Thursday 3 November 2022


October was a crazy month, mostly thanks to the shenanigans at the top of the Conservatives.  There were also plenty of comical antics courtesy of Joe Biden, with other less slapstick contributions coming from Ukraine, Russia, China and Iran.  The 'died suddenly' pandemic is also explored in this month's compilation.

Watch below or on YouTube (before it's banned).

At 27 minutes this was our longest edition yet, but there were plenty of cartoons that didn't make the cut.  The best of the rest can be seen below.

04.10.22 - Michael Ramirez, Counterpoint
05.10.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
11.10.22 - Patrick Blower, Daily Telegraph
13.10.22 - Ted Rall, Counterpoint
16.10.22 - Morten Morland, Sunday Times (celebrating 200 years)
17.10.22 - Christian Adams, Evening Standard (PM Hunt)
24.10.22 - George Alexopoulos, Twitter
25.10.22 - Steve Bright, The Sun
27.10.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
30.10.22 - Nick Newman, Sunday Times

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