Thursday 2 April 2020


Part four.  In 2018 Jeremy Corbyn was rocked by scandal after scandal, but his supporters insisted that Labour were a 'government in waiting' and that 'Corbyn would be PM by Christmas'.  Failure in the local elections didn't deter them and they laid on a summer festival - Labour Live - it was a disaster and wasn't held again.

18.01.18 - Theresa May agrees to pay France millions to help stem the flow of migrants from Calais.  Borders are something that Jeremy Corbyn doesn't believe in.

21.01.18 - Corbyn holds a Labour rally in which BAME members are charged less than white members 

27.02.18 - The 'Agent COB' scandal.  It's alleged that Corbyn met with a Czechoslovak secret agent during the 1980s and passed on information to the Soviets.

28.02.18 - The #LabourToo scandal.  A dossier of alleged sexual abuse against Labour activists by senior party figures, including rape, is sent to Corbyn.  Little happens thereafter.

11.03.18 - A Labour delegation including Corbyn, Abbott and Starmer visit EU negotiators in Brussels, undermining the government's position and conspiring to keep Britain tied to EU institutions such as the customs union.

15.03.18 - When a Russian double agent is poisoned in Salisbury, Corbyn leaps to Russia's defence

22.03.18 - Hatgate.  Owen Jones accuses the BBC of photoshopping Corbyn's hat, but did they really need to?

26.03.18 - 23 Russian diplomats are expelled from the UK in response to the Salisbury poisoning

27.03.18 - The anti-Semitism scandal erupts with protests on the street against Corbyn.  Corbyn is quoted as saying Labour has "pockets of anti-Semitism".


15.04.18 - Corbyn perseveres with his Shadow Home Secretary despite her persistent car crash media interviews

14.04.18 - Corbyn opposes air strikes on Syria as he against bombing (but he'll make exceptions)

20.04.18 - Corbyn's beloved Arsenal are in need of a new manager


29.04.18 - Relations between Khan and Corbyn had actually improved in recent months

04.05.18 - Labour activists were expecting big things for the local elections, but the party fails to make a net gain of local authorities.  Labour's biggest success of the night is in London where it gains 67 seats against Tory losses of 92.  The overall nationwide result contradict Labour's claim that they are a "government in waiting".

06.05.18 - No matter the setback, Corbyn could always rely on his ultra loyal followers to back him up.  If the 2018 local election results were repeated in a general election Chris Williamson would lose his seat.  He would later lose his place in the party.



24.05.18 - Corbyn courts controversy on a visit to Belfast


06.06.18 - The mystery of Labour's Brexit policy continues



16.06.18 - LabourLive.  The party aims to emulate Corbyn's appearance at Glastonbury with a music festival of their own.  However, they have overstated Corbyn's popularity and the event is a disaster.  By the time the festival takes place the party is almost giving tickets away.  The 'annual' event is not repeated the following year.

26.06.18 - Corbyn snubs Armed Forces Day (again)

02.07.18 - Corbyn demands Britain's invite to President Trump is withdrawn


08.07.18 - The England football team is progressing well in the football World Cup and Corbyn cynically seizes the opportunity to pledge a bank holiday for St George's Day

14.07.18 - Corbyn rolls out his "bridges, not walls" slogan again.  Meanwhile, in London there are walls installed on bridges to prevent terror attacks.

18.07.18 - Labour MP John Woodcock quits Labour labelling Corbyn "a clear risk to national security"

05.08.18 - With Corbyn under renewed pressure his supporters get their solidarity message out on Twitter with the hashtag #WeAreCorbyn.  It's brutally mocked.

10.08.18 - A Jewish activist posts a sign up outside Corbyn's house

13.08.18 - A photograph emerges of Corbyn making an Islamist hand gesture.  His followers claim the picture has been 'doctored'

14.08.18 - Wreathgate.  Another photograph emerges, this time of Corbyn laying a wreath in memory of Palestinian terrorists.  Corbyn absurdly claims: "I was there, but I don't think I was actually involved in it".  In the picture Corbyn is holding the wreath.  He is brutally mocked again.

15.08.18 - On the twentieth anniversary of the Omagh bombing, Corbyn has nothing to say




30.09.18 - On another anti-Brexit mission to Brussels, Corbyn and Starmer arrive late for the meeting and don't have any money to pay for their taxi.  On the same day a former Labour minister calls the prospect of a Corbyn government the "biggest threat Britain has faced for a generation".

11.10.18 - Corbyn says he wants children to learn about the "grave injustices" of the British Empire

10.11.18 - Falklands veteran slams Corbyn's suggestion of shared sovereignty with Argentina

11.11.18 - Corbyn attends the Cenotaph in a duffel coat

16.11.18 - Labour frontbenchers continue to convey mixed and often contradictory messages on Brexit



12.12.18 - The embattled Theresa May faces a vote of no confidence in the Commons, much to the delight of Corbynistas.  She wins hers, unlike Corbyn's 2016 disaster.


19.12.18 - Corbyn had time for one last scandal of 2018 as it's alleged he muttered the words "stupid woman" at Theresa May during PMQs


TOMORROW:  2019, Brexit blocked, May out and another general election