Sunday 27 November 2022


This week Neil directly addresses the concerns of people who have personally taken the time to write to him, expressing their fear for what the future holds.  It's not they who ought to be afraid, says our libertarian hero, but rather the very establishment who are instigating such fear in the first place.  As it has always been the case, the people are many and the politicians are few: "We the people, the sovereign people of this country, don't just hold the power - we are the power".

Neil imagines the possibilities if we acted as one to disarm the system, but sadly it is but a pipe dream.  Too many are distracted by sport and TV, Australian 'jungle' capers and the World Cup, while others are only too happy to allow the state to dictate their lives as they scorn free thinkers on the right.

The middle section of this monologue is like a checklist of concerns for Brits who voted Conservative in 2019, but who got nothing conservative in return.  Uncontrolled immigration, rampant crime, grooming gangs, waiting lists - the writing is on the wall for a hapless Tory party whose backbenchers are beginning to stand down well in advance of the next general election.

The final third of Neil's monologue uses the examples of two British historical figures to ram home his point of collective power.  It almost sounds like a socialist call to action and indeed the first of his historical examples is the 1920s Labour activist Mary Barbour, but those were the days when Labour were the working class - rather than the middle class university educated globalist career politicians of today.  And we must never forget that the globalist in chief Klaus Schwab is the one with a bust of Vladimir Lenin in his office.

Neil's closing remarks include the legend: "If we continue to comply, we build our own prison around ourselves".  It's imperative that people on the right understand what this means, because sadly there are still people who swallow the establishment narrative all too easily.

Click below for the full eleven minutes and ten seconds.

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