Sunday 17 May 2020


The Surrey plumber who was lauded for his forthright interpretation of Boris Johnson's lockdown message has inevitably fallen victim to the left-wing Twitter hate mob.  Ryan Price told LBC Radio's Nick Ferrari that he's been "getting a bit of grief" since his Channel 4 vox pop.  Watch the full interview below.

Many of the more condescending comments on Ryan's Twitter account have come from the middle class #FBPE Remain brigade.  Nick Ferrari's LBC colleague James O'Brien was also one of those laying into Ryan, but the plucky plumber had a few words of his own for Britain's most smug Remainer.

Here's a small selection of the comments aimed at Ryan, including the classic 'Tory plant' accusation, devoid of any proof.

Such sneering hatred of the working class not only helped to deliver Brexit, but it also handed the Tories a huge majority last December.  These keyboard warriors think they're so much more sophisticated than the rest of us, but the truth is that their conceited arrogance represents the greatest stupidity of all.