Thursday 10 November 2022


Wes Streeting was forced to apologise to his former party leader on Wednesday after he suggested that Corbyn had 'gone senile'.  Corbyn had tried to raise a point of order following PMQs, during which Rishi Sunak had again used Starmer's past association with Corbyn against him.  The Speaker wasn't having any of it and Streeting could be heard remarking 'he's gone senile'.

The clip can be seen below.  Streeting's remark can be heard 14 seconds in, after the Speaker asks: "What's he saying?"

Streeting was subsequently ripped to shreds on social media by Corbynistas who feigned outrage on behalf of the elderly and mentally incapacitated.  Many pointed out that Streeting should know better, being the shadow health secretary, some called for him to be sacked.  Corbyn himself tweeted the following, without referring to Streeting...

Streeting later replied to Owen Jones on Twitter that the remark was 'in jest', adding: "I've dropped Jeremy a note directly to apologise for any offence caused".  Jones had called Streeting's remark 'gross'.

The far left are truly devoid of humour.

Streeting has form when it comes to inappropriate remarks.  Earlier this year he issued an apology after a series of abusive tweets were uncovered, dating back to 2009.  Numerous tweets were exposed, including idle threats to push Daily Mail journalists 'under trains' and smash others 'around the head with a baseball bat'.  This was prior to his political career, when he was president of the National Union of Students.

Meanwhile, Corbyn's beef in the Commons was not with Labour centrists, but the Prime Minister.  Rishi Sunak has regularly chided Starmer for his place in Corbyn's shadow cabinet, something discussed by Corbyn in a previous point of order last week.  Corbyn said he was living 'rent-free' in Sunak's head and the PM should correct the record.

Last month it was revealed that the despicable Mary Creagh is eyeing a return to Parliament by way of taking Corbyn's Islington North seat.  The arch Remainer lost her Wakefield seat following her repeated attempts to block Brexit, in spite of her majority Leave-voting constituents.  Creagh was previously a councillor in Islington, but whoever faces Corbyn will face an uphill battle to unseat him.  Even as an independent he would be tough to dislodge, having represented the seat since 1983 and with a majority of more than 26,000.  It would be a dreadful shame if Starmer was robbed of an election majority by one seat...

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