Wednesday 10 October 2018


The name Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.  Apparently he is more popularly known as 'Lula', but you'd be forgiven for still not having the faintest idea who he is.  Well, old Lula the rascal hasn't escaped the notice of the youth wing of our very own UK Labour Party - Young Labour (imaginative).

So who is he?

Lula is the most prominent member of Brazil's Workers' Party, the party he founded and led.  He was also the President of Brazil for two terms between 2003 and 2011.

Where is he now?

In prison serving a 12 year sentence for multiple counts of corruption that included money laundering, taking bribes and obstruction of justice.  Lula was indicted as part of the huge anti-corruption investigation known as 'Operation Car Wash'.

So what has this got to do with Young Labour?

Well, on the 3rd of October they named Lula as their 'honorary president'.  Let that sink in!