Sunday 5 April 2020


Two days ago Jeremy Corbyn's final diktat of his leadership was that his successor should not participate in any form of unity government during the crisis.  Yesterday Keir Starmer quite rightly indicated that he was prepared to ignore this 'instruction'.  He has since undermined that position by viciously attacking the government, but now our Prime Minister is in hospital perhaps now it's time for the opposition to finally put aside party politics?

Thankfully, senior opposition politicians have greeted the news of Boris Johnson's predicament by sending their best wishes, including Starmer.

At the time of writing there has been no expression of good will from Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Richard Burgon, Mark Drakeford, Richard Leonard or Ian Lavery.  Nothing positive from left-wing journalists like Owen Jones, Paul Mason, Kevin Maguire, Ash Sarkar or Aaron Bastani either.


It took two hours, but the Great Leader has spoken...

Needless to say, some of the comments on his post are disgusting.