Monday 29 October 2018


Caroline Flint recently indicated she was prepared to back a Brexit deal in Parliament.  Of course it wasn't long before the trolls piled in.

The offensive tweet (now deleted) is reported to have read;

"By this time next year, she will be swinging from a rope, like her Brexiteer mates"

In addition to the actual tweeter, Flint also attributed the vile message to key remoaners in her own party - namely Alastair Campbell and Lord Adonis - as well as the so-called 'People's Vote'.  She is quite right in bringing them to account.  Campbell recently urged Boris Johnson to "f*** off under a bus".  It's no wonder such bile is filtering down to the trolls when they hear language like this emanating from such high profile Remainers.

The coward responsible for the Flint tweet has now locked down his account (see below).

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