Friday 24 April 2020


Ahead of last night's clap for carers the left were desperately trying to get #GiveThemPPE trending, attempting to capitalise on the current media narrative that the NHS is on the brink of disaster.  Momentum were among those encouraging their supporters to get a chant going in addition to applause.  Embarrassingly, despite having 157,000 followers on Twitter, the group's tweet was shared just 60 times.

The gesture did find one notable supporter.  Stepping outside his home in the north-east of England (a home paid for by the National Union of Mineworkers) was former Labour chairman Ian Lavery.  In a cringeworthy display, the Wansbeck MP banged a pot and halfheartedly chanted "pay them properly, give them PPE" while struggling to keep a straight face.  He also appears to have run out of razors during the lockdown.

That was perhaps an even less convincing effort than the Shadow Home Secretary's a week ago.