Sunday 24 May 2020


Piers Corbyn is not the only left-wing figure leading coronadeniers onto the streets in protest at the lockdown.  Earlier this week a demonstration was held in Hove and was led by a senior Labour activist.  Louise Creffield sits on the executive committee of Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour and the local newspaper reports she is a former employee of MP and shadow minister Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

On Monday Creffield addressed an assortment of coronadeniers on the seafront, many of whom voiced opposition to 5G and a potential coronavirus vaccine.  Sussex Police escorted the protesters along the promenade, but no arrests were made despite the group's refusal to adhere to social distancing.  The following clip was filmed by local journalist Sam Gruet.

Creffield is listed as the 'Women's Liaison Officer' on the website for Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour.  Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown and also her former employer, lambasted her actions: "I’m afraid what she is doing is tantamount to bonkers.  By going on protests about this, linked with 5G, it’s so bonkers that you have no credibility in political discourse in my view".

Coming from him, this is a bit rich.  Russell-Moyle is one of the daftest MPs in Parliament right now.  A member of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, he has exposed himself to ridicule on several occasions.  In December 2018 he seized the ceremonial mace during a Commons debate and got himself suspended for the rest of the sitting.  When he was re-elected in 2019, Russell-Moyle gave one of the most extraordinary victory speeches, ranting and raving like a lunatic.  After the election a series of text messages was leaked in which he referred to MPs calling for Corbyn's resignation as "c****s".  Earlier this year he assessed the trans row enveloping Labour by declaring that gender "was not binary".

Yes, the likes of Louise Creffield are a little bit bonkers, but the loony left that backed Corbyn to the hilt are in no fit shape to judge.