Tuesday 8 January 2019


The pathetic motion tabled by Labour's Yvette Cooper today has won the Commons vote by 303 votes to 296.  The motion has been widely hailed as an attempt to stop a 'no deal' Brexit.  The motion is nothing of the sort.

By Cooper's own admission her motion cannot stop the UK leaving in March without a deal.  The departure date is set in law.  So what is it all about?  Put simply, the saboteurs and traitors want to make our departure as chaotic as possible.  Why?  Because they have spent the last two years saying that 'no deal', or 'crashing out' as they and their beeb chums like to put it, will be disastrous for our country.  So they have to make it as troublesome as possible, otherwise they will have been proven to be the liars, traitors and charlatans that they are.  Again.

We've already been here - we were told the most outlandish lies by the Remain establishment ahead of the referendum.  If we voted Leave the UK would break up, the world would slip into World War III and there would have to be an emergency budget.  Now we are being told medicine will run out, food will run out, planes will be grounded.  Except this is now a boy-cried-wolf scenario - no-one is buying it and the MPs crying wolf are now desperate to do all they can to run this country into the ground, just to maintain their ego.

It's treachery of the highest order, but these MPs have no shame.  Yvette Cooper's constituency voted Leave by one of the biggest margins in the UK - 70%.  Let that sink in.

BBC and Remainers - one and the same