Sunday 31 May 2020


President Trump quite rightly moved to designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation on Sunday.  The far left thugs have been very busy whipping up the race riots across the United States, something that British-based leftists are desperately keen to emulate.  Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis a very misleading tweet began to circulate in the UK.  It regarded an incident that happened in Greater Manchester on May 6.

A black motorist was pulled over for speeding and was also found to be driving without insurance and gave a positive breath test, all offences that he later admitted in court.  The altercation that led to his tasering was filmed and shared on social media.  Leftists immediately pounced on the incident and later staged a demonstration at the scene.  Their 'outrage' was based on the fact the offender was black, the police were white and that everything happened in front of his small child.  The fact that he had been speeding under the influence of alcohol with his young child as a passenger was irrelevant to them.

A few weeks later the incident was used to attack Dominic Cummings in numerous similarly worded or identical tweets, alleging that the man was tasered for taking a 'non-essential' journey.  Of course the list of other offences was conveniently omitted.  Note the Labour rose in both these tweets.

After violence erupted in US cities, the British left have now moved on to a more insidious agenda.  They are desperate to replicate the mayhem here, but the Floyd case alone just isn't enough to incite young black British males to violence.  Hence they are whipping up anger over the same tasering incident, now claiming that the man was tasered for filling up his car...

Shameful and deceitful.  President Trump was right to act on his domestic terrorism problem, let's hope that our communities stand strong against the same divisive and hateful tactics of the left here.


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Saturday 30 May 2020


The Labour MP for Canterbury has resigned from the front bench after a Mail on Sunday exposé on her alleged lockdown violations.  Rosie Duffield is said to have enjoyed a long walk with her married lover last month and he is also reported to have visited her constituency home in Kent.  The pair are now living together in Duffield's second home in London.

Duffield told the Mail on Sunday: "My partner and I have been attempting to navigate a difficult personal situation as responsibly as possible.  I apologise during that process we breached guidelines.  A relationship breakdown is difficult at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic.  I hope people can understand why I took the steps I did and know that I take responsibility for the breaches that occurred and for which I apologise".

Duffield's lover has three children and his wife is said to be 'heartbroken' at the break-up.  James Routh, 45, worked on the MP's re-election campaign last year.  Duffield took the seat in 2017 in a surprise victory said by many to have been largely influenced by the large student population in the city.  Previously the seat had been held by the Conservatives since 1918.  Defending one of the UK's tiniest majorities of just 187 votes, Duffield inexplicably increased her majority last year to 1,836.

Having resigned as a party whip she may have saved Keir Starmer some tricky questions, but Duffield remains a Labour MP.  Of course it goes without saying that these developments have been largely ignored by broadcast media.  At the time of writing there has been no mention of it at all on the BBC or Sky.  Duffield, like all the other MPs accused of lockdown violations, is a Remainer.  Only Cummings the Brexiteer faces a daily onslaught from the mainstream media.

Canterbury 2019 general election

Rosie Duffield (Lab) 29,018 (48.3%) +3.3%
Anna Firth (Con) 27,182 (45.2%) +0.5%
Claire Malcomson (LD) 3,408 (5.7%) -2.4%
Michael Gould (Ind) 505 (0.8%) New


As of 11:26 on 31/05/20 this story has been totally blanked by the BBC and there is no mention of it on their website, not even in the Kent news section.

At 12:16 the story finally appeared on the BBC News website.


The coronacrisis has exposed the mainstream media for the corrupt, dishonest and shameless beast that it is.  The relentless onslaught against Dominic Cummings and his family has shown that British journalism is in the gutter like never before.  The latest hilarious offering from Spoofed alludes to the woeful standard of mainsteam journalism...

Friday 29 May 2020


The real agenda behind the Cummings witch hunt is becoming clearer by the day, but there's one prominent Remainer who appears to have been left out of the loop...

Needless to say, daft Dave was inundated with responses from his remoaner supporters pointing out the bleeding obvious.  Is he really too thick to realise that the Brexit transition ends in almost precisely six months time?  Was he actually labouring under the misapprehension that the Cumming's witch hunt is about the government's public health strategy?


Alastair Campbell was deployed on every mainstream media channel last weekend in a series of interviews attacking Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson.  Campbell had gone on the offensive as soon as the story broke and has been tweeting about it incessantly.  After attacking their 'arrogance' and 'hypocrisy' he was himself caught out displaying arrogance and hypocrisy in abundance on Wednesday.  His ego simply wouldn't allow him to think that the following selfie might lead to such accusations, but as you can see there is not a lot of social distancing going on here...

Campbell subsequently deleted the tweet and apologised.  One might have expected him to tone it down a bit after that, but no such luck.  Later in the day he declared "arrest the fuckers" as he watched Wednesday's daily briefing.  The vitriol continued to flow and then came an astonishing display on Thursday morning in which he appears to have a go at 'comedy'.  In the following video Campbell does a woeful impression of Boris Johnson before launching into his own satirical version of the national anthem.  We guarantee most of you won't be able to watch to the end, it's painful to watch.

Unfortunately for Campbell, his use of a regimental tie and medals didn't go down too well in some quarters.  Campbell was never in the military, albeit he and his PM were never shy in sending others to war.  Tory MP Johnny Mercer was one high profile veteran who objected to the video, accusing Campbell of "taking the piss out of servicemen" and a "descent into farce".  Campbell fired back at Mercer in two tweets, labelling him a 'cowboy' and making several references to Cummings.

Later on Thursday the military charity Help for Heroes publicly requested that Campbell remove his daft video, leading to his second apology in two days saying: "It was directed entirely at Mr Johnson and his government colleagues, and I am sorry if that was not clear".  He also deleted the video, but said he wouldn't be apologising to Mercer.

If Cummings isn't driven out soon, what on earth will Campbell do next?

Thursday 28 May 2020


by Richey Edwards

Brexit is under attack (again), but many people are blissfully unaware of the plot that has been unfolding this week.  While many ordinary people will have been somewhat justifiably aggrieved by the lockdown travels of Dominic Cummings, their anger is being deliberately stoked by a coalition of establishment news media, opposition parties and Remain groups.  From the protests outside Cummings' home to the 24/7 rolling coverage of anti-Cummings news coverage - it all suits a Remain agenda that aims to derail Brexit once again.

Only last month I wrote here on this very blog how Cummings is despised by Remainers as much as (if not more than) they hate Boris himself.  It's no coincidence that both men were instrumental in the Vote Leave campaign and are also primarily responsible for delivering Brexit Day in January.  That wasn't easy and it took a very risky general election in order to get there, but despite a crushing defeat for the Remainers they are not finished yet.  The transition period presents the next stage in their campaign to tie this country to the European Union forever.

Remainers are desperate to get rid of Cummings in order to weaken Boris's resolve and get the transition period extended - for up to two years, initially.  Dom's lockdown travels presented the ideal situation in which to exploit public anger and oust him.  Many of the backbench Tory MPs who have called on the PM to sack Cummings backed Remain in 2016, including the junior minister who resigned earlier this week.  Then there is the question of the two letters that appeared within 24 hours of each other this week.

On Tuesday six MPs wrote to the PM demanding that he sack Cummings on the basis of "maintaining trust and confidence in public health advice".  The very next day a letter arrived from Michel Barnier addressed to the very same six politicians - all Remainers.  The letter confirmed that the EU was open to a Brexit extension of up to two years.  Both letters can be seen below (click to enlarge).

Of course there is no reference to Brexit in their letter to Boris Johnson, but joining the dots is becoming easier by the day.  As the mainstream media intensity began to wane yesterday afternoon, Remainers upped the ante on social media.  Ian Blackford repeated his demands for Cummings' dismissal in several tweets and urged his followers to write to their MPs.  He wasn't alone.

MPs are already being bombarded by emails and letters regarding Cummings, but now there is a template being circulated online urging the public to write to their MP - specifically if they have a Tory MP.  Remainers know they cannot budge Cummings without Tory help and as we know, there are still Tory MPs willing to oblige.  One version of the letter template being circulated can be seen below.  Sophie Wilson is a Labour activist who stood in Rother Valley at the last general election.

Unlike Blackford and co, some Remain activists are not keeping the real agenda to themselves.  The following tweet was in response to a Twitter user who correctly surmised that the removal of Cummings was indeed aimed at securing a Brexit extension.

Durham Constabulary have now released a statement saying the force would be taking no further action against Mr Cummings in relation to his lockdown travels.  One of the journalists responsible for breaking the Cummings story subsequently announced that the statement confirms he 'did' break lockdown rules.  However, the statement clearly says that "there might have been a minor breach of the regulations".  That's not merely twisting words, that's an outright lie from the Mirror's Pippa Crerar.  Needless to say, her newspaper backed Remain in 2016.

The degree of hypocrisy at work in the mainstream media this week hasn't gone unnoticed.  How is it that Cummings - an unelected advisor - has attracted rolling news coverage when Members of Parliament and even ministers have flouted lockdown, yet they have been overwhelmingly ignored by the media?  The opposition would argue that it is not the same for the likes of Stephen Kinnock and Tahir Ali because it is not their own rules they are breaking, but that argument falls flat when you consider the cases of Vaughan Gething and Robert Jenrick.  Gething was defended to the hilt by the First Minister of Wales for his indiscretion and Gething is a minister for health no less.  In Jenrick's case we had a Conservative Secretary of State who travelled 150 miles to his second home and from there went on to visit his parents' home.  Where was the media outcry?  Oh, that's right - as with all the other cases, Jenrick backed Remain in 2016.

Whether or not journalists ensure the Cummings story rumbles on remains to be seen, but make no mistake - if you backed Leave in 2016 and want to see your mandate bear fruit without further delay, be very careful what you wish for, especially if that wish includes seeing the back of Dominic Cummings.


The Provisional IRA tried to ambush a plain-clothed soldier as he drove through Londonderry.  The resulting gun battle left two terrorists dead, although accounts of the shootout differ.  The army said only one soldier was involved, but the IRA claimed that two carloads of SAS troops arrived during the incident and opened fire.

Both sides agree that the soldier was trailed by four IRA men in the Brandywell area of the city.  The shootout began when the car stopped at a junction and both accounts agree that the soldier inside shot and killed 24-year-old gunman George McBrearty.  The IRA say McBrearty approached the vehicle and asked the soldier to identify himself, but the soldier opened fire and killed him.  At this point two other cars containing soldiers are said to have arrived and opened fire on the remaining three IRA men.  21-year-old Charles Maguire was killed and a third wounded.  The IRA maintain to this day that all the soldiers involved - including the lone soldier - were members of the SAS.  They have never provided any evidence to back up these claims.

The army say that the lone soldier shot and killed both men and wounded a third before managing to drive away.  The soldier's car was found to have six bullet holes in it.  Following the shootout the two IRA survivors drove back to the Creggan area where they burned out the car they had used in the bungled attack.  The car had been hijacked earlier.

Mural for killed terrorist George McBrearty unveiled in 2017

During the Troubles the IRA often blamed the SAS when they suffered losses.  In his book about the SAS campaign in Northern Ireland, British journalist Mark Urban claims that the lone soldier was a member of the 14th Intelligence Company, also known as the Special Reconnaisance Unit.  This unit often operated in plain clothes as it was involved in surveillance.  Recruits received SAS training, but the unit was not attached to the SAS.

Evidence at the inquest showed that the soldier had fired 11 shots in total, but the three terrorists were struck by 14 bullets, lending some credence to the IRA version of events.  Mark Urban believes that the discrepancy was down to a mistake in the soldier's testimony and in his book quotes unnamed military and republican sources that agree only one soldier was involved in the incident.  Three years later Sergeant Paul Oram, of the 14th Intelligence Company, was killed in a gun battle with the IRA.  The Times newspaper claimed that Sgt Oram was the lone soldier involved in the shooting of McBrearty and Maguire.

The IRA man wounded in the Londonderry shootout was later sentenced to five years for possession of two Armalite rifles and attempting to hijack an MoD vehicle.  Republican commemorations for McBrearty and Maguire are still held each year in Londonderry.

Wednesday 27 May 2020


You'll be forgiven if you didn't hear a peep in your street on Tuesday night, but apparently there was a left-wing/Remain effort to get the nation to jeer Boris Johnson at 8pm.  Hoping to capitalise on the success of Thursday night's #ClapForCarers, the so-called #BooForBoris trended briefly on Twitter, but failed to inspire many beyond the social media bubble.  No big names joined in - no Corbyn, no Sarkar, no Piers Morgan, no Alastair Campbell - not even Ian Lavery took part.  Beyond the Labour heartland of London it was deathly quiet as 8pm came and went.

However, some terribly cringeworthy videos have been posted online by participants.  This was the pathetic scene in Manchester as half a dozen reprobates desperately attempt to rouse a neighbourhood that clearly isn't interested.

These two placade-waving planks decided to go on a march along an empty street.  Desperate.

The following video was our favourite.  The soy is strong in this lonesome fellow...

This latest humiliation for the left follows on from Momentum's embarrassing attempt to get a PPE chant going last month.  When will they realise that their popularity on Twitter doesn't translate into real life?


The Shadow Foreign Secretary admitted this morning that "a couple of Labour MPs got it wrong" during the lockdown.  Referring to the Stephen Kinnock incident, Lisa Nandy claimed that the MP had "acknowledged that he was wrong".  As far as we're aware he has never done any such thing, in fact when South Wales Police publicly challenged him on Twitter he defended his actions in the most conceited manner.  Nandy conveniently failed to mention the birthday aspect of Kinnock's visit.

Presumably the other MP Nandy was referring to was Tahir Ali.  That is, unless, there are more revelations to come.  Interesting to note that Labour have not signed the cross-party letter demanding that the Prime Minister sack Dominic Cummings (see below).  They're the only Remain party not to have done so.  Also interesting to note that Ian Blackford has signed, repeating his call for Cummings to go, particularly in light of his 600 mile journey to his home on Skye after lockdown commenced.


Ash Sarkar was featured in a video clip tweeted out by Novara Media on Monday in which she poured her little heart out about the perceived double standards surrounding the Cummings affair.  Speaking to comrades Michael Walker and Aaron 'Boring' Bastani, Ash tugged on the heart strings claiming that there were no lockdown exceptions for sick parents.  However, as the video below shows, this very issue was raised at the daily press briefing on March 24.

It goes without saying that driving 260 miles to seek childcare is not a great idea (for anyone), but the phoney emotive opportunism displayed by Sarkar is clearly misplaced.  Any parent would act to safeguard their child regardless of what they perceived the lockdown rules to be.  Then again, Ash is no parent.

Tuesday 26 May 2020


Hard left Labour MP Clive Lewis has promoted a Cummings conspiracy theory on his Twitter account.  In a bizarre change of direction from the crescendo of outrage, Lewis quotes a blogger who suggests that the PM's advisor may have been in Barnard Castle to strike a deal with GlaxoSmithKline.  Craig Murray points out that two days after Cummings was spotted in the town the company announced a deal with French firm Sanofi to develop a Covid vaccine.  Murray doesn't provide any evidence to back up his claim.

There are several problems with Murray's theory.  Firstly, while GSK do have a factory in Barnard Castle, it is one of 18 sites across the UK and its headquarters is actually based in Brentford - just 12 miles from the Cummings family home in north London.  Why would he drive all the way to their factory in County Durham?  Secondly, the two eyewitnesses who saw Cummings in Barnard Castle describe him walking along the River Tees with his wife and child.  The River Tees flows south of Barnard Castle, while the GSK factory is north of Barnard Castle.  Why would he take his family to discuss important government business anyway?  Finally, even if Cummings was involved in negotiating a deal to develop a vaccine, why on earth would that be such a closely guarded secret and why would he then parade himself around in public afterwards?

Following much mockery of his initial tweet, Lewis goes on to quite Isaac Asimov in a further allusion to his Matrix-style train of thought.

Clive's taken the red pill.  Well, he's taken something.


One of the rising social media stars of lockdown is the delightful Meggie Foster.  Her mime performances in which she mocks politicians and celebrities have had her followers in hysterics.  Her latest effort features none other than Sir Keir Starmer.  The Labour leader released a video over the weekend in which he declared he would have sacked Cummings if he were PM, but Meggie expertly contrasts this with an interview he gave earlier this year in which he says "you should never turn on your staff".  Watch below.

If you missed her earlier take on Diane Abbott's infamous interview with Nick Ferrari, click below.

You can follow Meggie's hilarious exploits on Twitter and on YouTube.


In the last few days the family home of Dominic Cummings has not only been targeted by a pack of press hyenas, but a number of protesters too.  One of the cheerleaders for the outrage is, of course, Piers Morgan.  Morgan has been unrelenting in his attacks on Cummings, just a few months on from his indignation at the treatment of the tragic TV presenter Caroline Flack.  In the aftermath of Flack's suicide, Morgan was an exponent of the hashtag #BeKind.  Yet in one recent tweet he suggests that Cummings was "literally prepared to kill his niece".  How times have changed?

In recent days Morgan has repeatedly clashed with Brexiteer Arron Banks on Twitter as to the motives of the industrial-scale assault on Cummings.  Banks claims that Remainers are largely behind the hate campaign out of vengeance for Cummings' involvement in Vote Leave and his role in helping implement Brexit.  While Morgan quite rightly points out that he himself supported the Leave mandate throughout 2019, despite backing Remain in 2016 - there is certainly evidence to back up Banks' claim.

On Sunday a huge screen was parked up outside Cummings' home and a video blasted out showing victims of coronavirus among other clips.  The stunt was carried out by the Remain group Led By Donkeys, famous for its anti-Brexit billboards.

Placard-waving protesters have also picketed the Cummings household and a video shared by The Independent shows Cummings being shouted out at as he walks down the street.  The newspaper claims that the people involved are neighbours of Cummings, but if you watch the video (below) you'll notice that the video is credited to a Twitter account called @LiveInUKLoveEU.  It's in the top left corner as the video begins.

Remember that this is all taking place outside a family home.  The child at the centre of Cummings' lockdown travels is inside that house and potentially witness to all this disruption.  Whatever your own views about Cummings' actions, is this a just response?  How many of these people were disgusted by what happened to Caroline Flack?  How would they feel if someone took things further and someone got hurt as a result of the mob mentality they are cheering now?

As one commentator pointed out, Cummings is so frequently met by a mob of reporters outside his home that this is the kind of attention that may have driven him to flee London in the first place.  The constant media circus outside his home (even prior to this scandal) meant that his location was easily known to left-wing extremists and Remain activists.  This morning the press even sunk as low as to show up outside the gates of the Cummings farm in Durham.

The Independent's lie that it was Cummings' own neighbours screaming at him over the weekend was lapped up by his local MP - hardcore Remainer Emily Thornberry.  The following rather distasteful tweet surely rivals her infamous white van effort of 2014.

The targeting of Cummings' family home has also been applauded by the likes of Corbynistas such as Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar, again repeating the lie that the protesters were Cummings' own neighbours.  Sarkar in particular is well known for bemoaning the abuse she gets online, so you can imagine the self-indulgent outpourings if someone - just one person, let alone a mob - actually showed up on her doorstep.  When Owen Jones was assaulted outside a pub last year he embarked on a media tour to discuss the incident.  Many on the right questioned whether it actually happened at all (turns out it did), but no-one condoned it.  Looking at how the harassment and abuse of Dominic Cummings is being cheered on, one of the key differences between left and right is being laid bare once more.

Monday 25 May 2020


Watch below for Dominic Cummings' press conference, due to begin at 16:00.


The Shadow Home Secretary was tasked with a very poignant question from Andrew Marr on Sunday.  Nick Thomas-Symonds, who also represents a Welsh constituency, was asked about the performance of the Labour government in Wales during the pandemic.  Marr brought up the Welsh government's poor record on care homes and potential probe by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  He failed to mention also that testing in Wales is the lowest across the four nations to the extent that Welsh DWP staff were recently advised to get tested in England.  The Welsh government has also botched the dispatch of letters to vulnerable citizens - sending out thousands of letters to the wrong addresses - not once, but twice.

Thomas-Symonds responded to Marr's question was disingenuous to say the least.  Labour politicians in Westminster have been unrelenting in their criticism of the UK Tory government throughout the pandemic, but faced with criticism of the Labour government in Wales, Nick says "nobody is suggesting this isn't challenging for all governments across the UK".  He then instantly reverts to point scoring against the Tories by claiming that excess deaths in Wales are lower than in England.

We live in eternal gratitude that these people are not overseeing the pandemic across the UK.


Last week's most shared featured multi-millionaire socialist Steve Coogan (pictured below with another multi-millionaire socialist).  This BTLP original was shared 4,641 times via the Facebook page.

It turns out that in addition to using the Tory government's furlough scheme to pay his gardener and housekeeper, he also laid off a further nine employees at his production company.  Prior to the last general election Coogan called Brexiteers and Tory voters "ill-informed and ignorant".  The hypocrisy is strong in this one.

Sunday 24 May 2020


We are all acutely aware of how Labour has in recent years become the party of the metropolitan elite, primarily wealthy Londoners and the middle-classes.  The sneering attitude towards the rest of the country, Leave voters and the working class has become second nature to the London-based elite of the Labour front benches.  Corbyn, Abbott, Starmer, Thornberry, McDonnell, Butler, Osamor, Lammy, Gardiner - the list of London Labour frontbenchers in recent years is phenomenal.  London is now the Labour heartland, scene of the only seat it gained on December the 12th and now under the leadership of a second consecutive London MP.

One of those co-ordinating the campaign for Keir Starmer's election was senior Labour Parliamentary staffer Tara Jane O'Reilly (pictured above with Starmer).  She has previously worked for Sadiq Khan and also Owen Smith's failed leadership campaign of 2016.  Last night she tweeted the following take on the Dominic Cumming's affair...

At the time of writing the tweet is still there for the world to see - and yes London Labour, that does include the north, that huge electoral expanse that you despise, but cannot ever win power without.


Piers Corbyn is not the only left-wing figure leading coronadeniers onto the streets in protest at the lockdown.  Earlier this week a demonstration was held in Hove and was led by a senior Labour activist.  Louise Creffield sits on the executive committee of Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour and the local newspaper reports she is a former employee of MP and shadow minister Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

On Monday Creffield addressed an assortment of coronadeniers on the seafront, many of whom voiced opposition to 5G and a potential coronavirus vaccine.  Sussex Police escorted the protesters along the promenade, but no arrests were made despite the group's refusal to adhere to social distancing.  The following clip was filmed by local journalist Sam Gruet.

Creffield is listed as the 'Women's Liaison Officer' on the website for Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour.  Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown and also her former employer, lambasted her actions: "I’m afraid what she is doing is tantamount to bonkers.  By going on protests about this, linked with 5G, it’s so bonkers that you have no credibility in political discourse in my view".

Coming from him, this is a bit rich.  Russell-Moyle is one of the daftest MPs in Parliament right now.  A member of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, he has exposed himself to ridicule on several occasions.  In December 2018 he seized the ceremonial mace during a Commons debate and got himself suspended for the rest of the sitting.  When he was re-elected in 2019, Russell-Moyle gave one of the most extraordinary victory speeches, ranting and raving like a lunatic.  After the election a series of text messages was leaked in which he referred to MPs calling for Corbyn's resignation as "c****s".  Earlier this year he assessed the trans row enveloping Labour by declaring that gender "was not binary".

Yes, the likes of Louise Creffield are a little bit bonkers, but the loony left that backed Corbyn to the hilt are in no fit shape to judge.

Saturday 23 May 2020


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