Sunday 20 November 2022


The betrayal of Britain by our leaders is the theme for this week's monologue, in a similar vein to last week's excellent piece.  The net zero scam climate scam is first up in Neil's line of attack, followed by the disastrous Covid mandates which combined with the former are clearly aimed at reducing the world's population.  Thousands of Brits continue to drop dead inexplicably, week in and week out - while the mass media says nothing and politicians to push the clot shots.

Crypto scams, Ukraine money laundering, Bill Gates' land grab and the invasion on our southern shores are all touched upon by Mr Oliver.  Globalist plots affect us all and the destruction of the British nation and her people is summed up in this sentence: "The powers that be are intent on breaking the morale and spirit of the British, transforming us into a compliant, dependent, unquestioning herd - ready to accept whatever indignity is foisted upon us next".

What follows is a demolition of the dastardly CCP-adoring Jeremy Hunt.  What will it take for our countrymen and women to wake up to the unspeakable and very deliberate evils being committed upon them?

Click below for the full nine and a half minutes.

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