Monday 18 May 2020


Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft is trending on Twitter today as he becomes the latest target of the left-wing hate mob.  Last night he posted the following meme to his Twitter account with the caption: "Perhaps if World War 2 happened today the questions would include:-"

Thousands of whiny comments have been aimed at the Tory life peer.  Many attacked his tax exile status, with the inevitable 'gammon' insult occasionally thrown in and suggestions Ashcroft would have sought peace with Hitler.  Others, including Sky's Adam Boulton, have questioned the historical implications of Ashcroft's meme.  It's a satirical meme Adam, get a grip.

For many of the Twitter snowflakes, the above meme was just too close to the truth for comfort.  Imagine our pampered millennial generation in a warzone?  They can barely handle being told to stay at home for a few months.