Tuesday 15 January 2019


MPs fought for the meaningful vote.  Thankfully they got it, otherwise we could now be staring at an awful Brexit.  But make no mistake, few of them (if any) fought for it so they could rubber stamp a deal and respect the referendum.  No, they saw it as just another opportunity to subvert the will of the people and block Brexit.  They may yet succeed, but time is running out and if the government survives tomorrow's vote the ball is very much in the court of May.

What is clear from various polls and the general mood of the nation is that fear of 'no deal' is falling away fast.  The scare stories are not having the desired effect, apart from terrifying the brainless morons in the Remain camp who will swallow anything.  We know now from what we were told before the referendum that Project Fear Mk II is the boy who cried wolf.  We're not buying it.

So let's have it.  Sign the petition and let's get the ball rolling towards a clean no deal Brexit...