Saturday 5 November 2022


Diane Abbott has attracted some flak in recent days over two tweets in which she appeared to excuse the rape of a boy at a hotel housing migrants in north London.  The first tweet went out on Thursday afternoon and was directed at Suella Braverman (see below).

After a backlash against the initial tweet, Diane doubled down with a follow-up three hours later - confirming that she did indeed seek to excuse child rape.

Abbott has since deleted the second tweet, but the first one remains live at the time of writing.  We should do well to remember that if Labour had won the 2019 election then Abbott would have been the home secretary.  Shudder the thought, although it's hard to imagine how it can get any worse than it is now.

This is not the first time that Labour MPs have sought to excuse rapists.  Jess Phillips famously trivialised the mass rape and sexual assaults in Cologne in 2015 as something women might experience on 'a night out in Birmingham'.  There was also Naz Shah's disgraceful retweet suggesting victims of grooming gangs should 'shut their mouths for the good of diversity'.  Shah also lashed out at her party colleague Sarah Champion when the MP quite rightly pointed out that the gangs were overwhelmingly of Pakistani descent.

Labour have a track record excusing rapists of colour, even child rapists.  A rapist is a rapist and there should be no favour for them regardless of whether they have dark or white skin.

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