Tuesday 22 January 2019


When last week's no confidence vote in the government was announced it was clear from Jezza's reaction he wasn't impressed.  What did he expect?  Surely he did the maths beforehand?  It appeared to be a case of someone having built their hopes up against highly unlikely odds.  And then came the sulk - he's not talking to Theresa.  How pathetic?  The nation collectively shook their heads, as did many of his own MPs.  Some even spoke out in open rebellion, while others accepted the Prime Minister's invitation to talks.  It was a disastrous move by crybaby Corbyn.

He justified his sulk by adding a pre-condition in refusing to talk.  This was pounced on immediately by Labour's opponents, but the criticism was also voiced by one of his own MPs Mike Gapes.

Within days of Corbyn's childish antics up stepped another infantile prick from the same party.  Daft Dave Lammy, not exactly the most respected MP as it stood, embarked on a similar pathetic game plan to his party leader.  Except this time Corbyn was the target of the tantrum!

With the March 29th clock ticking down Dave declared over the weekend that the party would split... unless it backed the so-called 'People's Vote'.  Lol.  He immediately drew criticism from fellow MPs.  It was a disastrous move!  No lessons learnt.  Dave compounded his sulk by appearing alongside remoaners from other parties today and announcing that he and his (one) supporter (MP Bridget Phillipson) would work with the Lib Dems and other anti-Brexit parties as they had 'no choice'.

Dave's rattle is out of the pram, but then it was never returned to the pram since the morning of 24th June 2016!