Thursday 24 January 2019


by Richey Edwards

The recent harassment of Anna Soubry and Owen Jones outside Parliament gave the left-wing, liberal and pro-Remain press an open goal.  A handful of idiots, whose only 'crime' was to call some famous people names in the street, allowed people like Jones to whip out a huge brush and tar everybody.  The 'far right' was to blame for all political violence and general unpleasantness in the UK.  'It's not coming from the left' announced little Owen, in one of his typically one-eyed statements.

Were the people who called him names from the 'far right'?  It's a moot point, they were just tools with which to beat the wider pro-Brexit movement.  What we do know is that some of the most public abuse of the last two years has definitely not been coming from the right.  The use of the term 'gammon' to describe older white gentlemen is popular among left-wing Remainers, primarily because this demographic is perceived as having largely voted Leave.  Speak out loud any derogatory word used to describe black or Asian people and the same lefties would cry 'racist'.  It's a shocking double standard, but Owen Jones himself tried to legitimise its use.  Meanwhile, others on the left revelled in the deaths of elderly British voters and placards seen at demos urged 'old white people' to hurry up and die.  No, Owen, not racist at all.  Best not mention all the anti-Semitism either eh son?

Owen likes to 'change the conversation' when he's losing an argument.

Unfortunately, the largely left-leaning mass media laps up his notions about a huge and looming 'far right' menace.  Out come the references to Jo Cox and the Finsbury Park van attack.  These references were evident again today in nearly all the newspapers, but this time the story was a little more insidious.

Earlier this week it became clear that there was a serious split in the Labour Party over support for the so-called 'People's Vote'.  Melanie Onn was one frontbencher who announced publicly that she opposed a second referendum and may even resign if forced to support it.  Yesterday she tweeted a message she had received that referred to her as a 'TRAITOR' who deserved to be 'gunned down'.  While Onn does not speculate as to the political persuasion of the sender, its timing and use of the word 'traitor' in block capitals, points to another bitter and twisted Labour Remainer.

However, today's papers have been unilateral in linking it to the 'far right'.  One would expect this from the likes of the Mirror and the Guardian, but even the Daily Mail and the Express plumped for this curious angle.  Their case rests solely on the use of the word 'traitor' - because the murderer of Jo Cox used that word.  Yes, seriously.

Why would a pro-Brexit keyboard warrior lash out at an MP who has just denounced the 'People's Vote'?  We are all being taken for fools.  Anyone who has followed the Momentum hatemongers on Twitter over the last few years will know that the word 'traitor' is commonly used to describe anyone who dares to speak ill of the Great Leader.  While Onn did not speak out against Corbyn, she is flying in the face of the majority of Labour members who have as their slogan "Love Corbyn, Hate Brexit".  And they really, really hate Brexit.