Wednesday 1 April 2020


The Blue Labour pressure group has today released a series of tweets so damning of the current Labour party that the group is trending on Twitter.  Read on.

Blue Labour was founded in 2010 by Maurice Glasman, now Lord Glasman.  The group espouses a brand of socialism that embraces aspects of conservatism, including notions that are despised by the hard left such as patriotism and limits on immigration.  Many in Blue Labour also endorse the Leave mandate, including Brendan Chilton and Glasman himself.

Needless to say, the intolerant left regard Blue Labour as 'hard right' or even fascist.  The intricacies of what Blue Labour represents, including inherent values of socialism such as trade unionism, are lost on them.  The fact that Lord Glasman is a Jew is also a major trigger, despite his largely neutral stance on Israel.  There is little hope for Labour while such hatred blinds their internal debate.

Lord Glasman, founder of Blue Labour

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