Monday 7 January 2019


The new First Minister of Wales has suggested his Labour government could potentially campaign for a Remain vote in the event of a second EU referendum.  Of course what Mark Drakeford is really saying is that his government would campaign for a Remain vote.  As with his predecessor - the odious Carwyn Jones - Drakeford is wilfully ignoring a very important fact.  The Welsh people not only voted to Leave the EU, they voted by a bigger margin than the UK as a whole.

This was Drakeford's first press conference as First Minister and he made it perfectly clear he would continue to betray the Welsh people.

"I'm happy for the sake of the argument to assume for a moment that on such a ballot paper there would be a choice of remaining in the European Union.  The advice of the Welsh Government in the first referendum was that Wales' future was best secured through continued membership of the European Union.  I don't think we would have changed our minds about that advice.  So if we were in a position of saying to people in Wales what we as a government thought the right answer would be if staying in the European Union was on the ballot paper in a referendum, I would anticipate, and anticipate pretty strongly, that our advice would not have changed".

Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales

Drakeford is one of Corbyn's most loyal followers, but while Jezza has recently reverted back to his long held Euroscepticism, others around him are not about to follow suit.  Many Labour advocates of the so-called 'People's Vote' care more about shackling our nation to the EU than they do about what Brexit policy the Great Leader is currently engaged in.  Mark Drakeford is one of them, regardless of what the proletariat think!