Saturday 5 November 2022


Retired footballer Gary Neville has been increasingly vocal in his support for Labour and criticism of the Tories as the year has progressed.  He even appeared on stage with Starmer at last month's party conference.  Such is Neville's sudden rise to prominence that some have suggested he could be angling for a parliamentary seat.  He is reported to have only joined the party in January, but he previously endorsed Labour for the 2019 general election.  The fact that he has supported both Corbyn and Starmer suggests that he is either an opportunist or doesn't quite understand politics as well as he does an attacking winger looking to cross into the box.

Neville's football career was exceptional, winning trophies galore with Manchester United and earning 85 England caps.  Unfortunately, he has mistakenly assumed that sporting success and football punditry can transcend him to political commentary.  While being noisy on social media is one thing - where critical voices get lost in the crowd - Gary's appearance as guest host of Have I Got News For You backfired spectacularly and for all to see.

Neville's Labour membership didn't prevent him getting the slot, but his leftist panellists didn't do him any such favours.  With a controversial World Cup tournament taking place in Qatar, Neville was taken to task on his forthcoming media appearances in the Arab state.  Paul Merton began the onslaught as Neville squirmed, but it was Ian Hislop who let rip.

Watch the clip below.

Would Gary Lineker have been subjected to such ridicule?  Possibly, but he'd have handled it a lot better than this novice.  Embarrassing.  Hopefully Sir Squeaky wasn't watching.

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