Friday, 30 September 2022


Unless you've been living in a cave you will be aware that energy bills are set to skyrocket again tomorrow.  There are some simple things you can do to make the best of a bad situation.

Taking a meter reading is the most obvious task to carry out this evening (as close to midnight as possible).  Before you do that please make the most of your gas and electric while it is at the cheaper rate.  Take a shower, get all your washing done, do a batch cook if possible and put the hot water on.

This winter is going to be grim.  For those who can't see that, please note that there are already several businesses you know that have either closed or are in the process of closing down - permanently.  This is being replicated across the country.

Remember that for something to be 'built back better' it first has to be destroyed.  You are the carbon they want to reduce.  Disappoint them, always.


The left adore so-called 'fact-checkers'.  Why?  Because 'fact-checkers' overwhelmingly target those on the right and anyone who dares question a narrative that is essentially left-wing in nature.

Therefore, it came as somewhat of a surprise to find Labour's Rachel Reeves on the receiving end of a 'fact check' earlier this week.  Reeves was pulled up on her claim that the UK government had failed to reduce the deficit since 2010.  The article can be found here.

Full Fact is the 'fact-checking' agency used by Facebook and since 2019 has received much of its funding from Facebook and Meta.  It has also been used to debunk claims about Covid vaccines, continuing to defend the blatantly false narrative that they are 'safe and effective'.  Full Fact has also lobbied YouTube to increase censorship of groups and individuals it deems to be spreading 'disinformation'.  Full Fact has also called on the UK government to widen the remit of the Online Safety Bill, which is already a deeply disturbing and dystopian piece of legislation in its current format.

The main aim of establishment fact-checkers is to defend the global Marxist agenda.  Many (if not all) fact-checkers are funded or at least partly-funded by globalist NGOs - Full Fact is no exception.

It is paramount that every one of us continues to question the establishment narrative, regardless of what globalist attack dogs may say - or not say - about facts.

Thursday, 29 September 2022


Owen Jones has been ridiculed on Twitter after sharing a video in which he speaks to Labour MP Jess Phillips at the party conference.  Having shared the video himself, the wee lad appears to be quite proud of his 'gotcha' interview.  Unfortunately for Owen, the general consensus is that it is actually loudmouth Jess who gets the upper hand and shows him up for the buffoon that he is.  The full video can be seen below, including the cringeworthy moment that Little Owen laughs like a little girl when Phillips says that even Chuka Umunna is left-wing.

Watch to the end for Phillips' brutal departing dig...

Jess is not the sharpest political tool in the box.  The fact that she can go toe-to-toe with this left-wing legend (in his own mind) speaks volumes for the depths of Owen's intellect.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022


Labour backbencher Rupa Huq stole the thunder from her leader's big conference speech thanks to a leaked recording of her referring to the Chancellor as 'superficially black'.  Her comments came at a fringe gathering at Labour's party conference on Monday.  The party's chairwoman Anneliese Dodds was reportedly sat next to Huq as she made the remarks, which were leaked by the Guido Fawkes blog.

Huq also said of Kwasi Kwarteng: "If you hear him on the Today programme, you wouldn’t know he’s black".  This is an ironic statement coming from a woman born to Bengali migrants, but who speaks with a plum English accent herself.

The recording can be heard below.

Starmer moved quickly to quell the scandal, withdrawing the party whip from Huq pending an investigation.  He also flat out called her comments 'racist' and urged her to apologise, which she duly obliged.

The incident led to the intriguing situation of Dave Lammy being questioned by a Sky News reporter and in response reluctant to talk about racism - possibly for the first time in history (see video clip, below).

Staunch Remainer Huq has been the MP for Ealing Central and Acton since 2015 and is the sister of another virulent Remainer - ex-Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq.  The latter's anti-Brexit rant of 2019, when she bizarrely likened the Leave mandate to beheading, was a sight to behold.

Rupa has form when it comes to race.  In 2016 she defended her comrade Naz Shah after the Bradford MP was suspended for alleged anti-Semitism.  She was later herself the subject of complaints of anti-Semitism from two former staff members and she resigned from the Labour-affiliate Labour Friends of Israel.  Last year she also wrote an article for the Guardian, in which she referred to the levers of power as 'hideously white'.

Although seen as a Labour moderate, Huq's comments about the Chancellor bear closer resemblance to the language of the far left.  Such views about black and other minority ethnic conservatives are perhaps most famously typified by Joe Biden's assertion that if black people don't vote for him they are 'not black'.  The left think they own the black vote, and black people by proxy.  There's some irony there, too.

Monday, 26 September 2022


This week Neil critiques the bullying tactics of the establishment, led by its attack dogs in the mainstream media.  Whether you raise questions about mass immigration and grooming gangs (you're a racist), climate change (you're a denier), Covid vaccines (you're an anti-vaxxer) or Ukraine (you're a Putin supporter) - there is always a label in place to whip up the masses, ridicule dissent and maintain the narrative.

Neil explores the dangerous realities behind the fairytale myths of 'multi-culturalism'.  He talks Sweden, its migrant ghettos and mass bombings.  But again, those who question the insane migration policies of Europe and the US are shouted down as 'racists' by a woke establishment who will never experience first-hand the results of the demographic disaster they have imposed on the rest of us.

Neil experiences an autocue meltdown early on in this latest monologue, proving that he is only human.  Click below to watch his full ten minute piece to camera.

Friday, 23 September 2022


Four by-elections this week and mixed results for the Conservatives.  There was another stunning victory over Labour (following last week's surprise result in Bolton).  This time it was Coventry where the Tory candidate swept to an impressive gain amid a crowded ballot paper.

However, the Tories failed to defend a seat in Wealden, East Sussex.  The Green candidate surged to an easy gain, helped only slightly by third placed Labour not fielding a candidate.

It was an easy hold for Labour in Stoke-on-Trent where they bizarrely appeared to take advantage of two absentees - UKIP and For Britain.

In north Wales it was a foregone conclusion with Plaid holding in Welsh-speaking territory.

Sherbourne, Coventry City Council

Con: 1,409 (53.3%) +14.3%
Lab: 895 (29.7%) -10.2%
Grn: 139 (5.3%) -4.0%
TUSC: 125 (4.7%) +0.4%
LDem: 94 (3.6%) -1.3%
Ind: 92 (3.5%) +0.7%

Con GAIN from Lab

Llanuwchllyn, Gwynedd Council

Plaid: 368 (95.8%) -4.2%
LDem: 16 (4.2%) New

Plaid HOLD (previously elected unopposed)

Bentilee & Ubberley, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Lab: 469 (62.5%) +29.8%
Ind: 143 (19.1%) -3.0%
Con: 138 (18.4%) +9.5%


Maresfield, Wealden District Council

Grn: 651 (61.2%) +30.3%
Con: 412 (38.8%) -23.3%

Grn GAIN from Con


Poor Zarah Sultana.  The Coventry South MP was on her way to a leftist meeting in Leeds from London when she ran into trouble on the tracks.  She publicly apologised for her forced absence from the meeting after her train was stranded for several hours.  Zarah went on to explain how the incident served as 'another reminder that we need to bring rail into public ownership'.  She accompanied her tweet with a selfie...

Unfortunately for Zarah, things were about to get more than a little embarrassing.

Step forward 'Cameron' from the LNER rail network, whose train on which Zarah was stuck.  He apologised for the delay, which was due to damaged overhead cables near Stevenage.  Then came the gotcha moment: "On your other point, LNER is owned by the DfT after the franchise was handed back in 2018."

The DfT is the Department for Transport.  So, in actual fact the train upon which Zarah was making her case for nationalisation was actually owned by the government!

Cameron's tweets in response to Sultana drew an impressive response of almost 9,000 likes, almost half the total that she had received on her initial tweet (which is still live, despite the embarrassing faux pas).  The story even made the newspapers, including the Daily ExpressIndependent, Daily Telegraph and her local rag the Coventry Telegraph.

Thursday, 22 September 2022


Labour's Rosie Cooper has stood down as the MP for West Lancashire with immediate effect, triggering a by-election for later this year.  Cooper has accepted a role as chair of the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.  Other MPs may have tried to continue their ride on the Westminster gravy train in conjunction with an additional job, particularly given that Starmer's proposed ban on second jobs is non-existent and openly flouted by his frontbenchers.  Cooper is clearly a more honourable member.

Already 72 years of age, Cooper had recently been re-selected for the next election, albeit she was far from approaching any sort of record for the oldest barnacle on the benches.  Many MPs have served well into their 80s (and even 90s).

Like our current Prime Minister, Cooper started out as a Liberal.  She represented her hometown of Liverpool as a liberal councillor from the age of 22 and became lord mayor in 1992.  She unsuccessfully fought two general elections and a parliamentary by-election in the 1980s.  In 1992 she fought another general election, now as a Liberal Democrat.  All the seats she contested were in her native Merseyside.

She made the switch to Labour in 1999 and continued to serve on Liverpool City Council until her defeat the following year.  She was selected to contest West Lancashire at the 2005 general election, a seat she has held ever since.  Her majorities have fluctuated between a low of 4,343 (2010) and 11,689 (2017).  Her majority is currently 8,336.

A fairly innocuous backbencher, Cooper never served on the front benches of any of her five party leaders.  She was among 22 Labour MPs who opposed gay marriage in 2013 and backed Remain in 2016, although she consistently vowed to uphold the outcome and repeatedly voted against her Brexit-blocking comrades in the 2019 impasse.  She backed David Miliband for the party leadership in 2010 and Lisa Nandy in 2020.  She did not publicly endorse a candidate in the 2015 and 2016 leadership elections.

No date has been set yet for the by-election to succeed Cooper.  The seat has been held by Labour since 1992, before which it was a Conservative held seat.

West Lancashire general election 2019 result

Rosie Cooper (Lab) 27,458 (52.1%) -6.8%
Jack Gilmore (Con) 19,122 (36.3%) -1.1%
Simon Thomson (LDem) 2,560 (4.9%) +2.9%
Marc Stanton (Brexit) 2,275 (4.3%) New
John Puddifer (Grn) 1,248 (2.4%) +1.1%


The disgraced member for Leicester East has been embarrassing herself yet again.  Claudia Webbe's response to ongoing disturbances in Leicester have led to ridicule as she holds up the city as a harmonious shining example of multiculturalism - at a time in which it is tearing itself apart.

In the last few days Claudia has been busying herself on Twitter, repeating the laughable adage 'diversity is strength'.  She even suggested that 'right-wing fascism' was partly to blame for the violence, although some supporters have suggested that she was referring to Hindu nationalists.  But, as comedian Leo Kearse pointed out: "I'm pretty sure Claudia wasn't referring to that, because she's really thick".  That's not in any doubt.  Webbe later tweeted several screenshots that includes Kearse's response, labelling them examples of 'everyday racism, misogyny and abuse'.

In a letter to the acting chief constable of Leicestershire Police, Claudia also quoted constituents who blamed 'underlying Islamophobia' for the clashes.  One things is for sure, neither Webbe or her former comrades in the Labour Party will ever blame decades of mass immigration for importing the ethno-religious tribal politics of the Indian subcontinent for what is happening in UK cities such as Leicester and Birmingham.

Claudia Webbe was expelled from Labour in November 2021 following her harassment conviction, although she remains a member of the Socialist Campaign Group.

Sunday, 18 September 2022


Jeremy Corbyn joined BLM protesters as they hit the streets of London for a second consecutive weekend, ostensibly in relation to the fatal shooting of a black man in Streatham by armed police.  Far left agitators are hoping to whip up crowds to the point of violence.  We know from 2011 and 2020 what the direction of travel is with these demonstrations.

For now they are peaceful, but the motivation is clear for all to see.  Corbyn addressed the crowd, as his comrade Bell Ribeiro-Addy had done a week earlier, while standing alongside a girl wearing a 'defund the police' t-shirt.  Of course, by 'defund' they mean abolish.  If there were no police there would be anarchy on the streets, paving the way for their Marxist revolution.

Corbyn tweeted a picture of himself with raised fist and the hashtag #JusticeForChrisKaba.  The truth is that the left don't really give a shit about Chris Kaba, he is just the next George Floyd to exploit for their own political ends.  If they truly cared about black people dying violently they would be marching every week to oppose black-on-black violence.

Did the protesters spare a thought for the two police officers stabbed in London the night before their latest demo?  Don't blue lives matter?

Further reading


Neil sets the scene for his latest monologue in 1965 as the body of Winston Churchill lies in state.  He draws a parallel with the exceptionally long queues of people currently waiting to pay their respects to Her Majesty the Queen.  "Over and over again the silent majority - whoever they are, wherever they are - seem to defy expectations, much to the annoyance and frustration of those who wish they would simply disappear," he muses.

The silent majority, the loss of the Queen and British identity are the main focus of his talk.  Click below for the full piece.

Friday, 16 September 2022


Three council by-elections this week and a welcome respite for the Conservatives from a long line of defeats.  They had lost every seat the party was defending in the last six weeks.  Things changed dramatically this week with a hold in Mid Sussex and a stunning victory over Labour in Bolton.  In the latter contest the Labour vote plummeted while the Tories surged.

In the other by-election Labour gained a seat from a local independent group in Mansfield.  The only absentees this week were UKIP who did not field a candidate in Bolton this time.

Rumworth, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Con: 1,610 (55.0%) +44.1%
Lab: 1,102 (37.6%) -35.2%
Grn: 156 (5.3%) -2.6%
LDem: 36 (1.2%) -0.8%
RefUK: 23 (0.8%) New

Con GAIN from Lab

Oak Tree, Mansfield District Council

Lab: 141 (47.0%) +13.6%
Ind: 91 (30.3%) -19.8%
Con: 45 (15.0%) +3.5%
Frdm: 15 (5.0%) New
TUSC: 8 (2.7%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind

Bolney, Mid Sussex District Council

Con: 301 (50.6%) +1.2%
LDem: 163 (27.4%) +8.3%
Lab: 66 (11.1%) +4.6%
Loon: 30 (5.0%) New
Grn: 28 (4.7%) -8.8%
Ind: 7 (1.2%) New



Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrats
RefUK = Reform UK
Frdm = Freedom
TUSC = Trade Union and Socialist Coalition
Loon = Monster Raving Loony
Ind = Independents


The BLM placards are out again on the streets of London.  Hundreds of protesters marched on Scotland Yard following the fatal shooting of a black rapper by police in Streatham.  This protest was peaceful, but that's how it started two years ago - before descending into running battles with police and widespread vandalism of British historical monuments.  The Marxists who sponsor these protests do not have peace in their hearts.  Some of the protesters concealed their faces and others wore paramilitary style clothing, including what appeared to be stab-proof vests.

Two members of Labour's Socialist Campaign Group were also in attendance on Saturday - Diane Abbott and Bell Ribeiro-Addy.  A third, Zarah Sultana, later tweeted that she had attended a vigil in honour of the dead man.  Ribeiro-Addy addressed the crowd during the protest and has been particularly vocal following the incident.  On Wednesday she wrote an article for the Independent.

It is a rare thing for someone to be shot by armed police in this country.  A black civilian is far more likely to be shot by another black civilian, but the left rarely concern themselves with such an epidemic of crime.  It does not present them with an opportunity to pedal division and provoke a fiery reaction.

It is eleven years since the riots which followed another police shooting in London, that of Mark Duggan.  That situation escalated very quickly and would lead to five deaths, hundreds of injuries and widespread destruction of property.  More protests are planned in relation to the Chris Kaba death and who knows where they will lead.  The left want a British George Floyd, but as always the truth is not as straightforward as they paint it.

The Audi which Kaba was driving on the night in question reportedly did not belong to him.  However, the vehicle had been linked to a recent shooting and that is why it was pursued.  Mr Kaba failed to stop and eventually the police had to ram the vehicle.  A witness later told the Evening Standard that even after the vehicle was brought to a halt and boxed in by police cars, the driver refused to co-operate: "He was trying to ram his way out and could have easily killed a policeman.  He was using his car as a weapon."  The witness says armed police ordered the occupant to exit the vehicle 'at least a dozen times' before a single gun shot was discharged into the windscreen.

Mr Kaba was struck and later died of his injuries.  He was unarmed.

The truth will out eventually, but patience is thin on the ground and the left are ratcheting up tensions.  The 2011 riots occurred at the height of summer, but with cold nights drawing in hopefully time is running out for a repeat.

Sunday, 11 September 2022


In a much shorter monologue than usual (five and a half minutes), Neil discusses the passing of Her Majesty the Queen.  She was a 'constant in a landscape ever changing' he says, and how the world has changed since 1952.  He puts the longevity of her reign into perspective by pointing out that her first Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, was born in 1874 when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

The monologue is interspersed with scenes from Her Majesty's reign.  Click below for the full piece...

Friday, 9 September 2022


Five council seats up for grabs this week and another terrible outing for the Tories.  There was no Truss bounce as the Conservatives lost all four of the seats they were defending.

On West Sussex County Council the Tories lost to an independent who came from nowhere to take the seat, arguably aided by the absence of the Lib Dems and Greens.  In Arun (also West Sussex) the Green Party was victorious, undoubtedly aided by the absence of the Lib Dems.  The Tories also lost to the Greens in Lancaster, although there were no 'progressive alliance' absenteeism here - they were crushed despite the addition of a Lib Dem candidate.

The Tories also lost a seat to Labour in Cannock Chase (Staffordshire), finishing an embarrassing third - no 'progressive alliance' absentees here either.

The other contest was in Hartlepool where Labour won a seat vacated by an independent.  There were three absentees from this contest - Veterans and People's Party, Reform UK and For Britain.

Barnham, Arun District Council

Grn: 786 (50.9%) +19.0%
Con: 641 (41.5%) +11.5%
Lab: 116 (7.5%) -8.0%

Grn GAIN from Con

Hednesford North, Cannock Chase District Council

Lab: 290 (38.1%) +4.8%
Ind: 228 (30.0%) +2.6%
Con: 208 (27.3%) -12.0%
Ind: 35 (4.6%) New

Lab GAIN from Con

Foggy Furze, Hartlepool Borough Council

Lab: 443 (43.9%) +24.1%
Con: 391 (38.8%) +9.0%
Ind: 126 (12.5%) -17.7%
LDem: 49 (4.9%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind

Warton, Lancaster City Council

Grn: 452 (65.7%) +32.8%
Con: 169 (24.6%) -22.7%
Lab: 44 (6.4%) -13.5%
LDem: 23 (3.3%) New

Grn GAIN from Con

Felpham, West Sussex County Council

Ind: 803 (43.4%) New
Con: 733 (39.6%) -12.8%
Lab: 217 (11.7%) +3.5%
Ind: 99 (5.3%) -14.8%

Ind GAIN from Con

Thursday, 8 September 2022


Keir Starmer has doubled down on his second jobs hypocrisy by attending a book launch by one of his own frontbenchers.  Nick Thomas-Symonds had spent the last fortnight promoting his 544 page biography of Harold Wilson, for which Starmer had already provided a quote for the cover.  On Wednesday night the Labour leader joined Thomas-Symonds for the official launch of his book (the book itself had already been on sale for a week).

Thomas-Symonds was also joined by Sky News presenter Wilfred Frost (son of David).  Frost appeared to throw his impartiality out of the window by praising the book and its author in a tweet"A great launch for a fabulous book, which I highly recommend. Congrats Nick!" he wrote.

Keir Starmer has repeatedly called for the banning of second jobs for MPs, with 'limited exceptions for public service'.  A good example of such an exception would be NHS doctor Rosena Allin-Khan, who is also a Labour frontbencher.  However, is a biographer or author really a 'public service' role Sir Keir?

Two other Labour frontbenchers - Anneliese Dodds and Catherine West - didn't take exception to Nick's second job as the latter proudly tweeted her attendance along with a photo posing with the author.

Keir Starmer at the book launch, while the author (left) and Wilfred Frost
(right) look on
Labour frontbencher Catherine West poses with the author while her colleague
Anneliese Dodds can be seen in the background (red dress)

Rampant hypocrisy in action.

Wednesday, 7 September 2022


The Commons returned to action this week and the new Prime Minister went head to head with Keir Starmer for her first PMQs.  Prepare for lots of back-patting followed immediately by plenty of sniping.

Watch below.

Monday, 5 September 2022


August was dominated by the never-ending Tory leadership contest, with just those two politicians being the only MPs who were not on holiday.  The government was AWOL as Brits reeled from the news that energy bills would surge by 80 per cent on October 1.  In other toon action were the warmongering Democrats on a mission to poke the Chinese dragon and the Federal Stasi Bureau of Investigation raiding Mar-a-Lago - while the Clintons, Epstein's clients and Hunter 'crack-pipe' Biden remained unhindered.  

Also featured: the inflation-raising Inflation Reduction Act, bugs for tea, Afghan women, Satanic Verses, the climate scam, a drone strike, the leader of no opposition, the last leader of the USSR, inflation, inflation and more inflation...

Watch below or on YouTube.

Sunday, 4 September 2022


Naz Shah's visit to flood-hit Pakistan is a reminder of where Labour's priorities lie.  During a cost of lockdown crisis that will hit low-paid British workers hard in the pocket, a Labour frontbencher jets off halfway around the world to plead for help on behalf of Pakistani flood victims.  It's a terrible tragedy no doubt, but does it warrant a personal aid flight?  Voluntary or otherwise, does aid work not also register as a second job?  Presumably Keir Starmer would have been only too happy to sanction such a trip and if anyone had dared ask he would have exempted it by way of Labour's 'limited exceptions in cases of public service'.  We were not aware such public service extended around the world.

The floods in Pakistan occurred at the height of the monsoon season in south Asia, but just like the heatwaves in Europe that occurred at the height of summer - the culprit was immediately identified by the establishment as 'climate change'.  That record isn't going to change any time soon.  Whatever the weather event - mild winter, cold winter, dry spring, wet spring - the blame will always be the same.  It's a scam that Labour is only too happy to indulge.  Naz Shah's Labour colleagues were quick to perpetuate tales of a 'climate crisis' and 'climate catastrophe' in Pakistan, including Preet Kaur Gill, Yasmin Qureshi and Anas Sarwar.

During her Pakistan trip Naz made several videos on behalf of the Islamic Relief charity, which is based in the UK.  She also wrote an article for the Metro newspaper about her visit and told Sky News that the £1.5million sent by the UK government was just 'one per cent of what the United Nations had asked for'.  She also bemoaned rising inflation in Pakistan and implored viewers to donate.  It was clearly a plea from the heart.

Shah describes herself as a 'proud Yorkshire lass' in her Twitter profile, but when other Yorkshire lasses were being groomed and raped by Pakistani gangs she openly mocked them on Twitter by retweeting an account that had written: "Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths.  For the good of diversity."  To alleviate any notion of ambiguity she also clicked the 'like' button on said tweet.

Ironically, Shah has since been appointed the 'shadow minister for crime reduction'.  One wonders if the remit includes gang rape.  Prior to that role she was the 'shadow minister for community cohesion' and before that the 'shadow minister for women and equalities'.  You might laugh, if it wasn't so insulting.

During Naz Shah's seven year parliamentary career she has repeatedly acted in the interests of her ethnic and religious kin.  She is an outspoken critic of Israel and had the party whip briefly withdrawn in 2016 when she was found to have posted a meme suggesting Israel be relocated to the United States.  She is particularly fond of one of her Commons speeches in which she defended the Prophet Muhammad, comparing criticism of him to the physical damage of statues that was seen during the BLM riots.  This speech has been pinned to the top of her Twitter feed for more than a year.

Since returning from Pakistan, Naz has given a keynote speech at the Islamic Financial News Forum 2022 in London.  There, she announced that the 'Islamic finance sector' is set to grow beyond $4trillion by 2030.  Asides from the question as to why there is a parallel faith-based finance system in the West, why is such plentiful wealth not called upon to help victims of, say, a flood in Pakistan?  The United Nations demanded £138million for Pakistan, but this is a drop in the ocean for a finance sector worth trillions.

These are the actions of a fifth column.  Parallel institutions, parallel rules, parallel finance - taking everything from a host nation while providing very little of positive note in return.

Furthermore, this fifth column has effectively captured the Labour party.  How else are the grooming gangs allowed to operate so freely in Labour-led towns and cities?  Why did Labour's current leader turn a blind eye when he was in such a lofty position as the director of public prosecutions?  And let's not forget who the victims are in these crimes - the very offspring of the workers that Labour once strove to represent.

The party of Keir Hardie is dead.


Neil's latest verbal assault on the global elite kicks off with a call to 'stand up for humanity', referencing the push for depopulation espoused by unelected tyrants such as Bill Gates.  Millions of children are growing up around the world terrified of the future because of 'relentless anti-human propaganda dressed up as green politics' that make them feel guilty just for existing.  Here here, Mr Oliver.

This is a brutal twelve and a half minute take down of the net zero nightmare that will, inevitably, lead to a dramatic reduction in living standards - not to mention civil unrest.  And it's coming sooner than many may think...

Friday, 2 September 2022


Two by-elections this week, both in the Worcestershire town of Redditch.  Both contests were Conservative defences, one each for the local council and county council.  This has been solid blue territory in recent years, but in keeping with recent results and opinion polling the Tories lost both seats to Labour.  There were no absences on either ballot, so this cannot simply be chalked up to the so-called 'progressive alliance'.

Headless Cross & Oakenshaw, Redditch Borough Council

Lab: 767 (41.9%) +17.7%
Con: 686 (37.5%) -25.4%
LDem: 274 (15.0%) +9.3%
Grn: 102 (5.6%) -1.6%

Lab GAIN from Con

Arrow Valley West, Worcestershire County Council

Lab: 1,342 (53.7%) +16.4%
Con: 893 (35.7%) -14.3%
Grn: 146 (5.8%) -1.2%
LDem: 120 (4.8%) -0.9%

Lab GAIN from Con

Thursday, 1 September 2022


Labour frontbencher Nick Thomas-Symonds is the latest MP to draw howls of hypocrisy over secondary income.  Despite Labour's policy on banning second jobs - with 'limited exemptions for public service' - Thomas-Symonds has proudly unveiled a biography he's written about Harold Wilson.  

Not only has Thomas-Symonds since embarked on a busy media tour to promote his book, his party leader heaped further mockery on his own second jobs policy by providing a quote for the front cover of the book!  Thomas-Symonds even thanked Starmer for the quote in a tweet.  However, the quote is strangely absent from published versions of the book and only appears on the promo copies unveiled by the author in the above photograph.

Nick has used various radio appearances to promote the book including Radio 4Times Radio, Talk Radio Europe and he'll also be pushing it at the Gloucester History Festival in September.  He has already received more than £4,000 as an advance from his literary agent.

Thomas-Symonds was elected for the Torfaen constituency in 2015 and has held various front bench roles in both the Corbyn and Starmer shadow cabinets.  He was appointed to his most senior position when Starmer was elected Labour leader in 2020, holding down the role of shadow home secretary for 18 months before being demoted to shadow international trade secretary.

The Wilson biography is the third he's written, albeit the first published during his time as an MP.  His previous biographies were also about Labour politicians (Clement Attlee and Aneurin Bevan).

Sunday, 28 August 2022


Neil begins his latest monologue with a swipe at Rishi Sunak's claims that he was opposed to the lockdowns all along: "What absolute twaddle".  Now that the truth about disastrous Covid policies is beginning to leak out, those who were ridiculed and labelled 'Covidiots' and 'anti-vaxxers' are about to be vindicated.

The next crisis to befall our nations - spiralling inflation - comes not as a result of Russian tanks entering Ukraine, but from years of climate policies that any sane person could see would end in the reduced living standards we see today.  Of course all that money printed during the lockdowns didn't help much, either.

Click below for the full 11 and a half minute monologue.

Friday, 26 August 2022


One does not expect the Lib Dems to make gains in rural North Yorkshire, but that's what happened in Thursday's only council by-election.  Beverley Rural has returned three Tory councillors ever since the ward was drawn up in the 1990s.  Not any more.  Even the death of the incumbent failed to draw a sympathy vote as the Lib Dems stormed to victory with a large majority - boosted by the absence of a Green candidate, although they would have won regardless.

Beverley Rural, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

LDem: 1,948 (59.4%) +36.0%
Con: 1,116 (34.1%) -10.5%
Lab: 213 (6.5%) -5.2%

LDem GAIN from Con

Monday, 22 August 2022


"The dam is fractured all over and the truth is leaking out".  This week our libertarian hero tackles the calamitous effects of the lockdowns, some of which is finally becoming newsworthy.

Click below for Neil's latest monologue.

Saturday, 20 August 2022


On Saturday afternoon we were suspended from Twitter following a tweet by Richey that shared a YouTube video featuring retired healthcare professional Dr John Campbell.

Dr Campbell has run a YouTube channel since 2007, but came to prominence during the 'pandemic'.  His scientific and non-partisan analysis of raw data has drawn both praise and a huge following of 2.4 million.  Over time his analysis has led him to conclusions that are not exactly vax-friendly.  Such views are becoming more widespread as the scale of the deception unfolds, but you won't be hearing it from the media shills of big pharma.  At a time when there are more than a thousand unexplained excess deaths each week in England and Wales alone, their silence speaks volumes.

In this intro video for his channel, Dr Campbell outlines his qualifications and teaching history.  He's not the liveliest of presenters - you've been warned...

In one of his latest videos, Dr Campbell analyses a Thai study of cardiovascular side effects in adolescent vaccine recipients.  It was the sharing of this video that got us suspended from Twitter on Saturday.

The sample size in the Thai study was relatively small at 301, but almost a third of the group suffered some form of cardiovascular side effect after a second dose of the Pfizer jab.  Dr Campbell spends around 14 minutes poring over the data, before discussing his own feelings about it.  He expresses frustration that no similar studies exist here in the West and also criticises the blanket approach to vaccination in the UK and elsewhere: "The whole point is that we treat people holistically and individually, not as populations".

The full video can be seen below.

The offending tweet is still visible on Twitter, albeit the 'fact-checkers' have attached a 'misleading' label on it and prevented users from commenting on it (see screenshot below).

The message relayed to us by Twitter was as follows.  Note the final line, where it reads: "If you think we've made a mistake, you can appeal this violation."  There is a blue 'start' button below this statement, but when clicked it merely led back to our Twitter feed.  There was no 'appeal'.

This is tech tyranny at its finest.  Like their mass media counterparts, Twitter does not tolerate anything critical of Covid vaccines - including awkward scientific facts.  Anything that does not follow the 'safe and effective' narrative is classified as 'misleading' and/or 'disinformation'.  We are truly living in Orwellian times.

Friday, 19 August 2022


Just two council seats were up for grabs this week - a Lib Dem defence in Cambridgeshire and a Conservative defence in Lancashire.  The Lib Dems easily held in Cambridge, increasing their majority in the Trumpington ward.  However, the Conservatives were shocked in Wyre, where an independent candidate came from nowhere to take the blue seat.  Labour also saw their share of the vote slump here.

Trumpington, Cambridge City Council

LDem: 1,017 (49.8%) +11.8%
Lab: 472 (23.1%) -4.5%
Grn: 298 (14.6%) -3.1%
Con: 256 (12.5%) -4.2%


Preesall, Wyre Council

Ind: 595 (39.5%) New
Con: 495 (32.8%) -29.9%
Lab: 315 (20.9%) -16.4%
Ind: 102 (6.8%) New

Ind GAIN from Con

Tuesday, 16 August 2022


Neil returns to action in his latest monologue and begins by exploring the falsehood that the state is 'essentially benevolent and well-meaning', a concept that he adhered to himself for most of his life.  "I was as gullible as the next chump" he says, in words that could easily be attributed to us here at BTLP two years ago.  There follows some of his finest analogies, too many to list here.

Speaking about the net zero agenda, Neil says it's time people 'treated themselves' to the 'understanding that the powers that be fully intend that we should have less heat and less fuel'.  "If the way of life they preach at us was worth living wouldn't they be living it already?" he asks, pointing out that celebs and politicians promoting net zero are happy to jet-set around the world in their private jets and live the highest quality of life possible.

"The stink of corruption is everywhere... open your eyes and see".

Click below for Mr Oliver's full ten minute and 44 second demolition of the globalist agenda...

Monday, 15 August 2022


75 years ago the end of the British Raj triggered the independence of both India and Pakistan.  While some Labour politicians were largely silent about the former, many of them wallowed in the celebration of the latter.  Sadiq Khan tweeted or retweeted about Pakistan no less than ten times on Sunday.  No great surprise there really, but it was Starmer's tweet that was seen as a slap in the face for a generation of British girls.  "Britain's a far richer country for the contribution of the British Pakistani community" he crowed.  Thousands of victims of Pakistani grooming gangs up and down the country may beg to differ about their 'contribution'...

Needless to say, Starmer's tweet was not well received.  "How exactly has Britain grown richer from the Pakistani diaspora to the UK?" asked Mark Cropper, "I see people who remain separate, who reject British culture and adhere to the depraved morals of the Third World."  Alan Quinn wrote: "Rape gangs, hordes of thugs, honour killings in their own families, female genital mutilation, animal cruelty, Sharia law, disrespect for British laws, forcing cinemas to close, no women's rights?"

The Labour leader did not mention the independence of India on his Twitter timeline.

Starmer may be prepared to stand in front of a Union flag these days, but make no mistake - he and his party are no friends of Britain.

Saturday, 13 August 2022


Three council contests this week - two Conservative defences and one Labour defence.  The Tories held in Spelthorne (Surrey) and Wychavon (Worcestershire).  In the latter the Tory incumbent was previously elected unopposed.  UKIP and Labour were absent in Spelthorne this time, but the Conservatives still managed to increase their vote share.

Meanwhile, Labour lost to an independent in Bridgend.

Bridgend Central, Bridgend County Borough Council

Ind: 716 (46.8%) +2.1%
Lab: 590 (38.6%) -4.3%
Con: 150 (9.8%) -2.7%
Grn: 40 (2.6%) New
LDem: 34 (2.2%) New

Ind GAIN from Lab

Laleham & Shepperton Green, Spelthorne Borough Council

Con: 810 (55.5%) +3.8%
LDem: 578 (39.6%) +16.0%
TUSC: 71 (4.9%) New


Dodderhill, Wychavon District Council

Con: 199 (46.8%)
Grn: 176 (41.4%)
LDem: 32 (11.8%)



Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrat
TUSC = Trade Union and Socialist Coalition
Ind = Independents

Thursday, 11 August 2022


Olympic swimmer Tom Daley has been roundly mocked for his bizarre assertion that the root cause of homophobia in Commonwealth countries is British colonialism.  Historians were quick to point out the absurdity of his theory, including those from Commonwealth backgrounds.  Dr Zareer Masani wrote: "I can assure [Daley] that male homosexuality in India carried penalties under both Hindu and Sharia Islamic law long before the British Raj."  Another, Professor Robert Tombs wrote: "The BBC, through Daley, has yet to visit Saudi Arabia or Iran - neither of which were colonised - to complain that homophobia there is 'a legacy of Islam'."

Therein lies the problem.  Daley is just a symptom of the wider left narrative that dictates only white people, usually white men, are to blame for everything bad in the world today.  At one point during the documentary Tom reacts to the separate issue of slavery: "It honestly makes me feel sick to be British."  Such a statement is a typical response from someone who has bought into woke ideology, which routinely seeks to undermine Western civilisation with the ultimate aim of destroying it and replacing it with communism.

Of course he may just be dumb enough to be totally unaware of Britain's role in abolishing slavery and his BBC handlers were certainly not going to fill him in on it.

From critical race theory to the toppling of statues, we are witnessing an all-out assault on Britain, her history and those of us who are ethnically British.  While schools and universities indoctrinate our youngsters into a lifetime of shame and serfdom, the BBC and Hollywood pumps the same propaganda into their heads outside the classroom.

Never be ashamed of who you are.

Monday, 8 August 2022


"It may be warm outside, but there's a chilling red wind coming" warns Emily Carver as she stands in for Neil Oliver again.  And the red sails of communism are coming down the track thanks to our very own fake conservative party.  The crazed socialist policies of lockdowns and handouts have led us directly into recession and into the arms of the baying left, who naturally argue that capitalism is to blame!  Never forget that we are where are, not just because of Johnson, but because he was so eagerly supported by his opposite number Sir Squeaky at every turn.  Starmer is as much to blame as Johnson, but the Tories will carry the can because they were at the helm of the ship.

One can argue that Starmer backed Covid measures because they smacked of the nanny state that Labour embrace.  Or, insidiously, he knew they would destroy everything and make him Prime Minister at the next election.  Either way, he is complicit.

Click below for Emily's five minute monologue.

Friday, 5 August 2022


Just one by-election to report this week, an easy hold for Labour in Luton.  There was also a by-election in the Shetlands, but this was an all-independent contest.

Dallow, Luton Borough Council

Lab: 1,486 (53.6%) -12.9%,
LDem: 1,076 (38.8%) New
Con: 154 (5.6%) -7.6%
Ind: 58 (2.1%) -18.3%


Wednesday, 3 August 2022


As you might expect, much of last month's edition is taken up by Johnson's demise and the various campaigns to succeed him.  However, there is much more to get through - including the 'woke intermission', Starmer's union troubles, the Dutch uprising, Hunter's latest debauched antics, the heatwave, the climate scam, the 'liberal world order', Sleepy Joe's repeat Covid, jabs for babies and more!

Click below or watch on YouTube.

Tuesday, 2 August 2022


Neil Oliver was away last week, so conservative commentator Emily Carver stepped in to fill his GB News slot.  Her monologue was much shorter than what we're used to, but it didn't lack in impact.  Carver painted a dark picture of what might happen this winter when bills rise sharply again.  Thus far, there are few signs that the apathy of the British is at any risk at all, despite millions feeling the pinch already.  Emily lends her view on the solutions proposed by three potential leaders - Truss, Sunak and Starmer.

The key to fending off widespread poverty is undoubtedly linked to a break with the crazed net zero targets of the globalists and the left, a bandwagon that current PM Carrie Johnson happily nudged her husband onto.  "We have the resources under our feet, why aren't we digging them out?" asks Carver.  Indeed.

For Emily's full five minute piece to camera, click below.

Friday, 29 July 2022


Just the two council by-elections this week - a Conservative and Labour defence apiece.  Both held.

A Green absence in Colchester bizarrely increased the Tory lead, with Labour falling further behind and the the Lib Dems failing to gain.

In North East Derbyshire the absence of an independent candidate aided everybody apart from the Lib Dems.  This week's results suggest the 'progressive alliance' could be in a spot of bother...

Lexden & Braiswick, Colchester Borough Council

Con: 1,372 (63.7%) +11.8%
LDem: 621 (28.8%) +6.6%
Lab: 161 (7.5%) -7.4%


Pilsley & Morton, North East Derbyshire District Council

Lab: 806 (65.9%) +34.6%
Con: 361 (29.5%) +14.4%
Grn: 34 (2.8%) New
LDem: 22 (1.8%) -8.9


Wednesday, 27 July 2022


Sam Tarry (far right) on the RMT picket line on Wednesday

Keir Starmer has sacked a member of his frontbench after he appeared on the RMT picket line on Wednesday morning.  Ilford South MP Sam Tarry was a shadow transport minister until this afternoon when the Labour leader swung into action.  To further complicate the strained relationship between Keir and his deputy Angela Rayner, Tarry just happens to be the lover of the latter.  Both are married, but their relationship has been common knowledge since January.

Tarry was unrepentant following news of his dismissal and he earlier told Channel 4 that he was perfectly OK with it because he 'was on the right side of history'.  His lover has been publicly silent about his firing, so we can only speculate as to what's now going on behind closed doors at their London nest.  What we do know is that Sam's comrades in the Socialist Campaign Group have swung behind him with their support...

Starmer knows he should be capitalising on the current chaos in government, but his picket line in the sand is inviting division in his own political backyard.  A difficult summer lies ahead for Sir Squeaky.


Labour backbencher Stella Creasy has captured the limelight once again with a stomach-churning tweet.  On Monday evening she posted a series of pictures to her Twitter account appearing to show her toddler being exposed to a 'drag queen'.  This was during a 'drag queen story hour' that took place in her Walthamstow constituency.  Such practices are inspired by similar events that have taken place in the US over the last few years.  Fellow Labour MP Nadia Whittome responded: "This is so wholesome".

So there we have it - exposing young children to such depravity is considered by the left to be 'wholesome'.

Of course this should come as no great surprise to anyone who follows the West's descent into debauchery.  On Friday the Stonewall organisation tweeted an article by the Metro in which an anonymous correspondent writes about her four-year-old daughter - who apparently insists that she's a boy.  The author eventually explains that she is a 'trans man' and complains that the nursery school to which she sends her child does not respect her daughter's self-identity and that trans ideology should be taught in 'every school'.  It's surely no coincidence that the daughter of a 'trans man' also insists that she is a male.

This is what we call grooming.

Stonewall not only agreed with this anonymous individual, but they referred to 'research' that suggested two-year-olds can 'recognise their trans identity'.  Hmm.  At two years of age toddlers are still learning to speak and learn not to shit in their pants, but here is a taxpayer-funded organisation claiming that they can embrace gender-bending ideology.

Why does Stonewall want to teach toddlers about trans ideology?

This is what's called grooming.

According to a freedom of information request obtained by the Taxpayers' Alliance last year, Stonewall is funded to the tune of over one million pounds each year by 327 public bodies - including the UK Foreign Office, the governments of Scotland and Wales, the National Lottery, Comic Relief, 86 universities and 58 health service organisations.

Surely now this organisation must be defunded?  To do otherwise can only be an expression of support for its twisted aims.

Perhaps Liz Truss can be pushed about her department's funding of Stonewall at forthcoming leadership hustings?  As for Stella Creasy, Whittome, Starmer and co, we know where their bread is buttered, but how will their Muslim constituents feel about this direction of travel?

If there is anything remotely positive about Creasy's tweet, it is the absence of other children in the photos.  Would it be too much to hope that she was alone in dragging her toddler to this event?  The event was advertised by the William Morris Gallery as a 'family event' with free admittance.  They have not published any further details about it since it took place.  Please note that the Twitter account tagged by Stella Creasy in her tweet is not the Twitter account of the William Morris Gallery, but an independent black artist based in Pittsburgh.  This is an error on her part, the real William Morris account can be found here.