Monday 28 January 2019


The BBC often finds it difficult to conceal its left-leaning bias, but sometimes it doesn't even try.  Today it published an astonishing report from Belgrade, Serbia, in which the reporter praised some of the most depressing 'architecture' ever to grace the planet ie. the dreary concrete blocks of communist Europe.  The report features such lines as "the brutalist school of architecture is making New Belgrade a mecca for connoisseurs of raw concrete".  Connoisseuers of raw concrete?  Oh come on! 

Belgrade, Serbia. Oh, lovely concrete!

There is absolutely nothing aesthetically pleasing about these monstrosities.  Rows and endless rows of apartment blocks that look exactly the same - the epitome of communism if ever there was one.  Funnily enough, the beeb fails to include any panoramic images of the blocks in its report, just words of praise.

Communism is not cool kids.  It's grey and miserable.