Thursday 31 January 2019


In what has become a familiar and entirely predictable response, the hate campaigners of the left have been laying into the 'Labour 14' ie. those rebels who defied the party whips to reject the Cooper amendment.  John Mann and Ian Austin have received particular attention because earlier this month they voted for May's Brexit deal and as we know anyone who dares to side with the government is earmarked a 'traitor' and put on the watch list.

According to some Corbynistas socialism is not compatible with Brexit.  Clearly George Galloway didn't get this message, or Dennis Skinner.  Neither did the Socialist Party of England and Wales, or the Communist Party of Britain, or the Socialist Workers Party - all of which campaigned for a Leave vote.  Paul Mason, the loony leftie freelance journalist formerly of both the BBC and Channel 4, went one step further and accused the rebels of being 'xenophobes'.  Bet he wouldn't say that to Skinner's face.

Her Majesty's call for 'common ground' is clearly falling on deaf ears in the Labour ranks!

Wednesday 30 January 2019


There were 14 Labour MPs who defied their party whips and voted against the Yvette Cooper amendment.  Here they are with constituency and referendum vote in brackets.

Ian Austin (Dudley North, 71% Leave)
Kevin Barron (Rother Valley, 67% Leave)
Ronnie Campbell (Blyth Valley, 60% Leave)
Rosie Cooper (West Lancashire, 55% Leave)
Jim Fitzpatrick (Poplar & Limehouse, 66% Remain)
Caroline Flint (Don Valley, 68% Leave)
Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green, 66% Remain)
Stephen Hepburn (Jarrow, 62% Leave)
Kate Hoey (Vauxhall, 78% Remain)
John Mann (Bassetlaw, 68% Leave)
Dennis Skinner (Bolsover, 70% Leave)
Laura Smith (Crewe & Nantwich, 60% Leave)
Gareth Snell (Stoke-on-Trent Central, 65% Leave)
Graham Stringer (Blackley & Broughton, 50.04% Leave)


Jeremy Corbyn left it as late as possible to get behind Yvette Cooper's Brexit-blocking amendment (she says it wasn't about blocking Brexit, but only a moron would believe that).  He probably hoped that by leaving it so late in the day it would attract as little attention as possible so close to the vote.  After all, he has pursued a rigid fence-sitting strategy for a while now, in the vain hope that he can placate both sides.  You can't blame him.  While most of his MPs would dearly love to reverse Brexit, many of them represent heavily pro-Brexit constituencies.  Such as Yvette Cooper...

One wonders why it fell to Yvette to propose this amendment.  She was rubbing up against a 70% Leave vote in her constituency and despite a personal plea in her local rag last week it was always going to fall on deaf ears.  Tory Brexiteer Dominic Raab made a very polite mockery of her position ahead of the vote (see below).  It's probably no coincidence that it was Yvette who put her name to this.  She is undoubtedly one of the most elitist politicians on the opposition benches, someone who started off her political career working for Bill Clinton, before rising through the New Labour ranks and expertly ripping off taxpayers during the expenses scandal, something which should have tarnished both her and Ed Balls, but both have led successful careers since.  So, probably a degree of arrogance on her part.  In any case, her amendment failed!

Yes, the insidious attempt to extend Article 50 and ultimately block Brexit, was voted down by 321-298 votes.  An earlier motion put forward by the Labour Party to try and stop us exiting with no deal was also voted down, by a slightly larger margin 327-296.  So, all in all a disastrous night for Corbyn and Labour, capped off by a humiliated Jez finally agreeing to meet Theresa May (after his big sulk backfired on him).

Monday 28 January 2019


The BBC often finds it difficult to conceal its left-leaning bias, but sometimes it doesn't even try.  Today it published an astonishing report from Belgrade, Serbia, in which the reporter praised some of the most depressing 'architecture' ever to grace the planet ie. the dreary concrete blocks of communist Europe.  The report features such lines as "the brutalist school of architecture is making New Belgrade a mecca for connoisseurs of raw concrete".  Connoisseuers of raw concrete?  Oh come on! 

Belgrade, Serbia. Oh, lovely concrete!

There is absolutely nothing aesthetically pleasing about these monstrosities.  Rows and endless rows of apartment blocks that look exactly the same - the epitome of communism if ever there was one.  Funnily enough, the beeb fails to include any panoramic images of the blocks in its report, just words of praise.

Communism is not cool kids.  It's grey and miserable.

Sunday 27 January 2019


Steve Bray is a familiar face to anyone who watches the news regularly.  He gatecrashes TV interviews outside Parliament and stands in the background holding anti-Brexit placards appropriately dressed like a moron.  What many hard-working decent Brits have noticed about protesters like Steve is that they appear to be able to maintain a presence outside Parliament at will, with no other commitments or responsibilities.  Steve is there every day of the week, from 11am to 6pm.  It's highly unlikely he travels from his home in Port Talbot every day - that's an eight hour round trip from Westminster.  So who pays for his upkeep, not to mention all his protest materials?  London is not known for having cheap boardings.

Hence last week's most shared meme via the Facebook page, at 691 shares.

Saturday 26 January 2019


"My amendment doesn't block Brexit, it buys us more time", so says Yvette Cooper in her local rag.  Cooper is clearly concerned about how her actions are going to be perceived by her constituents, given that a whopping 70% of them voted to leave the EU.  Her lengthy article warns against 'no deal' and claims her attempt to extend Article 50 beyond March is merely aimed at thwarting no deal and not Brexit itself.

Pull the other one Yvette!

It's funny that all the MPs looking to support your amendment are Remainers.  We're not stupid.  We know full well you are looking for more time in order to thwart Brexit, not no deal.  The longer you and your colleagues eke this thing out the more time you'll have to espouse the supposed merits of a so-called 'People's Vote', and we know that 'Remain' must be included in that!

Cooper begins one of her paragraphs "To be honest".  Sorry, but we remember your expenses claims from your time in government.  There is nothing noble or honest about you.

Friday 25 January 2019


by Richey Edwards

Following Diane Abbott's disastrous appearance on Question Time last week the hard left online hate machine went into overdrive.  Of course it was nothing to do with Diane's ineptitude, but all down to the bias and lies of the presenter, Fiona Bruce, and good old-fashioned racism.  Predictable to say the least.

Now Derby is largely a Labour town, it even elects one of the hardest left MPs in Parliament - Chris Williamson - but this audience was 'wacist' according to Diane and her supporters.  They were 'whipped up' into a frenzy of hate towards her in a pre-broadcast session directed by none other than Fiona Bruce herself!  However, no proof of this exists and one of Diane's fellow panelists has categorically denied it happened (as does Bruce and her BBC employers).

Such is the hate being directed towards Bruce since that night that she has reportedly been advised to stay off social media and hide her home address.  By the way, Owen Jones, we thought all the hate in this country came from the far right?  Just saying.

In last night's Question Time the presenter took the unusual move of responding to the furore over Abbott's appearance.  Thankfully, it was not quite the apology demanded by Momentum, but merely a clarification of a remark made by Bruce about opinion polls.  As you can see from the table below it can be very confusing as to what the polls are actually saying.

Click to enlarge

Why anyone is still discussing opinion polls at all is a mystery, particularly given the fact they have been largely discredited in recent years.  Who can forget the predictions of a Tory landslide in 2017 and the expected Remain vote of 2016?  The final big poll ahead of the Scottish referendum predicted a narrow victory for Yes and yet it swung the other way considerably.

The polling issue is a moot point, but it was a tool with which the hard left could beat Bruce with.  After that they had to make stuff up, a bit like Owen Jones and his far right phantom menace.  The truth is that this whole affair is just another rattle being thrown out of the pram.  The left has had it all their way on Question Time for years.  Despite claims to the contrary, the audience is nearly always overwhelmingly to the left.  Anyone can see that.  The panel is ALWAYS skewed in favour of Remainers.  If anyone has been 'bullied' on QT over the years it has been the many solitary right-leaning representatives.  The one time a leftie gets jeered and the left go into meltdown, making up conspiracy theories and denouncing the presenter as a 'Tory' and a 'racist'.  Laughable.

We've said it before and we'll say it yet again - Diane, it's not because you're a black woman.  It's because you're a moron.


The Provisional IRA murdered a policeman on the Falls Road in Belfast.  PC Colin Gilmore was travelling in an armoured Land Rover when the terrorists lobbed home-made grenades from the upstairs window of a derelict house.  This was the first confirmed fatality caused by what later became known as a 'drogue bomb'.  Drogue bombs consisted of little more than a pound of explosive packed into a tin can.  Simple, but deadly, this new weapon could penetrate armoured vehicles where bullets and other bombs had failed.

The device thrown at Constable Gilmore's vehicle struck the roof and exploded on impact, piercing the armour and fatally wounding the officer.

The 27-year-old originally came from Carrickfergus and had previously been an Irish Guardsman before joining the RUC.  He left a wife and baby son.

Example of a 'drogue bomb', this one was designed to be used in a grenade launcher

Thursday 24 January 2019


by Richey Edwards

The recent harassment of Anna Soubry and Owen Jones outside Parliament gave the left-wing, liberal and pro-Remain press an open goal.  A handful of idiots, whose only 'crime' was to call some famous people names in the street, allowed people like Jones to whip out a huge brush and tar everybody.  The 'far right' was to blame for all political violence and general unpleasantness in the UK.  'It's not coming from the left' announced little Owen, in one of his typically one-eyed statements.

Were the people who called him names from the 'far right'?  It's a moot point, they were just tools with which to beat the wider pro-Brexit movement.  What we do know is that some of the most public abuse of the last two years has definitely not been coming from the right.  The use of the term 'gammon' to describe older white gentlemen is popular among left-wing Remainers, primarily because this demographic is perceived as having largely voted Leave.  Speak out loud any derogatory word used to describe black or Asian people and the same lefties would cry 'racist'.  It's a shocking double standard, but Owen Jones himself tried to legitimise its use.  Meanwhile, others on the left revelled in the deaths of elderly British voters and placards seen at demos urged 'old white people' to hurry up and die.  No, Owen, not racist at all.  Best not mention all the anti-Semitism either eh son?

Owen likes to 'change the conversation' when he's losing an argument.

Unfortunately, the largely left-leaning mass media laps up his notions about a huge and looming 'far right' menace.  Out come the references to Jo Cox and the Finsbury Park van attack.  These references were evident again today in nearly all the newspapers, but this time the story was a little more insidious.

Earlier this week it became clear that there was a serious split in the Labour Party over support for the so-called 'People's Vote'.  Melanie Onn was one frontbencher who announced publicly that she opposed a second referendum and may even resign if forced to support it.  Yesterday she tweeted a message she had received that referred to her as a 'TRAITOR' who deserved to be 'gunned down'.  While Onn does not speculate as to the political persuasion of the sender, its timing and use of the word 'traitor' in block capitals, points to another bitter and twisted Labour Remainer.

However, today's papers have been unilateral in linking it to the 'far right'.  One would expect this from the likes of the Mirror and the Guardian, but even the Daily Mail and the Express plumped for this curious angle.  Their case rests solely on the use of the word 'traitor' - because the murderer of Jo Cox used that word.  Yes, seriously.

Why would a pro-Brexit keyboard warrior lash out at an MP who has just denounced the 'People's Vote'?  We are all being taken for fools.  Anyone who has followed the Momentum hatemongers on Twitter over the last few years will know that the word 'traitor' is commonly used to describe anyone who dares to speak ill of the Great Leader.  While Onn did not speak out against Corbyn, she is flying in the face of the majority of Labour members who have as their slogan "Love Corbyn, Hate Brexit".  And they really, really hate Brexit.

Wednesday 23 January 2019


Julia Hartley-Brewer invites author and journalist Isabel Oakeshott to discuss her fellow panelist's infamous Question Time appearance...

We've said it before and we'll say it again - Diane doesn't receive lots of flak because she is a black woman, it's because she's a moron!

Tuesday 22 January 2019


When last week's no confidence vote in the government was announced it was clear from Jezza's reaction he wasn't impressed.  What did he expect?  Surely he did the maths beforehand?  It appeared to be a case of someone having built their hopes up against highly unlikely odds.  And then came the sulk - he's not talking to Theresa.  How pathetic?  The nation collectively shook their heads, as did many of his own MPs.  Some even spoke out in open rebellion, while others accepted the Prime Minister's invitation to talks.  It was a disastrous move by crybaby Corbyn.

He justified his sulk by adding a pre-condition in refusing to talk.  This was pounced on immediately by Labour's opponents, but the criticism was also voiced by one of his own MPs Mike Gapes.

Within days of Corbyn's childish antics up stepped another infantile prick from the same party.  Daft Dave Lammy, not exactly the most respected MP as it stood, embarked on a similar pathetic game plan to his party leader.  Except this time Corbyn was the target of the tantrum!

With the March 29th clock ticking down Dave declared over the weekend that the party would split... unless it backed the so-called 'People's Vote'.  Lol.  He immediately drew criticism from fellow MPs.  It was a disastrous move!  No lessons learnt.  Dave compounded his sulk by appearing alongside remoaners from other parties today and announcing that he and his (one) supporter (MP Bridget Phillipson) would work with the Lib Dems and other anti-Brexit parties as they had 'no choice'.

Dave's rattle is out of the pram, but then it was never returned to the pram since the morning of 24th June 2016!

Sunday 20 January 2019


It was a massive week for politics and henceforth a huge week for memes over on the Facebook page.  Seven BTLP originals each garnered over a thousand shares, but the winner was the 'Corbyn baby'.  Inspired by Jezza's refusal to speak to Theresa May over the Brexit deadlock, this ugly little bastard was shared 12,152 times at the time of writing.


The Provisional IRA shot dead a British soldier in Londonderry as his foot patrol were closing the city gates.  Pte Christopher Shenton was hit in the back by one of up to a dozen shots fired by the sniper.  One of his colleagues was wounded.  The terrorists escaped in a hijacked car.

The 21-year-old was serving with the 1st Battalion Staffordshire Regiment and came from Stoke-on-Trent.  No-one was ever convicted of Pte Shenton's murder.

Castle Gate, Londonderry, scene of the attack

Saturday 19 January 2019


We've had a couple of messages recently from supporters asking how they can donate.  We've explained Patreon to them, but as yet nothing materialised.  One of the objections raised was the US format ie. why are we paying you in dollars?  We've now opened a PayPal account to facilitate donations in sterling.  The donate button can be found on the right hand side of the page, underneath the heading "SUPPORT US".  We've also included it at the bottom of this post.

Thanks for your support, especially to Matt (who remains our solitary patron).

Friday 18 January 2019


Diane Abbott had a torrid time on Question Time this week.  She was one of four Remainers on the panel, but when it came to Brexit she was hapless.  Of course she is not helped by the fact her party leader continues to sit on the fence over Brexit, while many of his colleagues stamp their feet for a second referendum, and now he refuses to speak to the Prime Minister in a woefully misjudged dead-end tactic.  A savvy politician would still manage to polish over these obstacles, but alas Diane is not savvy in the slightest.  Every time she gives an interview or takes part in a panel show it is like watching a car crash in slow motion.  In short, she is fucking useless.

No doubt having eyed all the negative media surrounding her latest display, a statement was released on Friday evening by her spokesperson.

"We are appalled by the treatment of Diane Abbott on BBC’s Question Time. It was clear that a hostile atmosphere was whipped up, propped up by reports of inappropriate and sexist commentary in the audience warm-up session.  A public broadcaster like the BBC should be expected to be a model of impartiality and equality.  The BBC cannot claim anything of the sort when analysis of the programme shows that the only black woman on the panel was jeered at and interrupted more times than any other panellist, including by the chair herself.  The media must stop legitimising mistreatment, bias and abuse against Ms Abbott as a black woman in public life.  The BBC should be ashamed that their programming is complicit in such behaviour".

Spokesperson for Diane Abbott

OK, so let's break this down.  No-one can substantiate these 'reports' of inappropriate and sexist commentary.  Did it actually happen?  Doubtful.  The host of Question Time is now a woman, there were more women on the panel than men and none of them have made complaints.

"Analysis of the programme shows that the only black woman on the panel was jeered at more times than any other panellist...".  Yes, of course she was.  But it was nothing to do with her ethnicity or gender, it was because she is a bumbling idiot trying to justify reprehensible politics.  "The BBC should be ashamed...".  No, you should be ashamed for once again pulling the race card to detract from yet another moronic performance in front of the cameras.

How many times Diane?

Thursday 17 January 2019


It's been a pretty rough day for crybaby Corbyn.  He is facing criticism from all sides over his decision to boycott Brexit discussions with Theresa May, including from his own MPs.  Further embarrassment has been brought upon him in the form of the above video from yesterday's no confidence session.  Frontbencher Dawn Butler is seen to yank Corbyn's jacket as he appears slow to react to the Speaker (he is supposed to sit down immediately).

Oh well, not the first young black woman to pull a Corbyn...


Michael Gove gave the closing speech ahead of the no confidence vote on Wednesday and it was an instant classic.  Taking aim at the SNP, Lib Dems and, of course, Labour, he exposed the treacherous actions and grand hypocrisy of the Parliamentary Remain lobby.  He also picked out MPs for praise (singling out Corbyn enemy John Woodcock), deftly exposing the gaping chasm between Corbyn and his deputy leader Tom Watson as they sat opposite, looking awkward as ever.  Billy Bunter was not amused.  John Woodcock, despite being elected as a Labour MP, abstained from the vote and tweeted this shortly afterwards...

Of course we're non-partisan, but hats off to Michael Gove, watch the video below...

Tuesday 15 January 2019


MPs fought for the meaningful vote.  Thankfully they got it, otherwise we could now be staring at an awful Brexit.  But make no mistake, few of them (if any) fought for it so they could rubber stamp a deal and respect the referendum.  No, they saw it as just another opportunity to subvert the will of the people and block Brexit.  They may yet succeed, but time is running out and if the government survives tomorrow's vote the ball is very much in the court of May.

What is clear from various polls and the general mood of the nation is that fear of 'no deal' is falling away fast.  The scare stories are not having the desired effect, apart from terrifying the brainless morons in the Remain camp who will swallow anything.  We know now from what we were told before the referendum that Project Fear Mk II is the boy who cried wolf.  We're not buying it.

So let's have it.  Sign the petition and let's get the ball rolling towards a clean no deal Brexit...

Monday 14 January 2019


Julie Ward (pictured) is a Member of the European Parliament for the North West of England.  As the clock ticks down to March 29th time may be running out for British MEPs to find alternative employment.  Some are getting nervous and Ward is clearly one of them.

In today's Independent she writes an article aimed directly at her party leader.  The headline pleads "Jeremy Corbyn, please do what's right for our constituents", as she proceeds to beg him to support a second referendum aka the so-called 'People's Vote'.  Of course this is nothing short of a self-serving exercise and total contradiction of her constituents' expressed wishes in the first referendum!

The Leave vote in the north-west of England was 54%, significantly higher than the UK overall, but obviously Ward knows what's 'right' for her constituents.  She claims they will be poorer because of Brexit, but of course we all know that what she is really concerned about is that she will be poorer because of Brexit.

Sunday 13 January 2019


Sent in by Nick, one of our Facebook followers, and subsequently shared 1,587 times via the Facebook page.  This just about sums up the odious mega rich Lineker who, like much of the elite class, knows what's best for us peasants.  Much of Lineker's preaching is done via his Twitter page, where he is currently mocking the Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock for daring to stick his head above the parapet with a pro-Brexit opinion.  How dare he Gary?


Hamas attacked the Karni border crossing between Gaza and Israel, killing six people.  The gun and bomb attack was carried out in co-operation with two other Palestinian militant groups - the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade and the Popular Resistance Committee.  The Karni Crossing was not a military checkpoint, but a cargo terminal allowing Palestinians to both import and export goods.

The terrorist assault began at around 22:45 when a truck bomb was detonated next to the crossing.  This blew a hole in the border fence allowing the three gunmen to cross into the Israeli side.  Armed with hand grenades and AK-47 assault rifles the men attacked civilian workers, killing six and injuring five.  Israeli troops cut short the attack and engaged the terrorists in a firefight, killing all three.

Two Arabs were among the six killed.

The funeral of 51-year-old Herzl Shlomo, one of the Karni attack victims

Saturday 12 January 2019


by Richey Edwards

It is a great irony that a place in which members are referred to as 'honourable' is so seriously lacking in 'honour'.  It no longer comes as a surprise when disgraced members cling to their membership like barnacles on an old boat, or should that be gravy boat?

Last year we had one of the most inept and useless MPs in the history of the Commons suspended by his party, then reinstated before resigning in order to sit as an 'independent'.  Jared O'Mara was surely selected as a paper candidate with no thought given to him actually unseating Nickolarse Clegg, and thereafter proving himself to be way out of his depth when he surprisingly defeated the Lib Dem.  However, the young lad now has access to all the generosity afforded its members by the House of Commons.  So, instead of resigning from a job he cannot do, he chooses to cling to the gravy train and make the most of its perks before he is deposed as the 'honourable' member for Sheffield Hallam at the next election.

What of his predecessor?  Well, if anything exposes how corrupt and self-serving our political elite is, it is the fact that he is now to be known as 'Sir' Nickolarse Clegg.  Knighted in the New Year's Honours List of 2018, just six months after being dumped by his constituents in favour of O'Mara, for 'political and public service'.  He had been an MP for twelve years.  Perhaps it was a pay off for going to bed with the Tories in 2010, either a backhand requirement of the coalition deal or just the political elite looking after one of their own.  We'll never know, but it soured the entire 'honours' system for even its most ardent supporters.  That word again - 'honour'.  Dished out over the years with such random and numerous disregard, with little thought or consideration about what the word means and what it has carried throughout history - 'knight' - the harsh reality is that someone who refuses to have the title bestowed on them possesses more guts and honour than the bunch of politicos, singers and sports people who roll up to collect them.

Now, back to the gravy train of Westminster.  As if we didn't already know how disgraceful the Houses have become in recent years, up pops the fairly anonymous member for Peterborough - Fiona Onasanya.  Perhaps, like Jared, the party never imagined she would defeat the incumbent (the Conservative Stewart Jackson).  Alas, she did.  A little more than twelve months after her surprise victory Onasanya was charged with perverting the course of justice.  She was convicted last month and will be sentenced in the coming weeks.  Is she still an MP?  Of course!

Now perhaps it is a case of individual arrogance and not necessarily a sign of the overall decline of our political system, because this lady does indeed possess it in abundance.  Asides from her aspiration to be Britain's first black Prime Minister (pause for chuckle), she bizarrely compared herself to Christ and his disciples following her conviction.  However, these proceedings followed hot on the heels of the Kate Osamor fiasco, who still reportedly has her convict son on the payroll in Westminster.  Yes, symptomatic of a bigger picture alright.

Yet there are those who empower such shameful and dishonorable individuals.  Owen Jones, for instance, has excused the actions of Osamor's son, instead blaming the 'right wing press' for trying to bring down the MP (and of course, it's because she's black).  No, Owen, she has brought herself down, or she should have done by now.  But doing the honorable thing and falling on one's sword is not the way of Westminster these days.  Today the Peterborough Telegraph went one step further in legitimising such shameful behaviour.

In a move that will surely alienate many of its readers, the Telegraph features the convict as a guest columnist!  Already alarmed at the fact their local MP is a criminal, imagine their dismay when they see said criminal staring back at them from their local rag as a contributor?  Although the editor acknowledges these concerns at the top of the article he doesn't even bother defending his decision.  This is normalising what should be universally condemned.  And in any case who in their right mind is asking the question "I wonder how our disgraced local MP is going to vote on Tuesday"?  According to the Spectator, Onasanya appears to have been absent from the Commons since Christmas, making further mockery of Parliament and the ludicrous editorial decision of the Peterborough Telegraph.

Onasanya will only lose her seat if she is receives a sentence longer than twelve months.  Unlikely, but a custodial sentence of less than a year and she can be ejected by way of a petition.  It's a long drawn out process that frustrated one of our supporters to such a degree that he applied for a petition of his own.  Simon, from Yorkshire, posted a petition on the Downing Street website calling for MPs who are found guilty of crime to be removed from office.  Well, just look at the response he received on being told his petition was being rejected.

The petition made no mention of "Ministers", and it was not about "honours or appointments" or "government policy" either.  Did the recipient even read Simon's petition or is this just another example of the establishment looking after its own?

Unprompted, a customer said to me the other day that they could see no wrong in a modern day Guy Fawkes proceeding to wipe Parliament (and its parasitic inhabitants) off the map.  It's becoming increasingly difficult not to sympathise with such a sentiment.

Thursday 10 January 2019


A former Labour councillor who left the party after an anti-Semitism scandal is to receive a prison sentence for assault, burglary and theft.  Damien Enticott, now an independent councillor in Bognor Regis, appeared in court yesterday via videolink from prison.  He admitted the three charges, principally that he assaulted a female pub manager and later broke into the same pub and stole £2,700.  Cllr Enticott reportedly has previous convictions, but these were not read out in court.

Enticott resigned from the Labour Party last year after his social media posts were exposed in the press.  Among many anti-Semitic posts were the following particularly distasteful remarks.

- "Hitler would have had a solution to the Israel problem"
- "All Talmuds need executing"
- "That scumbag Tony Blair wants to establish laws of antisemitism throughout Europe.  [He] should be gassed as should they!"
- "Terresa [sic] May is the only Nazi who couldn't get the trains to run on time"

Enticott initially claimed his accounts had been hacked, but later admitted he'd posted the comments and said he "stood by them".

Cllr Enticott stands by his views

Meanwhile, a controversial Labour AM in Wales has been readmitted to the party, having previously been suspended for alleged anti-Semitic remarks.  Jenny Rathbone described a Cardiff synagogue as a 'fortress' and suggested that worshippers' security concerns were imaginary.  Rathbone is understood to be close to the new First Minister and Corbyn worshipper Mark Drakeford.

Dear Jeremy Corbyn, why are such negative attitudes towards Jews so prevalent in today's Labour Party?

Wednesday 9 January 2019


When Labour MP Ben Bradshaw stood up in the House of Commons in 2016 and announced that the "Russians" were behind the Brexit vote we didn't think anyone could surpass his fruitcakery.  Then slowly, but insanely, a Labour figure emerged to take his loony crown.  Step forward life peer Lord Adonis.

The list of crazy over-the-top statements attributed to Adonis is endless.  In September he clashed with Labour colleague Gisela Stuart and suggested that Leave voters should not vote Labour!  However, it's his Twitter account that provides the most regular comedy output.  We've put together below a selection of some of his recent crazed outpourings.  This is just a snippet as he tweets about little else other than Brexit...

He wasn't lying either when he said he wasn't signing off Twitter for Christmas, he tweeted about 25 times on Christmas Day!  How sad is that?  Adonis blocked us on Twitter some time ago, but we can still see what he's up to and monitor his mental decline!

Tuesday 8 January 2019


The pathetic motion tabled by Labour's Yvette Cooper today has won the Commons vote by 303 votes to 296.  The motion has been widely hailed as an attempt to stop a 'no deal' Brexit.  The motion is nothing of the sort.

By Cooper's own admission her motion cannot stop the UK leaving in March without a deal.  The departure date is set in law.  So what is it all about?  Put simply, the saboteurs and traitors want to make our departure as chaotic as possible.  Why?  Because they have spent the last two years saying that 'no deal', or 'crashing out' as they and their beeb chums like to put it, will be disastrous for our country.  So they have to make it as troublesome as possible, otherwise they will have been proven to be the liars, traitors and charlatans that they are.  Again.

We've already been here - we were told the most outlandish lies by the Remain establishment ahead of the referendum.  If we voted Leave the UK would break up, the world would slip into World War III and there would have to be an emergency budget.  Now we are being told medicine will run out, food will run out, planes will be grounded.  Except this is now a boy-cried-wolf scenario - no-one is buying it and the MPs crying wolf are now desperate to do all they can to run this country into the ground, just to maintain their ego.

It's treachery of the highest order, but these MPs have no shame.  Yvette Cooper's constituency voted Leave by one of the biggest margins in the UK - 70%.  Let that sink in.

BBC and Remainers - one and the same

Monday 7 January 2019


The new First Minister of Wales has suggested his Labour government could potentially campaign for a Remain vote in the event of a second EU referendum.  Of course what Mark Drakeford is really saying is that his government would campaign for a Remain vote.  As with his predecessor - the odious Carwyn Jones - Drakeford is wilfully ignoring a very important fact.  The Welsh people not only voted to Leave the EU, they voted by a bigger margin than the UK as a whole.

This was Drakeford's first press conference as First Minister and he made it perfectly clear he would continue to betray the Welsh people.

"I'm happy for the sake of the argument to assume for a moment that on such a ballot paper there would be a choice of remaining in the European Union.  The advice of the Welsh Government in the first referendum was that Wales' future was best secured through continued membership of the European Union.  I don't think we would have changed our minds about that advice.  So if we were in a position of saying to people in Wales what we as a government thought the right answer would be if staying in the European Union was on the ballot paper in a referendum, I would anticipate, and anticipate pretty strongly, that our advice would not have changed".

Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales

Drakeford is one of Corbyn's most loyal followers, but while Jezza has recently reverted back to his long held Euroscepticism, others around him are not about to follow suit.  Many Labour advocates of the so-called 'People's Vote' care more about shackling our nation to the EU than they do about what Brexit policy the Great Leader is currently engaged in.  Mark Drakeford is one of them, regardless of what the proletariat think!


Long term followers of the Facebook page will know that over the Christmas period we count down the twelve most shared memes during the previous twelve months.  The fourth such event concluded on Saturday.  The top twelve from 2018 combined were shared 115,706 times, up from 95,729 the previous year (this was more impressive than it sounds because one of the memes from 2017 accounted for more than half the combined total).

Here are the twelve most shared memes from 2018, eleven of which are BTLP originals.  Click on the images to enlarge.

14/09/18 - shared 4,643 times
20/07/18 - shared 5,588 times
27/05/18 - shared 5,650 times
31/03/18 - shared 6,129 times
02/09/18 - shared 6,257 times
12/07/18 - shared 7,738 times
13/08/18 - shared 9,027 times
02/10/18 - shared 9,196 times
24/07/18 - shared 9,966 times
21/12/18 - shared 12,619 times
26/06/18 - shared 15,416 times
23/07/18 - shared 23,477 times

Sunday 6 January 2019


The Home Secretary came under fire last week for daring to question the motives of migrants sailing across the English Channel to reach our shores.  How dare he suggest that they weren't legitimate asylum seekers?  Jeremy Vine featured the 'controversy' on his phone in show, Yasmin Alibaba-Brown fumed and Labour MPs were 'outraged'.

As per usual the hysteria was contrived to suit the open borders agenda.  Borders are 'oppressive' and not 'progressive' in the eyes of the lunatics running the BBC, the Guardian and the Labour Party.  Labour wants to abolish our borders as more migrants means more Labour voters.  It's the same logic that drives the Democrats' opposition to Trump's border wall.  Liberals like Alibaba-Brown and leftists like Owen Jones have massive chips on their shoulders and see mass uncontrolled immigration as a tool with which to decimate white Blighty.  They're so consumed by hatred they don't realise the aggressive ideology they're importing will be the death of them too.

Shared a whopping 18,554 times, the above meme is an early contender for the next Twelve Memes of Christmas list.  The 2018 list will be published on here in full later today, or you can see it on the Facebook page here.

Friday 4 January 2019


by Richey Edwards

Men, white people, fathers.  That is the demographic under attack repeatedly in the most recent series of Doctor Who.  Yes, the beeb has turned Britain's longest running sci-fi show into one long feminist and all-round leftist rant.

I'm a Peter Davison man myself.  Back in the day my Doctor grappled with the likes of the Master and the Daleks each week, unhindered by earthling political ideology.  It was just a simple battle between good and evil.  Nowadays the Master is a woman and so is the Doctor.  Jodie Whittaker's Doctor occasionally tackles aliens, but the writers seem more preoccupied with injecting their own political beliefs into the storylines and this means the villains are by and large white male earthlings.  The misandry is particularly directed at fathers for some unknown reason, so strong is the hatred that race is no longer a factor here (in the last episode a black father came in for some heavy lectures too).  There was even a Brexit reference, as it was blamed for closing down U.N.I.T (an aspect of the show since 1968, but jettisoned to make a cheap political shot).

Although the occasional feminist reference was thrown in during the Capaldi years, the latest series has gone into overdrive, apparently driven by it's new showrunner Chris Chibnall.  The female actress he appointed as the lead is also a self-confessed feminist.  Showing just how much respect these people have for the history of the show, Whittaker stated in an interview that the original classic run merely celebrated the "white male gaze".  What a way to endear yourself to the loyal fanbase!

And what about those fans?  Well, if you believe what you hear in the press, the new Who is going down a storm with fans and Whittaker can do no wrong.  However, if you go onto YouTube and look at some of the fan videos you may get a different story.  Review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes also paint a different picture.  Just look at the disparity between what the 'critics' say about Doctor Who and then what the audience thinks.

So while 38 establishment critics gave the latest series 94% on average, more than 5,000 viewers gave it just 23%.  Some have alleged that 'bots' are to blame for the low audience score, but on closer inspection most of the negative reviews are actually the most detailed and the accusation falls flat.  When one looks at the New Year's Day episode the disparity between critics and viewers is even greater...

So biased are the media in representing this new politicised Who that their reviews for this episode currently stand at an astonishing 100%!  Contrast this with the paltry 16% score of ordinary viewers who watched the show at home, clearly flabbergasted by yet another political lecture taking the place of their favourite sci-fi.

The audience figures are also at odds with the media portrayal of 'triumphant all-conquering' feminist Who.  The first episode of the latest series drew in almost 11 million viewers, but the numbers crashed by a whopping two million the following week!  The figures steadily declined through the whole series, with just a negligible increase for the finale.  The special New Year's episode was watched by little more than 5 million.  So while Chibnall and Whittaker are glowing in their perceived glory, the reality is somewhat different.  Talk about sci-fi, it's almost as if they're on another planet.

The BBC just can't help itself.  It has become an extension of the university campus, populated increasingly by individuals who have a political axe to grind and can't help bestowing the rest of us peasants with their 'superior' ideals.  From panel shows to news broadcasts to beloved science-fiction - white-bashing, male-baiting, anti-Brexit, genderfluid PC indoctrination is the way forward for the beeb.

Boycott the licence!