Monday 14 November 2022


"Does Britain exist?" is Neil Oliver's opening line in his latest GB News monologue.  He proceeds to elaborate on the question of our nationhood, from the lack of a southern border to the redistribution of taxpayers' money around the world.  He discusses the net zero climate scam and Rishi Sunak's recent commitment to triple funding up to the tune of £11.6 billion to countries around the world 'affected by climate change'.  Then there are the billions more being sent to Ukraine, a far-off conflict that serves no direct British interest.  Meanwhile, our own people are told to pay yet more taxes, while they struggle to heat their homes and go hungry this winter.

Neil's anger is palpable: "Our leaders look us in the eye and steal from us."  This begs a further question, as to why the British people are not similarly outraged by the theft of their hard earned money.  Neil argues that those of our fellow citizens who are angry and awake to the many scams perpetrated on them, deserve our loyalty much more than leaders who clearly despise every one of us.

This is an outstanding monologue, click below for the full 11 and a half minutes.

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