Tuesday 12 May 2020


In an interview with Channel 4, plumber Ryan Price has become an unlikely spokesman for the traditional British value of common sense.  The Surrey tradesman was asked his thoughts on Boris Johnson's recently unveiled coronacrisis exit strategy and questioned what was so difficult to understand.

The opposition immediately denounced the PM's message on Sunday night and social media erupted with cynical hashtags and mocking memes.  Of course it is only natural for the left to distrust the general public as their agenda is dominated by control and diktat.  The New Labour years showed that the party is reluctant to trust the public with decision-making and the avalanche of legislation under Blair and Brown meant that the public couldn't operate previously basic actions without having their hands held (or tied) by central government.  This premise was further encouraged by EU membership and left-wing education bias, churning out a generation that couldn't think for themselves.

It's no coincidence that the left-wing governments of Scotland and Wales have ignored the UK government's libertarian approach, opting to persist with the existing lockdown.  If the economy is hit hardest in the devolved nations they can always go begging to central government (as usual).