Monday, 24 January 2022


Tabloid photos printed over the weekend suggest Angela Rayner has been doing the dirty with married MP colleague Sam Tarry.  Rayner was pictured leaving her London home alongside the former Momentum activist and now MP for Ilford South.  Labour's deputy leader looked like a ten bob prostitute from the waste down, but her hair was immaculate - as per usual.  Tarry opted for a Peaky Blinders look (see below).

Angela Rayner and Sam Tarry outside her London flat

According to The Sun, Tarry is separated from his wife and two children.  With a humorous headline of 'SCUM BACK TO MINE', the newspaper suggests that the affair has been going on for some time and accuses Rayner of hypocrisy after she previously lashed out at Matt Hancock over his extra-marital shenanigans.

Tarry is one of the few hard left MPs to sit on Starmer's front bench, in a shadow ministerial role for buses and local transport.  He was one of Corbyn's far left intake of 2019, having been selected for a safe London seat.  With Rayner's ongoing feud with Starmer and her apparent ambitions for his job, it will be interesting to see if she shifts further to the left under Tarry's influence.  Could we one day see Corbyn light running the Labour shit show?

Sunday, 23 January 2022


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Friday, 21 January 2022


Five council seats were up for grabs this week in four by-elections.  All seats were held (three Labour, one Tory) except for a free-for-all in North Yorkshire.  That seat went to the Conservatives in a narrow eight vote win after the incumbent Yorkshire Party failed to put anyone up to defend the seat.

In Charnwood, Leicestershire there were two seats on offer after the death of one Labour councillor and the resignation of another.  It was an easy hold for Labour over the second placed Conservative who  intriguingly only fielded one candidate.  UKIP and the British Democratic Party did not field candidates this time.

Labour held in East Lothian, while the Tories held in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire.  Labour and the Skegness Urban District Society did not field candidates in the latter.

Loughborough Shelthorpe, Charnwood Borough Council

(two seats)

Lab: 709
Lab: 654
Con: 311
Ind: 149
LDem: 136
Grn: 108
LDem: 104
Grn: 81

Lab HOLD (both seats)

Chapel St Leonards, East Lindsey District Council

Con: 436 (62.0%) -5.4%
Ind: 267 (38.0%) +33.1%


Preston, Seton & Gosford, East Lothian Council

(first preference votes)

Lab: 1,793 (38.5%) -4.2%
SNP: 1,217 (26.2%) -1.4%
Con: 1,154 (24.8%) +0.7%
Grn: 231 (5.0%) +1.9%
LDem: 136 (2.9%) +0.5%
Ind: 122 (2.6%) New

Lab HOLD (elected at stage 5)

Byram & Brotherton, Selby District Council

Con: 215 (48.1%) +13.4%
Lab: 207 (46.3%) +26.2%
Grn: 25 (5.6%) New

Con GAIN from Yorks


Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Grn = Green
SNP = Scottish National Party
Yorks = Yorkshire Party
Ind = Independents

Thursday, 20 January 2022


It will come as no surprise to anyone that Sadiq Khan wasted no time in rebuking the end of Plan B measures by announcing that face masks would remain a 'condition of carriage' on London transport.  Khan has retained a mask 'requirement' on public transport throughout the pandemic, but it is clear that Londoners are increasingly tiring of his diktat and are ditching the muzzle in ever greater numbers.

Like all his Labour comrades, Khan continues to muzzle up only when it suits him.

Mask mandates for the masses will also continue in socialist Scotland and Wales.  Sturgeon and Drakeford have never lifted their mask diktats and there is currently no indication as to when or if they ever will.

Remember, you can exempt yourself from wearing a face mask.  You are not required by law to carry an exemption card.  Mass non-compliance is the only way out of this nonsense.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One of the 2019 intake of Tory MPs defected to Labour on Wednesday immediately prior to PMQs.  Christian Wakeford (pictured above) took up a seat on the opposition benches as Keir Starmer smugly welcomed his new MP.  Wakeford submitted a letter of no confidence in the PM last week.  He wrote directly to the PM on Wednesday highlighting his supposed reasons for the defection (see below).

There are a number of issues to unpick with Wakeford's resignation, not least the timing of it.  The 37-year-old has been an elected councillor for the Conservatives since 2013, on both Lancashire County Council and Pendle Borough Council.  After his election in 2019, he continued to claim allowances for both roles, on top of his £81,932 salary as an MP.  There certainly appears to be a history of greed with this largely unknown entity and we might therefore suggest that, as opposed to 'putting his constituents first', Mr Wakeford is actually putting himself and his position on the gravy train first.

Wakeford has a tiny majority of just 402 in Bury South, having overturned a 5,965 majority in 2019.  The incumbent MP had resigned from Labour a year earlier and stood as an independent, but had tried unsuccessfully to withdraw his candidacy at the last minute and called on voters to back the Tory candidate.  He still managed to receive 1,366 votes, which was potentially crucial in delivering victory to Wakeford.  All this, combined with the Tory poll slump, has clearly been weighing on Wakeford's mind.  If Johnson clings on as PM, most red wall seats will almost certainly be returned to Labour at the next election.  So why resign now, when the PM's downfall is imminent?

It probably wasn't an easy call to make for Wakeford, but if not now, then when?  A new Prime Minister with a fresh slate would not offer a viable motive to resign.  Now is probably the only moment he could have done so with a seemingly principled reason.

With any luck, Johnson's replacement will provide the conservative agenda that the electorate voted for and consign Wakeford and his new colours to the dustbin at the next election.  Wakeford, like Johnson, was clearly never a true conservative anyway.  If he were, then he would have stayed on and rallied around a conservative successor.  Instead, he swapped Johnson's blue socialists for Starmer's red socialists, two groups currently indisdinguishble with their shared vision of high taxation, high migration, climate hysteria and nanny state authoritarianism.  Someone who makes that switch on the eve of a potential new beginning for his party does not do so in the 'best interests of his constituents'.

Bury South 2019 general election

Christian Wakeford (Con) 22,034 (43.8%) +2.2%
Lucy Burke (Lab) 21,632 (43.0%) -10.3%
Richard Kilpatrick (LDem) 2,315 (4.6%) +2.5%
Andrea Livesey (Brexit) 1,672 (3.3%) New
Ivan Lewis (Ind) 1,366 (2.7%) New
Glyn Heath (Grn) 848 (1.7%) New
Michael Boyle (Ind) 277 (0.6%) New
Gemma Evans (Women) 130 (0.3%) New


Watch here from noon, in what could potentially be Boris Johnson's final PMQs.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022


Establishment journalist Matthew Stadlen has been humiliated on Twitter yet again after he posted a poll in support of the BBC.  Hoping to skew the poll in his favour, he typed the 'no' option in capital letters and preceded the poll with several tweets attacking the government's TV licence freeze.  Just a reminder that your TV licence money (if you pay it) goes towards paying the likes of Gary Lineker over a million pounds each year!  The BBC and its 'stars' can afford a pay freeze or, better still, a pay cut.

After twelve hours and 36,830 votes, it was clear Stadlen's poll did not quite pan out the way he envisaged...

Stadlen bemoaned the result of his poll, accusing the Yes voters of being 'vandals' belonging to a 'cult'.  The only surprise was he failed to demand they vote again...

Stadlen has worked for various media outlets, including the BBC, and is the son of former High Court judge Sir Nicholas Stadlen.  He is a vocal critic of GB News and was famously humiliated by the broadcaster's then head of news John McAndrew (see exchange below) who pointed out that Stadlen had applied for a presenting job 'on several occasions'.

Matt's not the sharpest tool in the box, but he wants to convey the establishment narrative by any means possible.


A 360,000 name petition was handed in to Downing Street on Monday against vaccine passports and vaccine mandates.  The Together declaration was delivered to Number Ten by a delegation that included Tory backbencher Steve Baker (see above picture).  Also present were the Together chair Alan Miller (centre), alongside campaigners Adam Brooks, Tonia Buxton and Richard Taylor - all of whom have been seen on GB News recently, whereas the mainstream media have predictably ignored the story altogether.

The Together delegation were later joined by DUP MP Sammy Wilson, Reclaim's Laurence Fox and Dr Steve James, the NHS consultant who confronted Sajid Javid over the mandate that will see people like him lose their jobs.  While many Tory voters believe that the government will repeal the NHS mandate prior to April 1, the NHS confirmed yesterday that it will begin sacking tens of thousands of workers in just two weeks time.  So much for a pandemic that is threatening to 'overwhelm' the NHS!

Alan Miller spoke to supporters briefly outside Downing Street (see video below) and bemoaned the lack of support from trade unions such as Unite and Unison, who have drawn a collective deaf 'un despite the rampant discrimination that is threatening the livelihoods of thousands of NHS staff.  Also disgracefully ignoring the plight of NHS workers is Starmer and his MPs, most of whom voted for the mandate.

While the BBC, Sky News and the rest of the Covid narrative media ignored the declaration, Dan Wootton and Tonia Buxton covered the story on GB News.  Click below for the clip.

You can follow the Together campaign on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Monday, 17 January 2022


It's fair to say that the Reclaim Party have got off to a slow start.  They've spent thousands on election deposits and lost every penny.  How long it will be before Laurence Fox bores of his new career is anyone's guess, but one thing is for sure - he will not fail to entertain along the way.  Here is a man who does not take himself seriously, which is perhaps a view shared by the electorate - albeit such an attribute did not stop the current Prime Minister from reaching the very top.

In his latest video Fox counts down his top ten 'Covid hypocrites' ie. the establishment figures and organisations that have contradicted their own medicine.  It's not all frivolity from Fox here, there is a very serious message about the hapless restrictions.  Click below for the full four minute and 45 second masterclass...

Fox and his deputy Martin Daubney (ex-Brexit Party MEP) are worth a follow on Twitter.  In an age of mass psychosis and tyranny it is essential that we rally around voices who speak up for freedom - whether that be Tory backbenchers, irreverent former actors or libertarian GB News presenters.  We are in this together and together we are always stronger.

To recap, here's Fox's list of Covid hypocrites in full.

10. Nicola Sturgeon
9.  Mark Drakeford
8.  Sadiq Khan
7.  Zarah Sultana
6.  Journalists
5.  Gary Lineker
4.  Keir Starmer
3.  Matt Hancock
2.  Dancing Tik Tok 'Heroes'
1.  Boris Johnson

Sunday, 16 January 2022


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