Wednesday 17 October 2018


Once again we both found ourselves locked out of our Facebook accounts today.  The reason?  Click on the above image for the answer!  It appears that merely speaking about Muslim grooming gangs is classified as "hate speech" by Facebook.  Let that sink in.

On a day when Stella Creasy was in the news again spouting off her feminist credentials we thought it apt to point out the deafening silence of Labour politicians when it comes to such gangs.  In fact the only Labour MP to have spoken out about it got sacked from the front benches.  And while we're at it let's not forget gobby Jess Phillips who ridiculed the mass rape and sexual assaults in Cologne as just something "like you'd see on Broad Street in Birmingham on a Friday night".  They are nothing but despicable hypocrites and apologists for rapists.

The meme was shared over a thousand times before it disappeared, here it is one more time...