Sid Phelps (Green)

Sunday 21 October 2018


Sadiq Khan led out the losers' march in London yesterday, also known as the 'People's March'.  It was an impressive turnout, but the key problem with this campaign is that the only numbers that really count are the 17.4 million that voted Leave in 2016.  Campaigners for the so-called 'People's Vote' are just sore losers.

Shared 2,463 times from our Facebook page, this BTLP original really struck a chord with Brexiteers over the weekend.


You can't help but have noticed that there were some demonstrators on the streets of London yesterday.  It was all over the BBC, every hour all day.  It's still there in their headlines now (unlike the Huddersfield grooming convictions - that was quickly relegated to the local news, naturally).  What is not being talked about is the video that the so-called 'People's Vote' campaign released prior to their big march.  In the video (below) a young boy is exploited to deliver their anti Brexit message.

It should come as no surprise, earlier this month the goons embarked on a march entitled 'Dogs Against Brexit' aka the 'Wooferendum March'.  Bonkers.  Alastair Campbell took part.  No matter how many people turn out on their protests they can't expect to be taken seriously.

Needless to say, their latest stunt didn't fair well and the video was quickly deleted.  Misfire!

Saturday 20 October 2018


The odious Alastair Campbell finally took some flak this week for his persistent remoaning.  When Campbell interrupted Caroline Flint as she was answering a Brexit question, the former Labour minister let rip.  Flint was a remainer herself, but unlike some of her colleagues she has adopted a grown up approach and therefore respects the result.

Make no mistake, Labour are as hopelessly divided on Brexit as the Tories.  Watch and enjoy...


Fat arrogant American leftie Michael Moore made a right tit of himself on Good Morning this week.  After Piers and Susanna had massaged his ego about him rightly predicting Trump and Brexit, Moore turned to the camera.  "You can't leave Europe" he demanded of British viewers.  Yes, quite right Michael, we can't physically leave the continent on which we are situated.

After rambling on about two world wars, Piers Morgan cut in to remind the oaf that it's actually the European Union we are leaving.  Ironically Michael Moore has a history of being heavily opposed to globalisation and yet here he was dictating that we should remain enslaved to the epitome of a globalist entity!

Thursday 18 October 2018


Councillors come and go every week - they stand down, become independents and occasionally switch sides - but rarely do Labour councillors cross over to the Tories (or vice versa).  It happened this week in the Gloucestershire town of Patchway.  Cllr Roger Loveridge (pictured) will now sit as a Conservative councillor after ditching Labour with the following parting shot;

"I have been a Patchway resident for almost my entire life and my only reason for joining the town council was to serve our community. Sadly, I always found myself being shunned and at loggerheads with other Labour councillors when I tried to encourage positive change. I fought for more openness, as meetings were often unnecessarily behind closed doors, but the only people who would ever support me in this were the Conservative councillors, who I can see now care more about the greater good of Patchway than my previous colleagues".

The Bristol Post approached the council leader for comment, Labour's Eve Orpen, but she declined.  She also 'declined to comment' earlier this month when a damning audit of Patchway Town Council uncovered 'discrepancies in the accounts' among other things.  No wonder Cllr Loveridge binned the Labour Party!

Wednesday 17 October 2018


Once again we both found ourselves locked out of our Facebook accounts today.  The reason?  Click on the above image for the answer!  It appears that merely speaking about Muslim grooming gangs is classified as "hate speech" by Facebook.  Let that sink in.

On a day when Stella Creasy was in the news again spouting off her feminist credentials we thought it apt to point out the deafening silence of Labour politicians when it comes to such gangs.  In fact the only Labour MP to have spoken out about it got sacked from the front benches.  And while we're at it let's not forget gobby Jess Phillips who ridiculed the mass rape and sexual assaults in Cologne as just something "like you'd see on Broad Street in Birmingham on a Friday night".  They are nothing but despicable hypocrites and apologists for rapists.

The meme was shared over a thousand times before it disappeared, here it is one more time...

Monday 15 October 2018


Former New Labour minister Caroline Flint says she is prepared to back a Brexit deal brokered by the Tory government.  Howls of 'traitor', 'Blairite scum' and 'Tory' could be heard across bedsits and other student accommodation as the keyboard warriors of the left hit Twitter in their trademark manner.  Appearing on Sophy Ridge's show, Flint also let rip at colleagues backing the so-called 'People's Vote', labeling them 'patronising'.  Won't go down well with Chuka, Dave Lammy and barmy Ben Bradshaw!

Sunday 14 October 2018


When some trainee British Army recruits bumped into Tommy Robinson last week they asked for a photo with the campaigner.  Clearly delighted with the encounter they probably didn't imagine the national furore it would trigger.  One of the lads was discharged and the others were condemned by politicians, the top brass and an hysterical media.  The Guardian ran a disgusting headline labelling the entire British Army 'far right'.

We thought it only fair to point out that rather than pose with British soldiers, the leader of the Labour Party would rather pose with terrorists who advocated the murder of British soldiers.  A BTLP original, this was shared 1,617 times via our Facebook page.

Saturday 13 October 2018


Born:  Inverness, 1969
First elected to Parliament:  1997, for Pontefract & Castleford
Expenses fame:  Home flipping

Yvette Cooper is the epitome of a career politician, an elitist ivory tower denizen that dictates our lives, but does not practice what she preaches.  Yvette, and husband Ed, were subject to various claims during the expenses scandal, the most notorious of which was the fact they 'flipped' the designation of their second homes THREE times within two years.

At the time of the scandal MPs outside London were entitled to a generous second home allowance, so they could perform their Westminster duties in addition to their constituency work.  This 'allowance' was a staggering £24,000 per year.  What's more, regardless of the fact two MPs may be married and living together, both could individually claim the full allowance, something which Balls and Cooper made the most of.

After she was first elected to Parliament, Cooper designated her Castleford home as a second home.  After her husband was elected in 2005 she 'flipped' the designation to their South London property, despite this clearly being their main home (their children attended London schools).  They had both realised they could claim much more against a London house than they could on a Yorkshire house.  When they bought a larger property in North London in 2007 they kept London as their second home.  It was a no brainer, obviously.  They also claimed a whopping £2,000 for the removal vans!

Cooper and Balls were later exonerated of any wrongdoing, as they had acted within the rules.  A relatively 'small' overpayment of £1,363 was to be paid back.  This probably related to two monthly claims of £1,300 (each) for mortgage interest, at odds with their mortgage statement of only £733.

The pair were also found to have claimed for 375 journeys taken by their children between Castleford and London over a three year period, totalling more than £14,000.  This exceeded the allowance, which stood at a maximum of 30 journeys per year per child (or 90 journeys as they have three children).  They were not sanctioned for this either.

In 2007/08 Yvette Cooper claimed £152,659 in expenses and allowances alone.  However, to understand the full scale of pigtroughery, one must remember that all this took place while she and Ed were earning ministerial salaries of £141,866 - each.  They also have ministerial pension pots to look forward to later in their comfortable lives.  All in all, quids in!

Wednesday 10 October 2018


The name Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.  Apparently he is more popularly known as 'Lula', but you'd be forgiven for still not having the faintest idea who he is.  Well, old Lula the rascal hasn't escaped the notice of the youth wing of our very own UK Labour Party - Young Labour (imaginative).

So who is he?

Lula is the most prominent member of Brazil's Workers' Party, the party he founded and led.  He was also the President of Brazil for two terms between 2003 and 2011.

Where is he now?

In prison serving a 12 year sentence for multiple counts of corruption that included money laundering, taking bribes and obstruction of justice.  Lula was indicted as part of the huge anti-corruption investigation known as 'Operation Car Wash'.

So what has this got to do with Young Labour?

Well, on the 3rd of October they named Lula as their 'honorary president'.  Let that sink in!

Monday 8 October 2018


Not much more can be said about the 'jazz hands' controversy at Manchester students' union.  A BTLP original, this meme was shared 8,957 times last week via our Facebook page.

Sunday 7 October 2018


Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, dealt a triple blow to Corbyn and his barmy army today.  Speaking to Sophy Ridge he condemned the EU and its demands for ever closer political union, taking down Remainers with his unequivocal assertion that Britain could not only survive, but thrive outside it.  He then took on Corbyn and said he was 'troubled' and 'worried' by the Labour leader's 'past associations' and dalliances with groups and interests that are no friends of Britain.  Thirdly, and most scathingly, he took aim at the conspiracy theory supported by some Corbynistas that there is a 'deep state' plot to prevent Corbyn from winning power.

Of course, it couldn't just be that British voters continue to reject the treacherous loon.

Saturday 6 October 2018


The keyboard warriors of the left have a new celebrity target.  The Twitter trolls have pounced, but this time it's a male, for once, and there's not likely to be much sobbing from this gobby victim.

Noel Gallagher made an appearance on TalkSport in which he was asked what was more likely - an Oasis reunion or PM Corbyn...

"Oh my God, I'd have to get the band back together I think.  I don't want that lunatic running the country"

Noel Gallagher

The fact that Noel once hobnobbed with Tony Blair probably didn't do him any favours with the leftist Twitter trolls who swiftly denounced him as a 'Tory'.  Momentum chief Jon Lansman and ex-Labour MP George Galloway were among those who laid into him.  Here's a small selection of twits, not that Noel 'Gobshite' Gallagher will be losing any sleep over them...


This weekend marks a new era in the life of Britain's oldest running sci-fi TV show.  It may well mark the beginning of the end.  For 55 years both children and adults, of both genders and regardless of background, have enjoyed the adventures of the Doctor, played by actors with names such as Bill, Jon, Tom, Peter, Colin, David and Matt.  From here on 'he' will be played by someone called Jodie.  What next?  Jayne Bond, 007?  Not likely, as the following commentator would agree, the problem is the BBC and its relentless campaign to indoctrinate our youth with left-wing dogma.

"If you want to maintain ratings and viewership it's simple - don't alienate the audience that you have relied upon to build your franchise over the years.  Get woke, go broke"

Dave Cullen


A report by the Tax Payers' Alliance has highlighted the scandal of local authorities having spent almost £7million on flights between 2015-18.  While there is no doubt domestic airline travel may be necessary for some offshore islands, many of the flights were international and worse still, using first class, premium or business class tickets.

The report found that the average cost of flights used by English, Scottish and Welsh councils was £29,152 over this period.  The worst offender was Labour-controlled Manchester City Council with a staggering total outlay of £199,977.  Other big spenders included Cardiff (£173,975), Liverpool (£100,643), Coventry (£82,152), Newcastle-on-Tyne (£89,938) and Sunderland (£128,080) - all Labour.  A spokesperson for Cardiff City Council said three quarters of their total comprised of school trips, but what about the £15,762 worth of premium class flights?

Liverpool City Council flew out almost 300 times, including visits to Iraq, Afghanistan, Somaliland and Liberia.  Why?  The data is not clear and authorities have not been quick to offer much transparency.

"We make no apologies for going out and promoting the city around the world"

Liverpool City Council spokesman

In Kabul and Basra?


Having seen off incumbent Leanne Wood in a recent leadership election, you'd be mistaken for thinking new Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price might take the party in a new direction.  Nope, still out to block Brexit and bring in the Third World.  Price told the BBC this week Brexit must be stopped, somewhat at odds with a clear majority of Welsh voters who voted Leave in 2016.

"The Party of Wales has to say very very clearly to the Welsh people - we're on the Titanic, we're heading to an iceberg.  We have to use every opportunity that is there to avert what I think could be one of the biggest disasters that has befallen our people for many a generation".

Adam Price, Plaid Cymru

Judging by this interview Price is not a shrewd operator.  He is basically calling his own people stupid, that they were wrong and, of course, he knows best.  He also claims that Brexit will harm manufacturing, yet an overwhelming majority of the Welsh working class voted Leave, particularly in the Valleys, home of Wales' manufacturing base.  He clearly doesn't care much for their views, but then his party is not truly a 'nationalist' party.

What kind of 'nationalist' supports mass immigration, an open border policy whereby cheap labour replaces the homegrown workforce, drives down wages across the board and puts local people at the back of the housing queue?  Plaid Cymru are open borders enthusiasts, much like fellow 'plastic nationalists' in the SNP and Sinn Fein.  Open borders, that is, unless you're English.

True, most English people who settle in Wales are not prepared to learn Welsh, but overseas migrants are even less likely to do so.  Plaid's immigration policy is senseless.  What's more, Plaid are so blinkered in their belief that uncontrolled migration is anything but good, that they cannot bring themselves to admit that the main reason so many English people move to Wales is to escape the effects of... mass immigration!

Friday 5 October 2018


There has been a deafening silence from Labour both during and after the Tory conference, so much so that yesterday both the BBC and the Mirror ran a non-story that revolved around Corbyn climbing a wall in Leeds.  While all very amusing and light-hearted a vital news story was breaking north of the border.

The constant threat of a Labour/SNP coalition haunted the 2015 general election, but thankfully that terrifying prospect was kicked into the dirt by an outright Tory majority.  With the Tories now reduced to a minority government, propped up by the DUP, and with Brexit uncertainty ever present - the SNP threat level has been raised again.

The Scotsman reports that SNP defence spokesman Stewart MacDonald has offered the hand of friendship to Labour, but only if the party pledges to scrap Trident.

“On the issue of nuclear weapons of course there has to be a serious discussion that says, ‘You want to get rid of them, we want to get rid of them, let’s work out a way we can make that happen’. I hope that if Jeremy’s in the position to form a government, perhaps with an arrangement with the SNP, then that [scrapping Trident] should be one of the key planks of any discussion that we have. Because Corbyn agrees with us on this; he has a long and honourable history of agreeing with us on this.”

Stewart MacDonald, SNP defence spokesman

The prospect of a Labour/SNP coalition government is, perhaps, more horrifying than an outright Corbyn government.  While they have plenty in common - both despise our country, support open borders, oppose Brexit and would love to smash our armed forces into tiny pieces - with the SNP comes the added ingredient of a thirst for Scottish independence.  MacDonald's timing may not be a coincidence on that note.  Corbyn has recently intimated that he is 'open' to IndyRef2 if Labour got into power.  So perhaps it was in fact Corbyn that made the first move in this proposed pact.

The reality is that any move towards a second Scottish referendum is as absurd and undemocratic as the calls for a second EU referendum.  Scots voted only four years ago to maintain the Union, and by a bigger margin than Brits voted for Brexit.  So much for the 'once in a generation' pledges made by the SNP ahead of the vote.  Like Brexit, and the Miliband-Sturgeon coalition that never was, it seems to be a case of if you don't succeed at first...

Wednesday 3 October 2018


Regarding the 'jazz hands' fiasco, this meme simply had to be done.  It was in the pipeline before we spotted Jeremy Vine's tweet along a similar line (he's now deleted it).  Ours will remain.

Furthermore, regarding 'jazz hands', the gesture itself conjures up memories of black and white minstrels, in particular Al Jolson.  Those leftie hypocrites at Manchester Uni have probably never heard of him to be fair.  Further excellent commentary on this issue can be heard via this YouTube video.

We also noted that the curious and rather eccentric behaviour of our Prime Minister today may well have been an attempt to mock the morons...


by Richey Edwards

Yet another symptom of the politically correct cancer pervading our education system was exposed to ridicule yesterday when it emerged that the students' union at Manchester University had outlawed 'clapping' aka applause.  Students would now be required to deploy sign language, otherwise known as 'jazz hands', so that sudden outbreaks of noise didn't cause anyone anxiety.  PC buzz words were rolled out in defence of the plan - it would create an "environment of respect" they said, it would make proceedings more "inclusive".  It sounds a lot like the 'safe space' policies that have been adopted in various places of further education (and some liberal workplaces), whereby individuals can retreat to a designated area in order to escape opinions they don't agree with - oops, sorry - an area that is "welcoming", "inclusive", "tolerant" and "supportive".


As Jeremy Vine rightly pointed out on his Twitter feed yesterday (pictured below) - it's a good job the young men of 100 years ago weren't so fragile when they were sent off into the carnage of the Western Front.  It was a rare and cutting quip from Vine, but you'll be hard pushed to find that tweet now as he's since deleted it.  Radio 2 listeners will be familiar with the touchy feely approach from Vine, so perhaps it was no great surprise that snowflakery got the better of him.

When Jeremy featured the issue on his radio show today he was actually very sympathetic towards the student rep advocating the 'Jazz Hands' notion.  This limp-wristed larry was immediately followed by an altogether more abrasive guest who argued that such ideas were borne from a desire to treat students as if they were toddlers.  Larry must have been wishing for a safe space there and then!  Yet that is exactly the point isn't it?  It's a sorry world indeed in which society is churning out young adults that can't handle an opinion that differs from their own, who burst into tears when someone slates Corbyn or run around in circles screaming when something mildly provocative occurs in front of them (Heaven forbid actual violence).  In 2016 the students' union at Edinburgh University tried to eject a member from a 'safe space' because she waved her arms, thus violating a rule outlawing 'gestures of disagreement'.  The mind boggles.

If society was to break down and descend into chaos (as it will do this March according to Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Ki££ock and co), these people will surely be the first to perish.  Their supposed (very questionable) intellect won't save them, they can't even handle opinions and applause, let along someone coming at them with a big stick.  They would soon wither and die from a diet of grass and leaves because they can't bring themselves to kill for meat.  A pampered pooch wants for nothing, until he has nothing.  Then he is of no use to anyone.

Make no mistake, this leftist pandering to every wild whim of every minority, no matter how small, is not behaviour that should be encouraged and nurtured, it should be stamped out.

PS. Kudos to the BBC reporter who raised a very valid point and stumped the Manchester students' rep today.  Regarding the jazz hands proposal he asked "What about blind people?"  Think about it.