Wednesday 27 May 2020


You'll be forgiven if you didn't hear a peep in your street on Tuesday night, but apparently there was a left-wing/Remain effort to get the nation to jeer Boris Johnson at 8pm.  Hoping to capitalise on the success of Thursday night's #ClapForCarers, the so-called #BooForBoris trended briefly on Twitter, but failed to inspire many beyond the social media bubble.  No big names joined in - no Corbyn, no Sarkar, no Piers Morgan, no Alastair Campbell - not even Ian Lavery took part.  Beyond the Labour heartland of London it was deathly quiet as 8pm came and went.

However, some terribly cringeworthy videos have been posted online by participants.  This was the pathetic scene in Manchester as half a dozen reprobates desperately attempt to rouse a neighbourhood that clearly isn't interested.

These two placade-waving planks decided to go on a march along an empty street.  Desperate.

The following video was our favourite.  The soy is strong in this lonesome fellow...

This latest humiliation for the left follows on from Momentum's embarrassing attempt to get a PPE chant going last month.  When will they realise that their popularity on Twitter doesn't translate into real life?