Monday 29 January 2024


Kate Osamor has become the latest member of Labour's Socialist Campaign Group to fall foul of the Starmer regime.  The MP for Edmonton was suspended on Sunday evening following a tweet she sent out on Friday.  The tweet referred to the invasion of Gaza as a 'genocide' and suggested it should be commemorated on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Osamor wrote: "Tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day, an international day to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, the millions of other people murdered under Nazi persecution of other groups and more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and now Gaza."

Osamor deleted the tweet the same day and apologised in another: "I apologise for any offence caused by my reference to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Gaza as part of that [Holocaust Memorial Day] period of remembrance."

She later rewrote her earlier tweet, replacing Gaza with Darfur.

Her attempts to make amends for the perceived slight fell on deaf ears and Osamor now joins hard left colleagues such as Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn outside the Parliamentary Labour Party.  Momentum,Owen Jones and the usual assortment of Palestinian flag shaggers were quick to defend Osamor.  Jones called her suspension a 'moral disgrace'.  Momentum insinuated that race was a factor in Osamor's suspension, writing on Twitter: "We call on all in Labour to resist this shameful and opportunistic attempt to hound another black woman out of the party."

There are now ten MPs elected for Labour now sitting as independents, having had the whip suspended.  Of these, three are black women - Osamor, Abbott and the absurd Claudia Webbe.  Webbe's replacement in Leicester East has already been selected, while Abbott is expected to be replaced as Hackney North's Labour candidate.  Whether Osamor will join them on the permanent scrapheap remains to be seen.

Friday 5 January 2024


Some light relief with our first YouTube video of 2024, courtesy of stand-up routines from Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais which have upset the woke mob.  Comedy will die if the left have it their way, but thankfully it's not easy to cancel ultra wealthy established comics who are featured on what is already one of the most woke platforms there is - Netflix.

The jokes that have upset the left are both featured in our video, hosted as usual by Richey.  Watch below or on YouTube (eight minute watch).